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Lt. Loeder


Lt. Loeder was a member of SG-11, under Major Hawkins. Like the rest of his team, he was assisting Drs. Jackson and Rothman in an archeological survey on P3X-888. Working at the edge of the campsite, he was labeling specimens for the archeologists when a young Unas named Chaka attacked the camp. Loeder fired his weapon, wounding the Unas. Chaka killed Loeder with one blow, then knocked Dr. Jackson unconscious and dragged the scientist from the camp. Loeder’s body was found by SG-1 when they arrived at the dig site for the search and rescue mission.


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Other Notes

Peter DeLuise, writer/director of 4.08 "The First Ones", named this character after his then girlfriend (now wife).

--Aurora Novarum 21:31, 10 Nov 2005 (EST)