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Colonel Maybourne visits O'Neill and claims to have a key to a cache of alien technology, but demands a presidential pardon for his crimes in exchange for the knowledge. When SG-1 accompanies Maybourne to retrieve the cache, they find that his intentions may not be all they seem.

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Colonel Jack O'Neill is at home, grilling hot dogs in his backyard, when his former friend Colonel Harry Maybourne—the traitorous NID agent now wanted for high treason—shows up. O'Neill threatens to turn him in.

"Have me arrested," Harry says. "That's why I'm here."

Harry explains that with the current presidential administration coming to a close, the president might consider giving him a pardon, as presidents sometimes do when they don't face reelection. Harry's bargaining chip: the 'Gate address to the planet with the cache of ancient alien weaponry, which the late Colonel Frank Simmons had hijacked the X-303 to reach. Harry adds that while Simmons and the NID knew that the planet has a Stargate, it was easier to grab the X-303 rather than to infiltrate Stargate Command just to use the 'Gate.

Harry says he will give the address to SGC in exchange for arranging a pardon—and on the condition he can go with SG-1 to the weapons planet. Harry also explains that without the stone key to an impenetrable doorway protecting the weapons-storage facility, the address is useless. And Harry has that key.

General Hammond authorizes SG-1 to check out the address and Harry's story. According to Major Carter, the doorway looks like a transporter. But it indeed won't work without the key, so O'Neill has Harry turn in himself and the key. And just as O'Neill is about to leave without him, Harry lets the other shoe drop: The key is useless without a combination that only he has.

Harry gets his trip through the Stargate. But when he puts his key in the doorway, nothing happens. Harry suddenly grabs Carter's zat, stuns her, and activates the doorway transporter. But as he jumps through, O'Neill grabs him.

O'Neill and Harry are now no longer on the dusty planet, but in a huge field of grass and flowers. O'Neill has his guns and ammo, but the zat Harry stole didn't come through—probably as a safeguard against Goa'uld weapons.

In fact, there are no weapons of any kind here—this was all simply Harry's retirement plan. His story this time is that, ages ago, people from an advanced alien society chucked it all and formed an isolated utopian community. They sent out representatives to meet and evaluate people from all over the galaxy and offer them a chance to join them. The stone key and a scroll showing how to use it were the invitation.

But when O'Neill and Harry reach Harry's "utopia," it's barren, with skeletons everywhere.

After O'Neill's rations run out, the men eventually have nothing to eat but some fairly tasty plants that make Harry paranoid, causing him to steal O'Neill's P-90 and grenades and run off. O'Neill retains his 9mm.

Back on Earth, SGC asks the Tok'ra to use one of their planet-scanning ships to search for O'Neill on the planet by locking onto his tracking device. But after almost a month, they report no signs of life there.

O'Neill, exploring, finds a Goa'uld skeleton near the bodies of the aliens. An ancient diary with pictures of a man handing a plant to the people informs O'Neill that a Goa'uld had come through the doorway—and, knowing Goa'uld weapons couldn't transport in, gave the inhabitants this plant, which eventually made them all go mad and kill each other.

O'Neill walks into the woods, trips on a wired grenade, and is knocked off his feet. Then a wild alien pig comes running at him. O'Neill shoots but ends up hitting Harry, who is hiding in a cave. Harry, now wounded and completely paranoid, runs off and starts hunting O'Neill, who gets the drop on Harry and shoots him.

Back at SGC, Carter, by studying pictures of the stone key, figures out that O'Neill and Harry are no longer on the planet—but on the moon above it!

As it turns out, O'Neill, for old times sake and in recognition of Harry's helping SGC on occasion, didn't shoot Harry dead. While O'Neill tends to Harry's wounds, a Tok'ra rescue vessel flies overhead. O'Neill arranges for the Tok'ra to find Harry a nice planet to retire on so that he won't have to spend the rest of his life in prison back on Earth.

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