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Anti-Prior Device


The Anti-Prior Device was developed by Dr. Bill Lee and Lt. Col. Samantha Carter to emit frequencies that prevent a Prior of the Ori from using his advanced human mental powers. When activated, the Device's blue indicator lights strobe in a clock-wise direction.

Stargate References

The Powers of the Priors of the Ori

Ori turn Administrator into a Prior
Prior stops bullets from P-90
Prior's orbed staff glows when being used

The Priors of the Ori are advanced humans similar in physiology to the Ancients and have been given extensive mental powers by the Ascended Beings called the Ori. They appear to be normal humans to start, but the Ori use their ascended powers to advance these men in their evolution. With this advancement, the Priors have telekinetic and telepathic abilities, both of which are amplified through the use of their orbed staffs. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")

Fighting against the Priors was difficult because they protected themselves with their powers. For example, the Prior on P8X-412 stopped the bullets fired from a P-90 at close range. This ability was demonstrated by the victims of Nirrti's experiments on P3X-367 after she used an Ancient DNA Manipulation Device on them in her quest to create the perfect human host, a hok'taur. That device was destroyed by the natives of the planet after they killed Nirrti and restored themselves. (6.16 "Metamorphosis", 9.05 "The Powers That Be")

Daniel studies output of DNA Manipulation Device
Khalek is shocked that Daniel's gun delivered a mortal blow
Brain Scanner output from Khalek

The fact that the Priors and Nirrti's victims had similar powers did not go unnoticed by those at the SGC. When they came across another DNA Manipulation Device on P3X-584 and the object of the experimentation in stasis, a very unique opportunity arose. Anubis had created a human-Goa'uld hybrid whom he was advancing in his evolution toward ascension. This hybrid, named Khalek, had the genetic make-up similar to the Ancients, and the International Oversight Committee (IOC) advocated that he be studied so that a weapon could be developed to work against the Priors. Gen. Landry wished to send Khalek back into his stasis chamber, but Richard Woolsey of the IOC overruled him and the research commenced. (9.09 "Prototype")

Thinking they had things under control with dopamine inhibitors, Woolsey and Dr. Carolyn Lam recorded their observations of Khalek. Major Altman of SG-5 discovered a unit which was interfaced with the DNA Manipulation Device on the planet and determined that it could be disconnected and used at the SGC. He successfully interfaced the Brain Scanning Device with the SGC computers and Dr. Lam recorded a remarkable wealth of information on Khalek's brain functions, some of which was recorded while he was using his advanced telekinetic powers. (9.09 "Prototype")

Not only did Khalek have telekinetic abilities, but he also demonstrated telepathy, sharpened hearing, accelerated self-healing, and enhanced strength. He couldn't be safely confined at the SGC and eventually attempted his escape, killing several SGC personnel in the process. Although possessing great mental powers, Khalek was so distracted by stopping the bullets from Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell's handgun that he did not sense Daniel Jackson's firing of his handgun. Daniel delivered a mortal shot to Khalek's chest, but the two men continued to fire their weapons to ensure that Khalek was assuredly dead. (9.09 "Prototype")

Development and Testing of the Anti-Prior Device

Carter and Lee instruct Daniel and Mitchell on the device
Mitchell buries device on Sodan homeworld
Daniel searches for proper frequency

Richard Woolsey was devastated that several SGC personnel were killed during Khalek's escape attempt. He wanted to make up for the loss as best he could, as did Gen. Landry. After Dr. Bill Lee and Carter studied the output of the Brain Scanning Device, they determined that it might be possible to engineer a device which would emit frequencies which interfered with the regions of the brain the Priors use to bring forth their enhanced mental powers. Gen. Landry gave the go-ahead for the two scientists to pursue the research, hoping something good could come out of the entire Khalek affair. (9.09 "Prototype", 9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1")

The device Carter proposed was a "field generator emitting fluctuating ultrasonic frequencies." The auditory functions are targeted by the device, based on research into certain sounds which are in direct line to certain brain functions, such as the generating of frequencies to enhance relaxation (see WikiPedia: Binaural Beats). The biggest challenge was to isolate one small part of the brain. The resulting device was designed to emit several different frequencies because of this challenge, and it was up to the operator to try each frequency with a trial-and-error approach. (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1")

When a Prior infected Lt. Fisher of SG-6 with the Prior Plague, the need to have a working device became urgent as the Plague spread all over Earth. If they could use the device successfully on the Prior who gave Fisher the Plague, they could extract his blood in order to develop a cure. This Prior became the guinea pig for the newly-developed, but not yet tested, Anti-Prior Device. (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1")

