Stargate Planner: Week of December 6-12

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Monday,   December 6 Today is Torri Higginson‘s birthday!
Tuesday,   December 7

Sky1/UK: SGU 2.10 “Resurgence” at 9 PM.

Lou Diamond Phillips‘s voice can be heard in the new release of the audiobook version of Tom Clancy’s Dead or Alive, the fourteenth book in the Jack Ryan series. Both the printed and audio versions of the book are being released today.

Wednesday, December 8
Thursday,   December 9

SGU Season One episode “Pain” on New Zealand’s Prime TV at 8:30 PM.

Today is Beau Bridges‘s birthday!

Friday,   December 10 See Michael Shanks, Alaina Huffman, and Britt Irvin in their superhero roles in the Smallville episode “Icarus” on The CW at 8 PM ET! (story).
Saturday, December 11 Today is Ben Browder‘s birthday!

The Gate to the Sanctuary event is in Sydney today. Guests include Amanda Tapping, Carmen Argenziano, Chuck Campbell, and Robin Dunne.

Sunday, December 12 The Gate to the Sanctuary event is in Melbourne today. Make sure to visit the website for the schedule.

News Notes

News Flashes and Brief Follow-Ups

Christopher Judge in SCI FI SERIES (Martin Firrell)
Christopher Judge in SCI FI SERIES (Martin Firrell)
  • Christopher Judge – Some of the latest tweets of artist Martin Firrell show that he’s interviewed Christopher Judge for his Sci Fi Series. The feature isn’t on the website yet, but Firrell teased the fans with a picture (right). He said, “Christopher judge – aka Teal’c – gorgeous interviewee – all of us in the studio in thrall to him. INDEED!” Firrell has previously done features with Joe Flanigan, Ben Browder, and David Nykl and is attempting to schedule interviews with Michael Shanks and Torri Higginson.
  • Joe FlaniganJoe Flanigan‘s backdoor pilot Change of Plans will be premiering on FOX on January 8, 2011, and now there’s a new and not-yet-finished webpage that features the project. The link to this page has been added to Flanigan’s Beyond the Event Horizon page here at Solutions. (Thanks to wraithfodder for the tip.)

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