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Brooks was a former rogue NID agent who became a member of "The Trust", a group which uses any means necessary to obtain advanced alien technology in order to protect Earth, and was introduced in the episode, 8.07 "Affinity".

Character Biography

Brooks was a technical expert who operated the computer equipment during an operation to coerce a translation from Daniel Jackson (8.07 "Affinity").

This translation was used by Brooks and her teammates, Hoskins and Jennings, to break into the control computers of the ship used by Osiris in the episode, 7.15 "Chimera". With complete control of the ship, The Trust was able to remain cloaked in orbit around the moon and steal Earth's stargate in order to launch rockets carrying symbiote poison to planets known to be in Ba'al's domain.

Brooks was the computer expert and knew how to navigate the ship, an al'kesh. Daniel gained access to the ship and disabled the cloak by destroying its control crystals. He wasn't successful, however, in disabling the hyperdrive, and Brooks was able to power them up and make her escape. Before the hyperdrive was fully charged, Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c beamed themselves and the stolen stargate onto the Prometheus. Her leader, Hoskins, however, was killed by Teal'c when Teal'c gained access to the ship through the stargate.

After Brooks and Jennings made their escape, they used the symbiote poison on two more worlds before their activities suddenly stopped. During their travels across the galaxy, they came across enemies who captured them and implanted them with Goa'uld symbiotes and then sent them back to Earth to infiltrate the American and Russian governments. Brooks' teammate Jennings was among them, but Brooks was not seen again. If she was on the ship the whole time that they were in Earth's orbit, then she was killed when the Prometheus destroyed the al'kesh. (8.14 "Full Alert")


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