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Dr. Amuro


Dr. Amuro was one of the scientists who worked on the Galaran memory project. He and Dr. Marell worked with SG-1 to try and prove Col. Mitchell's innocence through use of the memory device.

Character Biography

Dr. Amuro was one of the scientists who worked on the Galaran memory project. When attending the cocktail party celebrating their success, Amuro kept to himself, not engaging in conversation with the other attendees.

After his colleague Dr. Reya Varrick was murdered, he was willing to help SG-1 prove that Col. Mitchell's memories of killing Varrick were false. Both he and Marell believed the military were somehow involved and using Mitchell in a cover up. However, the initial findings could not tell any difference between the grafted memory and Mitchell's childhood real memories used as a baseline. Amuro did not give up and attempted other theories with the memory implants to prove Mitchell's innocence. However, he did not have the same skill with the device that Dr. Marell did, and it was Marell who finally helped Mitchell break through the grafted memory. Mitchell was able to focus on a memory of "his" blurred reflection and see the face of the killer, who turned out to be Marell.

Angered at this betrayal, Amuro confronted Marell, who refused to believe he was the killer. He had erased his own memory of the incident and replaced it with a prior memory he had of sleeping in his bed. Willing to undertake the procedure, Amuro was able to discover the identical memory and definitively prove Marell was the killer.

Amuro used the memory device to remove Mitchell's grafted memories of the murder, and leave only the real memories of the evening. Amuro appeared shocked at the reappearance of Marell, especially when the man seemed to have no knowledge Dr. Varrick was murdered, and that he was the killer. Nevertheless, he followed orders and continued to work on the project.


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