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After Daniel begins to experience hallucinations, SGC doctors suspect that the number of trips through the Stargate may be limited. Daniel insists that something went wrong on SG-1's last mission, but no one believes him. With his condition worsening, will Daniel be able to convince them before he is permanently committed to a mental hospital?

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During a routine mission, the SG-1 team discovers a room containing the corpses of a league of Goa'uld who challenged the System Lords. One is holding a tablet, and after Dr. Daniel Jackson touches it, he begins to hear voices and see nightmarish visions. Medical tests indicate schizophrenia. Whatever is interfering with Daniel's mind, however, soon transfers to Teal'c with far more deadly consequences. As the parasite leaves his body, Daniel hears the voice of the dead Machello declaring death to the Goa'uld. Daniel realizes he was infected by Machello's Goa'uld-killing parasite, a theory borne out by Teal'c's rapid deterioration. Believing the tablet holds the key to Teal'c's survival, the team brings it to the lab, but as they open it, the parasites ooze into medical officer Dr. Janet Fraiser, Major Samantha Carter, and Colonel Jack O'Neill. Carter proves immune, but with parasites inside them, Frasier and O'Neill deteriorate rapidly and General Hammond has no choice but to seal the lab off with the three inside.


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