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Maj. Hawkins of SG-11


Maj. Hawkins was the commanding officer of SG-11 in the Season Four episode, 4.08 "The First Ones".

Character Biography

Maj. Hawkins led his team on the planet P3X-888 on an paleontological mission. Dr. Robert Rothman was a member of his team and Dr. Daniel Jackson was visiting from SG-1. Hawkins seemed to humor Robert in his "ordering around" — asking for him to fetch water from the nearby body of water they used as a source. Little did they know that there were still live Goa'uld symbiotes left on the planet and that those symbiotes were living in that very same water source.

All had been quiet on the planet for three weeks until one day an aboriginal Unas named Chaka attacked their camp, killing Lt. Loeder and capturing Daniel. Hawkins sent Rothman to get help from the SGC while he and the rest of his men went after Chaka. There were at least three other men on his team, one being named Sanchez, the others remained unnamed, but were said to have all died on the planet.

Hawkins was discovered by the remaining three members of SG-1, Rothman, and two members of SG-2 as they began their search and rescue operation. He was wandering near the camp, staring in shock. When asked about what had happened, Hawkins seemed to be in a daze, but he realized that all of his men were dead. Col. Jack O'Neill asked that Hawkins continue on the search with them and he agreed.

It was following a rest break near the water source that the rescuers discovered that both Hawkins and Rothman had been taken as hosts by the Goa'uld symbiotes. Unfortunately, both men were killed by their own when the Goa'ulds took over their bodies. Hawkins was killed by Teal'c with his staff weapon after Hawkins' symbiote attempted to kill Jack with his own automatic rifle. Maj. Carter insisted that they deserved a desent burial and Capt. Griff and his SG-2 teammate Pierce said that they'd take care of it. Most probably, these men were buried on the planet because they had become hosts.


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