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Leda was the wife of Jared Kane and the woman who nursed Daniel Jackson back to health after he was injured in the bombings of a war SG-1 sparked by their arrival on the planet, in the episode, 8.05 "Icon".

Character Biography

SG-1's arrival on Leda's planet could not have come at a worse time. The world was already in the middle of a cold war with the two major nations, the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation, pointing enough missiles at each other to wipe the world of their existence. All that was needed to spark the war was an errant missile and that is exactly what the religious zealot Soren did to cause a world war. His goal: cleanse the world of the non-believers, the ones who dismissed his religious beliefs as myth that the gods would use the Great Ring of Avidan to return and reward the faithful.

Leda's husband, Jared Kane, was the chief aide of Rand Protectorate's leader, Commander Gareth. When Soren's men were able to overtake the bunker in which the Rand Protectorate had its missile command, Daniel Jackson had already spent over a month trying to calm everyone down. Kane attempted to get Daniel to another bunker where the stargate had been moved, but Soren's men were able to infiltrate the bunker system. During the invasion, Kane was shot in the leg and he and Daniel realized that they were about to be overtaken, so they attempted to escape to the surface. As soon as they reached outside, they were thrown by the blasts of the bombs.

Kane's men found them and took them to a farmhouse several miles outside the ruined city. This peaceful setting was the home of Leda's uncle and she took care of her husband and Daniel through their convalescence. Kane's injuries were not as severe, so soon he and his men were out patrolling the area looking for survivors, while Daniel remained unconscious for several days. His face was covered in cuts and contusions, some of them caused by his broken eye glasses and others by flying debris from the blast. His left shoulder was injured and he most likely suffered a severe concussion.

Leda stayed by Daniel's bedside, offering him comfort while he slept. When he finally awoke, his world was dark because Leda had wrapped bandages over his face and eyes. Finally, the day came when the bandages were to be removed and Leda carefully and gently guided Daniel back to the world of the seeing. He didn't remember what happened to him, but some of the memories that returned made him feel that the war was SG-1’s entire fault.

As Daniel recovered, he spent time with Leda. She nursed him back to health and gave him clothing to wear. She showed him where they kept a radio and Daniel spent hours on end trying to make contact with the SGC. He wasn't sure if the stargate was being opened regularly or not, but he felt he had to do something to affect his own rescue.

All that really mattered to Leda was that she had someone who paid attention to her and talked with her like she had an important part to contribute. She admitted to Daniel that Jared's career had taken him away from her in more ways than one. Jared had become distant and didn't share his life with her as he once had. She was left alone. Daniel had been the center of her world while she cared for him and, as it turns out, his attention awakened feelings inside of her. He never took advantage of this knowledge of her feelings because he respected her as a friend and as a married woman.

Daniel attempted to persuade Jared to let the SGC help them reclaim their world from the terror of Soren's rule. Jared was resentful and resisted anything Daniel had to propose, possibly because he saw how close Leda and Daniel had become. After failing to convince Jared, Daniel went to Leda and asked her to speak to Jared on his behalf and on the behalf of their world. Jared's decision to act or not would change the very course of history on their planet.

While everyone was gathered in the farmhouse, one of Soren's rebel patrols came to purge the unbelievers. Leda bravely stood alone against the patrol as Daniel, Jared, and her husband's men hid themselves in the cellar. She kept her head about her as she was physically attacked while the house was searched. She was convincing in her pleas and the patrol left. During her plight, it was quite evident that Jared and Daniel were both equally as worried about her safety, but Jared was able to keep his mind clear and stopped Daniel when Daniel made a move to act while hearing what Leda was going through.

Leda was able to convince Jared to coordinate an attack on Soren's position with the help of the SGC. Jared challenged her on her feelings for Daniel, wanting to know if she was in love with him. Leda looked at her husband in the eyes and said, "I trust him." It was enough to convince Jared that he had to also trust Daniel and make this move while Soren's position was not stable.

Once their plans for the raid were in order, Jared stepped up to his wife to say good-bye, taking her hand in his. No words had to be spoken as he gave her a small smile and released her hand. After Jared walked away, Daniel stepped up to her to say good-bye as well. His voice was filled with hope that they would be successful because he had confidence in SG-1 and the other teams coming through the stargate, but it appeared that he felt some regret that their friendship had to end in such a way. There was no doubt that once the raid was complete, Daniel would return to Earth and most likely not return. Leda silently watched both men walk away.

The raid was successful and Jared took control after killing Soren. Daniel again stated that the SGC would live up to their promise of helping to rebuild, but he knew that once he left the planet that he personally would most likely not return as it seemed to be understood between the two that Jared did not want to see Daniel again. Jared needed time to rebuild both his world and his marriage.

Not even a year into their planet's recovery, a Prior of the Ori came through the Stargate. Soon thereafter, communications with the SGC were severed. The Prior unleashed a plague in the Rand Protectorate and those who refused to turn to Origin died of it. Leda was among those who died. (9.15 "Ethon")


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