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Colonel Pierce


When he was introduced, Pierce was a Major in the Air Force and a member of SG-2 (4.08 "The First Ones"). He was then promoted to become the commanding officer of SG-15 (5.10 "2001"). He has since been promoted to Colonel and is one of the commanding officers of the Alpha Site (8.10 "Endgame").

Character Biography

Pierce's career at the SGC appeared to begin upon his assignment to SG-2, a team that was often sent as a military back-up to SG-1 or as a primary search and rescue team. When Dr. Daniel Jackson was captured by the Unas later named Chaka on P3X-888, Pierce went with his team to find and rescue him and members of SG-11. Two members of the team stayed behind to secure the Stargate while Pierce and Griff went with the rest of SG-1 to find Dr. Jackson and SG-11. They encountered SG-11's commanding officer Maj. Hawkins, the only survivor of the Unas attack. Later it was revealed that Hawkins was possessed by a Goa'uld symbiote, and when he tried to attack O'Neill, Teal'c killed him with his staff weapon. Another archaeologist, Dr. Robert Rothman, who was working with Daniel at the site, was also taken as a host and subsequently killed. Pierce stayed behind with an injured Griff to take care of the bodies. By the time SG-1 reached Daniel, he had befriended Chaka, so O'Neill didn't kill the alien because Daniel asked him not to. (4.08 "The First Ones")

Pierce was reassigned to SG-15 and given command of the team. He was assigned to determine the probable homeworld of the Aschen, an advanced human civilization who wished to bring Earth into their Confederation. The SGC didn't know the address of the Aschen's homeworld because they met them on another planet (P3A-194, the Volian homeworld), but they did know that the Aschen were limited in their use of the Stargate because they didn't have a DHD to adjust for stellar drift. This limitation restricted them to a "local" dialing area of three hundred light years. Suspicion about the Aschen had been raised because of a cryptic note sent to the SGC through the Stargate, presumably by a future version of SG-1, which warned against going to P4C-970, one of five worlds within three hundred light years of the Volian system. Pierce's team was assigned to visit one of three of these five possible worlds. Two of the planets were not accessible: P4C-970, because of the lock Hammond had ordered after receiving the note; and one was determined to be uninhabitable based on a probe done with a MALP a few years ago. Just as Pierce and the rest of SG-15 were about to embark on their mission, the Pentagon ordered Hammond to abort the search because it might have offended the Aschen to be spying on them during negotiations. As it turned out, SG-1 discovered the true nature of the Aschen—that they conquered planets by killing the populations with a life- and health-enhancing vaccine that made them sterile—and the assumption was made that their homeworld was indeed the one locked out in response to the future O'Neill's note of warning. (4.16 "2010", 5.10 "2001")

Pierce was in command of SG-15 when they and SG-12 went to the Risa System to help the Tok'ra evacuate during an attack by Anubis. SG-12 was completely wiped out. The Tok'ra and SG-15 evacuated to the Alpha Site (P3X-984) where SG-1, Dr. Fraiser, and other SGC personnel were made available to help the injured. The Rebel Jaffa were also present at the Alpha Site, and tensions between the Tok'ra and the Jaffa were high. One of Anubis's assassins, an Ashrak using a personal cloaking device, followed the Tok'ra to the Alpha Site and began to stir up a conflict among the three allies. Pierce commanded the SGC personnel who were assigned by Col. O'Neill to guard the Stargate. Once the Tok'ra and Jaffa joined the SGC personnel in the spirit of cooperation, the threat of the Ashrak was eliminated and the alliance strengthened. (6.09 "Allegiance")

While on P2X-005 to study a nearby nebula, SG-1 encountered three human survivors of a grounded starship called the Seberus. While the group devised a plan to fix the starship so that her crew could go home to Hebridan, they were attacked by aliens using the same kind of weapons as the human survivors. During the attack, one of the survivors was injured, and O'Neill ordered Carter and Jonas to take her to the SGC for medical treatment and to obtain a naquadah generator and other equipment that Carter needed to recharge the ship's engines (it had been on the planet for three years). General Hammond sent Pierce and his team (SG-15) with Carter on her return trip to the planet. SG-15 secured the area around the Stargate in case it was needed by SG-1 and the other survivors to escape another attack. Eventually it was learned that these human survivors were prisoners being transported by the aliens, known as the Serrakin. The Serrakin were a technologically advanced race that had helped the Hebridan humans overcome the Goa'uld thousands of years ago, and they joined into the Hebridan society, even intermarrying. SG-1 helped the surviving Serrakin, Warrick, fix his starship, and he returned to his homeworld with his human prisoners in stasis. (6.18 "Forsaken")

SG-15 accompanied O'Neill and Teal'c to P4S-237 to help protect the planet from Mot, a Goa'uld under Ba'al. Mot had been lording over the humans on the planet to mine their naquadah, and the people were encouraged by their association with Earth to ask for help in overthrowing him. Mot was due for a visit in the matter of days, giving the people and the SGC enough time to devise a plan. Pierce and his team did sweeps for any sign of Jaffa activity and were involved in a shoot-out with Mot's Jaffa at the Stargate. One of Pierce's men was injured in the battle, but the humans were successful in overthrowing Mot and his small Jaffa detail. (6.21 "Prophecy")

Nearly two years later, Pierce had reached the rank of Colonel and was given command of the Alpha Site, now on a new planet (P4X-650). It was during his watch that Teal'c 'gated to the Alpha Site when he couldn't contact Earth in a return trip after meeting with other Rebel Jaffa on P4S-161. As it turned out, the Stargate in the SGC had been beamed out by a former rogue cell of the NID called "The Trust". This group was using the Stargate to launch symbiote poison to planets thought to be under Ba'al's control. Colonel Pierce tried to be the voice of reason when Teal'c and his fellow Rebel Jaffa M'zel accused the Tok'ra of launching the attack against their encampment on P4S-161. This attack left everyone on the planet dead, since symbiote poison kills not only the symbiote itself, but its host (including the Jaffa who relies on the symbiote). Pierce realized that it could not have been a coincidence that they lost contact with Earth at about the same time these poisonous attacks were occurring and felt that the Tok'ra would not have done such a horrible deed, even if they were currently unhappy with the alliance. Once M'zel and a Tok'ra contact named Zarin died in an attack on P3S-114, Zarin's command under Ba'al, Teal'c realized that the attacks were not being done by the Tok'ra. In the end, The Trust had killed millions of Jaffa—potential allies—in their effort to reduce Ba'al's power, but their information was outdated and they also ended up killing current allies in tne ranks of the Rebel Jaffa and Tok'ra. (8.10 "Endgame")


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