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En route to a paradise planet, SG-1 is secretly implanted with an alien spore that evolves into a being called Urgo. Though Urgo claims to be friendly, the suspicious team members work feverishly to rid themselves of the creature before it destroys their minds.

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SG-1 steps through the Stargate on their way to a paradise planet and end up at the SGC. Adding to their confusion is General Hammond's assertion that the team was gone for fifteen hours, not the mere moment that the SG-1 perceived.

Medical officer Dr. Janet Fraiser's examinations of the team members are inconclusive, but an analysis of the MALP (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) data reveals a brief initial image of an alien lab just before the paradise view. They theorize the paradise image is a means to lure people to the planet. But for what reason? As they try to figure this out, each member of the team begins to experience intense cravings.

Fraiser soon figures out why: a microscopic implant in each of SG-1's brains. The team is relieved of duty and isolated until Fraiser can find a way to remove the implant. Soon SG-1 is hearing and seeing the image of a man who identifies himself as Urgo—actually, the manifestation of the implants in their heads. Only SG-1 can see and hear him. Though Urgo claims he only wants to record new experiences, SG-1 begins to suspect he may have another, more nefarious purpose.


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