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Nafrayu of the Nox


Nafrayu of the Nox was introduced in the episode, 1.07 "The Nox".

Character Biography

Nafrayu was a young boy still learning the ways of the Nox when SG-1 met him on his homeworld (P3X-774). The adults of the Nox, Anteaus, Lya, and Ohper, appeared to be his family, but no relationships among the Nox were made clear. Carter and Nafrayu were immediately fond of each other and Jack teased Carter that she could not take the charming child home with her.

Nafrayu attached himself readily to Jack as Jack prepared bows and arrows to defend himself against Apophis and his Jaffa who were hunting the invisible Fenri, a flying creature which the Goa'uld and the SGC wished to capture to learn its secrets of invisibility. Anteaus accused Jack of trying to poison Nafrayu's mind with violence when Jack shot an arrow at a Fenri, thinking that he was protecting Nafrayu.

After Anteaus scolded Jack about his inteference, Jack asked Nafrayu to go home and it was while the young boy was on his way that he met Apophis who killed him with a Goa'uld hand (ribbon) device. The Nox performed the "Ritual of Life" in which the Nox restored the boy to life by drawing energy from the surrounding nature. It was while they performed this ritual that SG-1 learned that the Nox were not able to keep themselves invisible and Apophis learned this secret as well. Because of this, SG-1 feared that the Goa'uld would not leave the Nox alone, but Anteaus showed SG-1 that they had nothing to fear because the Nox had extremely advanced technology.

Nafrayu joined Anteaus to see SG-1 off at the stargate and that was the last we ever saw of the boy.


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