Daniel and Mitchell found the Prior on the Sodan Jaffa's homeworld, P9G-844. They buried the device inside the fighting ring in the middle of the village and Mitchell had the Sodan lead the Prior there. Mitchell tried to use the Sodan Cloaking Device to hide his approach, but the Prior sensed him and used his telekinetic powers to levitate him several feet in the air. Daniel, hiding behind a nearby hut, rapidly tried the frequencies until Mitchell fell unceremoniously to the ground. The Prior was shocked that his powers were neutralized. Carter also theorized that his orbed staff would be rendered ineffectual by the frequency as well. (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2")

Daniel and Mitchell successfully got the blood sample from the Prior. Unfortunately, the effects of the Device were temporary, for somehow the Prior was able to overcome the interference and tap into his mental powers once more. While he was distracted with using his powers to attack Gen. Landry, Mitchell shot him in the back, apparently killing him. This was exactly how Daniel and Mitchell had killed Khalek, proving that the Priors had limited abilities as well. (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2")

Subsequent Uses of the Anti-Prior Device

Following the successful testing of the Device on P9G-844, the SGC apparently made the technology available to other worlds which had been visited by the Priors. When Daniel was attempting to talk the Rand Protectorate's Commander Pernaux into turning against the Prior who had come to Pernaux's world, Tegalus, he offered the Anti-Prior Device as a means. He was confident enough in the Device's functionality to make this offer, calling it "a machine that neutralizes the Prior's powers." (9.15 "Ethon")

Anti-Prior Device being used against Daniel the Prior
Daniel regains his powers and uses them against Adria
Daniel shows the Device he used against Adria

In a rather ironic twist of fate, the Device was used against Daniel Jackson, the man who had tested the Device originally and found its operating frequency. Daniel had become a Prior after being captured by Adria. At the time, he harbored the consciousness of Merlin so that he could build Merlin's Anti-Ori Weapon (also known as the Sangreal). His conversion into a Prior was part of an elaborate plan for him to steal the Ori warship on which the completed weapon was built and pilot it through the Supergate to the Ori's home galaxy where the weapon could be detonated. Since the warships were piloted by Priors using their special genetic physiology and mental powers, Daniel willingly let Adria convert him into a Prior, but Merlin protected him against any ill effects. (10.14 "The Shroud")

Daniel purposefully had himself captured by SG-1 as he was performing his duties as a Prior of the Ori in teaching Origin in a small village because he needed their help in severing the wormhole that was blocking the Supergate (established in 10.03 "The Pegasus Project"). They beamed him from the planet and onto the Odyssey into a room in which the Anti-Prior Device was active. Daniel wasn't able to use his powers against Mitchell and Teal'c because of the Device and was easily incapacitated with a zat. (10.14 "The Shroud")

Daniel eventually overcame the Device's effects and escaped. All of his advanced human powers were available to him once more, including additional powers he possessed from Merlin's advanced human traits (he had already gained telekinesis, the ability to control weather, and the ability to counter energy blasts before he was converted into a Prior). He boarded the Ori warship armed only with the Anti-Prior Device (most likely, the same one that was used against him) in order to neutralize Adria so that she couldn't access his mind to determine if he was lying to her or not. When she admitted to him that his mind was closed to her, he knew that the Device was working on her. He used nearly all of his last bit of strength to knock out Adria with an energy blast that penetrated her personal shield. (10.14 "The Shroud")

The team successfully armed Merlin's weapon and sent it through the Supergate to the Ori galaxy where it would detonate (the weapon was on a five-minute timer). They were beamed off of the warship before it entered the event horizon, but the unconscious Adria was left behind with the Anti-Prior Device still activated against her. (10.14 "The Shroud")

Specialized Modification and Use

Ba'al captures Adria while she is disabled by the Anti-Prior Device
Odyssey scans Ba'al's ha'tak for the EM radiation signature similar to the Anti-Prior Device
Adria's powers are subdued by the Anti-Prior Device placed on a nearby table

When Daniel was a Prior and confronted Adria on the Ori warship, he demonstrated that Adria's advanced human powers could be subdued by the Anti-Prior Device and that Adria's personal shield could be successfully penetrated with an energy blast. Using this information, the SGC modified the Anti-Prior Device to emit EM radiation to disable Adria's personal shield. (10.14 "The Shroud", 10.19 "Dominion")

Ba'al learned that the SGC planned to set a trap for Adria so that they could determine the fate of the Ori from the use of Merlin's weapon and to pursuade her to order her army to stand down. SG-1's plan was to use Vala as bait, and she succeeded in leading Adria to the planet where SG-1 and another team had the Anti-Prior Device activated against her. Ba'al sent his Jaffa to take Adria away from the SG teams, and his commanding Jaffa was able to touch Adria and place a locator beacon on her arm to beam her to Ba'al's ship. (10.19 "Dominion")

