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Narim of Tollana


Narim was discovered by SG-1 near the Stargate on his dying planet and taken back to the SGC with a few others of his people, the Tollan (1.17 "Enigma"). He developed a close emotional tie to Samantha Carter, but they weren't able to pursue their relationship further after contact with him and his people was lost, his planet presumably destroyed by the Goa'uld (5.09 "Between Two Fires").

Character Biography

When Narim saw Captain Samantha Carter's face looking down on him as he was near death on his homeworld, he thought that he had seen an angel. Soon, his attention was drawn to her, and he found himself falling in love. Carter returned his affections and gave him her cat named Schrodinger after she realized he loved animals. (1.17 "Enigma")

Narim was of the Tollan, an advanced civilization that had helped a neighboring world with their advanced technology, only to see that other world destroy themselves within a day. The destruction of that world led to the Tollan world's destruction as well, and Narim was part of the group that stayed behind to disable the Stargate so that no one would come to the dying planet in the throes of a volcanic catastrophe.

Narim and his fellow Tollan were not willing to share their knowledge with the people of Earth for fear that they'd lead to Earth's destruction as well. When Col. Harry Maybourne of the NID wanted to take the Tollan to a safehouse in the Rockies where they could be interviewed and kept in order to share their knowledge, SG-1 fought to represent the Tollan's interests to remain free. Daniel helped the Tollan to contact the Nox. Maybourne threatened Daniel for his role in helping the Tollan escape through the Stargate and ordered the guards to shoot upon the Tollan as they went up the ramp. Fortunately, Lya of the Nox removed all of the weapons from the guards' hands before any bullets were fired. Narim took Schrodinger with him, turning to bid Carter farewell with a hope in his eyes that he'd see her again. (1.17 "Enigma")

The Tollan refugees got to their new homeworld, Tollana, with the help of the Nox. They even built their own Stargate there. When Skaara, still host to the Goa'uld symbiote Klorel, crashed on Tollana and asked for help in getting his body returned to him, Narim contacted SG-1 on behalf of the Tollan Curia by sending Schrodinger through the Stargate (and the iris!) before he himself came through the wormhole to let the SGC know that he was not an enemy. Narim told them about the Tollan ceremony of justice called the Triad in which it would be decided who would have control over Skaara's body. The Triad would be conducted by the High Chancellor Travell with Jack and Daniel representing Skaara, the Goa'uld System Lord Zipacna representing Klorel, and Lya of the Nox representing the unbiased third party. While the Triad was in progress, Narim tried to pursue the relationship that he and Carter had started when he was rescued, but Carter told him that she had a lot of thinking to do because of her blending with the Tok'ra Jolinar. Narim was accepting of her reasons and admired her honesty. He still had great affection for her and even programmed his home computer system to speak with her voice. (1.17 "Enigma", 3.15 "Pretense")

Teal'c and Carter asked Narim to check on some of the activities being conducted by the Jaffa who came with Zipacna. Narim helped them discover that the Jaffa were locating each of the ion cannons the Tollan used to protect their world. These cannons destroyed the two motherships that were pursuing Skaara because they posed a threat in Tollana's orbit. Zipacna intended to destroy all of them at once and then take the planet. Narim was instrumental in saving his planet by exposing Zipacna's plot. (3.15 "Pretense")

After this, the Tollan decided that they'd share their technology with the people of Earth after all. They were prepared to give the SGC 38 of the ion cannons in exchange for trinium. This willingness to share their technology was very uncharacteristic of the Tollan who were mostly isolationists. With the murder of Omoc, however, the Curia turned the vote toward this type of trade. In opening themselves up in this manner, the Tollan ended up destroying themselves because they made an agreement with the Goa'uld Tanith who was working for Anubis. Because Narim was instrumental in uncovering the involvement of the Goa'uld and the Curia in their plot to destroy Earth with weapons built with the very trinium for which they were going to trade, he did his duty by staying on his planet when the Goa'uld attacked Tollana in retaliation for High Chancellor Travell's decision to not abide by their agreement. Narim was able to get SG-1 to the Stargate safely, but all contact with Tollana was lost and his fate was not known after his transmission was abruptly cut off. (5.09 "Between Two Fires")


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