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Dr. Warner


Dr. Warner is the SGC's chief surgeon and was introduced in the episode, 1.03 "The Enemy Within".

Character Biography

Dr. Warner discovered Maj. Kawalsky was implanted with a Goa'uld after he performed an MRI on the Major (1.03 "The Enemy Within"). Dr. Warner performed the tricky surgery to attempt to remove the symbiote. He warned Gen. Hammond that even if Kawalsky survived the surgery, there was an extreme likelihood that he would end up paralyzed. After discussion with Kawalsky and interaction with the symbiote, Hammond ordered Warner to proceed. Warner performed the surgery, and believed he had removed the symbiote successfully. However the Goa'uld had fooled the surgical team, letting them find its molted husk and embedding itself further into Kawalsky's brain stem. Kawalsky was later killed when the Goa'uld attempted escape from the facility.

Cassandra, the sole survivor of Hanka, was discovered to have a foreign body attached to her heart. Dr. Warner performed exploratory surgery on the girl (1.15 "Singularity"). He was able to scrape some samples of the device for biopsy, but could do no more because the device was booby-trapped by Nirrti to kill the girl if there was any tampering with the device.

When the alien entities that acted as the Spirit guides for the inhabitants of PXY-887 infiltrated the SGC, Warner was one of the victims to disappear by their power (2.13 "Spirits"). One of the aliens, Xe'ls, impersonated Warner until discovered by SG-1. Warner was returned with all of the other SGC personnel unharmed when the aliens reached an understanding with Col. O'Neill and Dr. Jackson.

After Dr. Fraiser, Col. O'Neill and Maj. Carter were infected with Machello's Goa'uld killing parasites, Dr. Warner was paged to B-Hazmat 3 Observation Stand (3.04 "Legacy"). Immediately he asked Dr. Fraiser's advice as to how he could help and was frustrated to discover he could do nothing. Maj. Carter proved immune to the organisms' effects due to the unique protein marker in her blood. Carter wished to use her blood to save the others with her. However, Warner dismissed her suggestions as wasting her time. Dr. Fraiser was becoming increasingly delusional from the effects of the organism. However, Dr. Fraiser was able to remain lucid enough to get her plan understood by Dr. Warner. He realized Fraiser was trying to explain that they did not need to separate the specific proteins, which could take weeks; instead, they only needed to separate out the rejectable parts. Once thinking through this action, he was able to provide Mjr. Carter step-by-step instructions to complete the process, saving Col. O'Neill and Dr. Fraiser from madness and perhaps death.


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