Onboard Ba'al's ship, Ba'al placed Adria in a cage in a room flooded with the EM radiation and other frequencies used by the Anti-Prior Device. He admitted he had learned how to subdue Adria's powers from the Tau'ri, but Adria told him that the technology would not work forever. Ba'al didn't need forever to see his plan through, however. He implanted a Ba'al symbiote into her and gained control of her mind and body. In this position, Ba'al would be able to command the Ori army as if he were Adria, thus gaining the galactic domination he had long sought. (10.19 "Dominion")

Using the Odyssey, SG-1 located Ba'al's ha'tak and cloaked their ship so that he wouldn't be aware of their presence and raise his shields. The Odyssey scanned the ha'tak for the same EM radiation emitted by the Anti-Prior Device and located the room where Adria was most likely being held. The team successfully recaptured Adria and bound her to a chair with an Anti-Prior Device activated against her. When she regained consciousness, Ba'al made his presence known. During the SGC's attempt to replace the Ba'al symbiote with a Tok'ra symbiote who would be able to determine the Ori's status and order the Ori army out of the galaxy, Ba'al poisoned Adria's body before he died. She couldn't overcome the poison, but she did regain her powers in time to ascend. (10.19 "Dominion")

The modifications to the Anti-Prior Device were successful in totally subduing Adria and her personal shield even though SG-1's plans for her failed. (10.19 "Dominion")

Device Used to End Ori Crusade

Prior intercepts SG-1 on Dakara
Prior killed by staff blast
Carter reveals Anti-Prior Device used against the Prior on Dakara

The Anti-Prior Device played an important role in the ending of the Ori's crusade in the Milky Way. Already, the Ascended Beings themselves, the Ori, had been neutralized through the use of Merlin's anti-Ascended weapon known as the Sangreal. The only Ascended Ori who remained was Adria, the advanced human spawn known as the Orici, who ascended after the Ori were gone and thus gained all of their power. (10.14 "The Shroud", 10.19 "Dominion", Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

When SG-1 returned to the ruins of Dakara, they were in search of an Alteran (Ancient) device called the "Ark of Truth". This device was a sophisticated brain-washing machine that would reveal to those exposed to it that the Ori were not gods. After finding a chest that answered the Ark's description, the team was attacked by Ori fighters and foot soldiers, led by Vala's husband Tomin. Tomin's men soon had SG-1 surrounded, so the team surrendered peacefully. Tomin promised that they would not be harmed. Soon, the Administrator-turned-Prior joined the soldiers and ordered that the chest be opened. The soldiers blasted the lid off of the chest, revealing that only fragile parchments were contained therein, much to SG-1's dismay. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Having lost his patience with SG-1, the Prior ordered Tomin to command that his men kill the team. Tomin hesitated because he had promised that the team would not be harmed upon their peaceful surrender. It was at this point that Daniel reinforced Tomin's doubt in the Prior's orders by revealing that the Prior had no powers to kill them himself. Mitchell took advantage of the distraction and grabbed a staff weapon away from a nearby soldier and shot the Prior as the Prior struggled with Tomin for his staff weapon. The staff blast proved fatal, and Tomin and his soldiers looked in awe at the Prior's smoldering chest wound. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Tomin found his voice and asked, "How?" Carter showed him that she had activated the Anti-Prior Device that took away the Prior's powers. Realizing that the Priors were not protected by the Ori as they had thought, Tomin and the soldiers surrendered to SG-1. Tomin joined the team as they searched for the real Ark of Truth in the Ori's home galaxy. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Prior contacts SGC, knowing about the Anti-Prior Device
Prior disabled at Stargate Command
Prior exposed to the Ark of Truth, ending the Ori's crusade in the Milky Way

In the meantime, word had spread that the Prior on Dakara had been killed with the aid of the Anti-Prior Device. Perhaps fearing that the planet Earth had even more powerful devices, another Prior (the one from Tomin's home village of Ver Isca) requested that he be permitted to come to Stargate Command to negotiate for Earth's conversion and surrender. Immediately upon his arrival, the Prior's orbed staff was taken from him and an Anti-Prior Device activated against him. While the Prior was on Earth, his fleet of seven warships waited for his word to attack the planet. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

That word never came. Instead, SG-1 returned with the Ark of Truth, which they had used on the Doci and Priors in the Ori home galaxy, causing them to understand that they had been used as pawns in the Ori's greed for power. Adria's loss in power from the withdrawal of their worship opened her up to being vanquished by the Ascended Ancient Morgan Le Fay. Understanding that the Priors' psychic connections were limited to the scope of a single galaxy, SG-1 deactivated the Anti-Prior Device and used the Ark against the Prior at the base. Through his psychic connections with the other Priors in the galaxy, the Prior transmitted through his orbed staff the "truth", and thus, the Ori's crusade ended. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)


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