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Ohper of the Nox


Ohper was 432 years old when SG-1 met him in the episode, 1.08 "The Nox".

Character Biography

As one of the oldest of the Nox, Ohper was thrilled to share his knowledge with Daniel when SG-1 visited his planet (P3X-774). He felt that the humans of Earth had much to learn. Along with Anteaus, Lya, and Nafrayu, Ohper sought the peaceful way of the Nox. SG-1 had attempted to ambush Apophis and his Jaffa who were on the planet hunting the Fenri, a flying creature which the Nox made invisible. The Goa'uld had sent hunting parties to the Nox homeworld for as long as Ohper could remember. Although SG-1 asked that the Nox bury their stargate, it was apparent that the Nox did not fear the Goa'uld because they had far more advanced technology which would enable them to protect themselves if necessary.


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