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Dr. Marell


Dr. Marell was one of the scientists who worked on the memory project. He was also the estranged husband of Dr. Varrick. When Col. Mitchell was accused of murdering Reya Varrick, he worked with Dr. Amuro to try and prove Col. Mitchell's innocence through use of the memory device, unaware that, in truth, he was her killer.

Character Biography

Dr. Marell was one of the scientists that worked on modifying the Goa'uld technology discovered by the Galarans almost a century beforehand. He and his wife, Dr. Reya Varrick worked together, but apparently their work caused too much of a strain on their marriage and they separated. Varrick eventually became Marell's supervisor.

Two years after their estrangement, SG-1 arrived on the planet. Dr. Marell had always entertained the hope that he and Reya would eventually reconcile. However, he realized this hope may be in vain when he observed her making flirtatious overtures to Col. Cameron Mitchell at a cocktail party celebrating their efforts.

He gave her a note showing that the military was becoming more involved in the project. Instead of turning to him for comfort, Marell was shocked when she left his side to confront the Emissary directly. Afterwards, she left the party in the company of Col. Mitchell.

Enraged at this turn of events, Marell arrived at Reya's house and knocked Col. Mitchell unconscious through use of some type of electrical stun weapon, possibly a zat, and beat Reya repeatedly with a heavy sculpture. She died from her injuries. Unable to live with the guilt of killing his wife, Marell erased the memory from his own mind and grafted it onto Col. Mitchell's, leading Cameron believe he was the murderer. Marell then returned the unconscious Mitchell to the scene of the crime, leaving blood on Mitchell's hands and his estranged wife's body for the authorities to find.

Since he did not remember committing the crime, Marell was anxious to find her killer. He and the other main scientist on the project, Dr. Amuro, worked to prove Mitchell's memories of murdering Varrick were false. Both believed it to be a conspiracy involving the military branch of their government.

Marell covered his tracks well, and the initial findings could not tell any difference between the grafted memory and Mitchell's childhood real memories used as a baseline. Marell refused to help SG-1 anymore, believing that Mitchell had actually killed his wife. It was only after additional evidence came to light from Mitchell's bloodwork to show he had been stunned that Marell agreed to continue with the investigation.

Marell and Amuro worked together for hours but could find no discrepancies. Only after Mitchell chose to remember an event where he killed innocents (bombed refugee convoy due to faulty intelligence) were they able to get a true comparative result. Ironically, Marell's determined efforts to prove the memories were false revealed his own role in the murder. Mitchell was able to focus on a memory of "his" blurred reflection and see the face of the killer.

Marell was taken by the authorities, but his expertise with the memory device was considered invaluable by the Galaran military. They altered his memory of the events so that he believed Reya died in a tragic accident and made him the new head of the memory implant project. He mourned her loss, oblivious that he was the cause.


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