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Lt. Woeste


Lt. Woeste was a member of SG-17 when the unit went to P3X-403 to provide military back-up for SG-11 which had been assigned to the planet to mine naquadah in the episode, 7.07 "Enemy Mine". One of SG-11's members was attacked and killed by an Unas which was defending its sacred ground which SG-11 was surveying. SG-17 was sent to protect the mining operation after there was a battle fought between SGC personnel and the Unas. While he was on patrol, he killed an Unas when he mistakenly concluded that the Unas was attacking, but the Unas was actually going back to the scene of the previous encounter with the SGC personnel to retrieve the necklace of another Unas who was killed there. When Lt. Woeste realized that he had made a mistake in killing the Unas, he was horrified. Col. Edwards, commander of SG-11, did not hold him responsible. Fortunately, Daniel Jackson was able to negotiate an agreement with the Unas before any more blood was shed.


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