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SG-1's arrival on a planet sparks a religious uprising that becomes a world war. Trapped while trying to stop it, Daniel Jackson takes refuge with the alien woman Leda. The SGC finally reaches Daniel by radio, and he suggests a plan to overcome the religious zealots. With Leda's people, Daniel and the SG teams succeed in ending the war, but millions of people have already died.

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Dr. Daniel Jackson is in a farmhouse on another planet, recovering from serious wounds. Attending him is Leda. Three months earlier, SG-1 had visited this planet in the hopes of making new contact. The Stargate, which the people here call "The Great Ring of Avidan," is an exhibit in a museum. They were welcomed by Commander Gareth, leader of a nation called the Rand Protectorate, and his chief aide, Jared Kane, who is Leda's husband. They explain how the ring has become a cultural and fashion symbol to the people of their planet, though the more religious ones believe that the gods who created all life and once ruled on this planet will someday return through the ring to reward the faithful. SG-1 realized those "gods" were the Goa'uld and warned Gareth of the danger his people could be in.

Daniel remains behind to negotiate with the Rand Protectorate and reports back to Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter, and Teal'c that the Rand Protectorate and the planet's other primary nation, the Caledonian Federation, have been locked in a cold war for decades, with enough weaponry to wipe each other out. In two days, Gareth intends to broadcast a national address in which he will reveal the existence of not only the Stargate, but of the Goa'uld as well. Unfortunately, as a result of SG-1 coming through the Gate as they did, religious zealots who were once considered a fringe have taken it as a sign that their belief in the gods returning is true. O'Neill says it's not Stargate Command's problem, but Daniel convinces him to let him to go back to try to prevent a civil war.

Soon, a power-mad zealot turned rebel leader, Soren, unites all the fundamentalist factions in the Rand Protectorate. His forces compromise Rand's security and, to prevent the Rand weaponry from falling into rebel hands, the Caledonian Federation, under Minister Treydan, fires their missiles at Rand. One of Soren's forces gains control of a Rand missile base and counterstrikes on Caladonia. Full-scale war breaks out. Both side are in rubble, leaving Soren's forces in charge. He has renamed the country "Avidan"—which Teal'c later explains translates from an ancient Goa'uld dialect as "the gods are just."

Daniel is severely injured in the attack but manages to save Kane, who takes him home to convalesce. Meanwhile, Soren is executing any survivors not loyal to his new regime. He also has control of the Rand bunker and the Stargate. Carter and Teal'c go to ask him for help in finding Daniel. He refuses. O'Neill has Soren come to SGC, offering him food, aid, and medicine in exchange for his help in locating Daniel. But all Soren wants is weapons. Negotiations go nowhere, and Soren returns.

Daniel makes contact with SGC using radio equipment in Kane's farmhouse. Through a coded message, he suggests a plan of attack in which SGC forces and Kane's meager army can retake the bunker and the Stargate. It's a flanking maneuver during which Daniel and Kane and his men enter the bunker as SG teams come through the gate at the same time. O'Neill approves.

Daniel convinces Kane to take his men on what Kane thinks is a suicide mission. At the bunker, they are met by SG-3, SG-6, and SG-12. The attack is a success and Soren begins losing control. His own remaining men fail to follow him. He steps out of the bunker armed and faces Kane's men and the SG teams alone. He won't drop his weapons as Carter orders. Kane shoots—knowing as he does so he has made Soren a martyr.

With the promise that SGC will help Rand rebuild, Daniel and the SG teams return home.


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