3.18 "Shades Of Grey" Episode Guide

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On a mission to Tollana, O'Neill steals a weapon and takes it back to Earth. When Hammond discovers the deception, he suspends O'Neill. But O'Neill's misconduct is only the beginning of a mystery that could have catastrophic consequences.

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MGM/SciFi.com Official Summary

SG-1 travels to Tollana to negotiate a trade. Colonel Jack O'Neill becomes extremely annoyed when the Tollans refuse to cooperate due to their fear that any weaponry given to Earth would more likely be used on itself than to protect against the Goa'uld. In an act that shocks the rest of his team, O'Neill steals a Tollan device as they are departing back to Earth.

Upon hearing of Colonel's O'Neill's deed, an outraged General Hammond relieves O'Neill of his command. When the Tollans pay a visit and announce that they intend to break all ties with Earth, Hammond has no choice but to offer O'Neill early retirement.

Colonel Maybourne, hearing of O'Neill's indiscretion, pays him a visit at home to make an interesting offer: join a rogue Stargate team that steals alien devices for Earth.


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