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Formerly under the control of a Goa'uld, the Galarans came under the protection of the Asgard. Without the Goa'uld preventing technological advancement, they evolved to a similar technology level with Earth. They only started missions through the Ring (the Stargate) a year before SG-1 first visited the planet in 9.12 "Collateral Damage", but their program was also classified and controlled by the military, much like the SGC.

Stargate References

The Galarans came under the protection of the Asgard generations ago. The Stargate (which they called the Ring) was discovered and used by the military, in much the same manner as the SGC. Archeologists uncovered some Goa'uld technology, including a Goa'uld/Tok'ra memory device a century before, but the Galarans were only able to figure out how to use and modify such technology recently.

They developed a way to graft memories as a way to instantly give someone the knowledge and experience of skilled professionals, like surgeons. By cutting down the training time, the Galarans hoped to make some technological leaps. When questioned by SG-1 as to the potential for abuse of this technology, the Emissary pointed out that was a danger with all technology. Even after the memory implant technology had proven to be abused, the military felt that its benefits were worth the moral issues, even going so far as to alter the memory of a murderer so that he could continue his work on the project without even the knowledge she had been killed in anything other than an accident.

The Galarans lived in society very similar to that of present-day Earth. Marriages, and separations/divorces were a part of society. Men and women both held high positions, at least in scientific fields. A cocktail reception to celebrate a success was very similar to one held on Earth, so there was also a similiarity to social gatherings.

Apparently crime was also a possibility on this planet. Their justice system was similar to the United States in that there was the recognition of diplomatic immunity and an investigation before trial and punishment. Col. Mitchell's experiences with the judicial system never got beyond the investigation stage, however it was explained that the punishment for murder was the death penalty.

A "committee" was in charge of the classified projects, including the memory implant program. The Emissary seemed to act as a liaison between the civilians of the project, headed by Dr. Varrick, and the committee. The government itself had a governing body referred to as the "Cabinet." Here too, the Emissary had a great deal of influence. The educational system also appears similar to Earth's. Dr. Varrick referred to her days at the Academy in a way that made it sound similar to the university systems. Also as in the United States, scientists in academia were not afforded the same salaries and benefits as those working in the government.

Notable Characters

  • Dr. Amuro: One of the scientists who worked on the memory project. He and Dr. Marell worked with SG-1 to try and prove Col. Mitchell's innocence through use of the memory device.
  • Emissary: Apparently in charge of the "ring project", Galar's version of the Stargate Program, the Emissary was primarily concerned with making alliances that would garner more technology for the planet. He acted as ambassador for the alien cultures they met, and appeared to have been part of the military establishment on the planet.
  • Dr. Marell: one of the scientists who worked on the memory project, he was also the estranged husband of Dr. Varrick. He worked with Dr. Amuro to try and prove Col. Mitchell's innocence through use of the memory device.
  • Dr. Reya Varrick: Top civilian scientist of the memory project, she was the one who was first successfully able to graft memories. Given top secret access, she was aware of their classified "ring program" and met with SG-1, forming a bond with Col. Mitchell in particular. She was very concerned at the military's interest in her project. Varrick was murdered, and Mitchell became the prime suspect.


  • Asgard protected the planet from the Goa'uld for centuries.
  • SGC Though there were some initial proffers to form an alliance with Earth, SG-1's personal experiences on the planet, particularly Col. Mitchell's, made the SGC wary of forging any relationship with the Galarans. However, at least some alliance has been forged, since the SGC has access to their memory implant technology (see 9.14 "Stronghold").


  • Goa'uld Goa'uld controlled the planet centuries ago before the Asgard put it under their protection.


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