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With Daniel co-ordinating a risky relocation project on a planet rocked by seismic tremors while Jack and Teal'c attempt to make peace among warring Jaffa factions, Carter and Dr. Felger work on a virus that will scramble the established settings of a DHD, rendering a specific gate useless. It seems a brilliant plan until Ba'al proves himself to be the better hacker.

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Stargate Command scientist and resident SG-1 wannabe Dr. Jay Felger—who, after screwing up, endangering and ultimately helping save SG-1 from First Prime Herak in "The Other Guys"—is demonstrating a new plasma weapon to Major Carter and Colonel O'Neill, with the help of his assistant, Chloe. But instead of blasting a hole in a huge concrete block in the lab, it disrupts the power throughout all of SGC.

After the base is operational again, General Hammond is about to give Felger the boot. But Felger promises to produce a fantastic new invention in one week. Hammond gives him 24 hours. Felger has no choice but to pitch Carter his half-baked project Avenger, a computer virus that would allow SGC to disable any Stargate in the network. Carter sells General Hammond on the idea, and he agrees to give Felger another chance if Carter works with him. Felger is ecstatic, since he not only reveres Carter, he has the hots for her too—so much so that he's never noticed Chloe is smitten with him.

Because Dr. Daniel Jackson is supervising a relocation project on planet P3L-997, which is experiencing severe seismic disturbances and weather anomalies, and O'Neill and Teal'c are on P3C-249 negotiating with rebel Jaffa leaders who are beginning to fight among themselves, Carter and Felger are able to work undisturbed and bring Avenger to the testing phase.

Hammond gives them authorization to test the virus on the Stargate on P5S-117—one of the principal Naquadah mining sites of the Gou'ald system lord Ba'al. If the gate can be disabled, Ba'al's Naquadah-supply network would be seriously damaged.

But instead of simply disabling the gate on P5S-117, the virus triggers a systemwide update throughout all the DHDs (Dial Home Devices) in the entire 'Gate network. Because SGC doesn't use a DHD, they now have the only Stargate that can dial out. Twelve of the 15 SG teams offworld at the time return safely before the entire network goes offline. Unfortunately, Daniel is trapped on P3L-997, where the floodwaters are rising, and Teal'c and O'Neill are stranded on P3C-249 in the middle of a brutal firefight.

The only hope for rescuing the stranged SG personnel is to feed the old coordinate system into one of the DHDs, which will then trigger another update, and theoretically put everything right. And it has to be done quickly, because Lord Ba'al is taking advantage of the fact that 'Gate travel is impossible by using his vast fleet to attack the other System Lords, whose forces are now paralyzed.

The only coordinate program intact is in SGC's computer. The data is uploaded into the Stargate system…but it doesn't work, and Daniel has only 48 hours before the city in which he's trapped vanishes beneath the rising waters.

Carter and a despondent Felger eventually reason that the upload didn't work because the Avenger virus was somehow transmitted, along with the new coordinates, to all the DHDs in the network. So Avenger is preventing the upload—and it has to be neutralized manually at the original source of introduction, the Stargate at System Lord Ba'al's mining planet, P5S-117.

Carter and Felger are the only ones qualified to handle the operation. After Chloe musters her courage and gives Felger a deep good-luck kiss—and a CD-ROM of the anti-virus, which he almost forgot—Carter and Felger 'Gate to P5S-117…where they discover that Ba'al has altered Avenger to destroy the Stargate network. The screw-up wasn't Felger's fault at all. But now the antivirus has to be modified to work against Baal's modification. While Felger works feverishly, enemy Jaffa converge on the Stargate—and Carter faces off alone against a small army.

Suddenly, blasts from an Alkesh fighter, a midrange Goa'uld attack vessel, rain down from the sky against the Jaffa. The surviving attackers retreat. The Alkesh vessel lands…and out of the ship step O'Neill and Teal'c. "We got tired of waiting," O'Neill says.

The Avenger program is successfully corrected, Daniel gets the remaining inhabitants of P3L-997 to safety, and Felger daydreams of Chloe and Carter mud-wrestling over him. All is well—for now.


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