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Vishnor (alternate spelling Vishnoor) was one of the inmates on the prison planet of Hadante and was introduced in the episode, 2.03 "Prisoners".

Character Biography

Vishnor was recognized as one of the leaders of the prisoners and had the authority to take any prisoner he desired, including the newly-arrived Samantha Carter. When he attempted to take Carter, Linea, an elderwoman who was feared among the prisoners, took her under her protection. Vishnor, as leader, was given the right to distribute the food to the other prisoners. When Daniel Jackson tried to stop other prisoners from getting killed in the unstable vortex of an incoming wormhole, Vishnor considered it a challenge to his position and attacked Daniel. While having Daniel in a deadly strangle hold, Linea used a palm device to kill Vishnor, but allowed the rest of the prisoners to believe that Daniel had been the victor of the challenge. Afterwards, Daniel stood in Vishnor's place as the one who was given authority to distribute the food.


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