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SG-1 and SG-17 on Ravanna


SG-17 was led by Major Mansfield. The team was all killed in action during Zipacna's attack on the Tok'ra base of Ravanna but was later reconstituted.

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Maj. Mansfield, leader SG-17
Elliot of SG-17

Lieutenant Elliot was assigned to this unit, under the command of Major Mansfield after he passed the last training test in "Proving Ground" (5.13 "Proving Ground").

Mansfield, Elliot, and two other team members went with SG-1 to Ravanna, a Tok'ra base. the mission was to be a "basic offworld orientation." SG-17 was given a tour of the Tok'ra base by Aldwin. Mansfield specifically questioned the ventilation system. When Zipacna's surprise attack of the base caused a cave collapse, two members of SG-17 were killed instantly, and Mansfield and Elliot were bady injured. A second cave collapse around the Tok'ra lab holding Lantash killed Major Manfield. Lantash was freed from his stasis, and instinctively fought for survival by blending with the nearby Elliot. He tried to help SG-1 escape the tunnels, although still badly injured. Unfortunately, Lantash & Elliot's combined injuries proved too severe. Knowing they would not be able to survive, Lantash/Elliot volunteered for a suicide mission to allow themselves to be captured and release the symbiote poison close to the Stargate, thus leaving the path clear for SG-1, including Jacob Carter/Selmak and Teal'c free to leave without being poisoned themselves.

Lt. Woeste on patrol
SG-17 airman during Unas attack

SG-17 went to P3X-403 to provide military back-up for SG-11 after there was a battle fought between SGC personnel and the Unas settlement there (7.07 "Enemy Mine"). While on patrol, Lt. Woeste of SG-17 killed an Unas when he mistakenly concluded that the Unas was attacking. The Unas was actually attempting to retrieve the necklace it had lost during the previous battle at the scene. When Lt. Woeste realized his mistake, he was horrified. Col. Edwards, commander of SG-11, did not hold him responsible. Fortunately, Daniel Jackson was able to negotiate an agreement with the Unas before any more blood was shed.


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