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Mitchell and Carter are sent into another dimension after activating a personal cloaking device. While Daniel leads an investigation to find his missing teammates, Mitchell decides to use the technology to his advantage when a similarly cloaked assassin attacks the Sodan. Daniel and Carter learn from the device that the Ancient Merlin had designed a weapon against ascended beings.

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After a long night of work on an Ancient device found in Glastonbury, England, Carter achieves a breakthrough. As Mitchell looks on, she activates the device — which unexpectedly shifts them both into a different dimension. Invisible and powerless, they can now only observe as their friends try to figure out where they've gone.

A distress call from the Sodan warriors interrupts Teal'c and Daniel's search. Teal'c and SG-12 hurry to the Sodan homeworld, where a brutal massacre has taken place. The Sodan leader, Haikon, clings to life as he explains what happened. A Prior of the Ori turned one of the warriors, Volnek, into an irrational killer. Wearing a Sodan wrist device that makes him invisible, Volnek butchered his comrades and is still stalking the area. Because warriors wearing the wrist devices can see each other, Teal'c puts on a second device and sets out in pursuit.

On Earth, Dr. Lee discovers lepton radiation near the Ancient device. Daniel, recalling that leptons were associated with his own disappearance into another dimension several years ago (3.21 "Crystal Skull"), delves into Ancient texts recovered in Glastonbury. There he finds a legend about Arthur's Mantle, a mythical cloak that made the famous king invisible. The cloak, Daniel concludes, was actually a medieval metaphor for the Ancient device, which allows transportation — and communication — between alternate dimensions.

As Carter and Daniel begin a painstaking, trans-dimensional conversation, Mitchell tags along with a team of reinforcements to the Sodan world. There, Teal'c has just confronted Volnek in a desperate battle, but Volnek was eerily invincible to gunfire and forced Teal'c to retreat. Now, Teal'c volunteers to be the bait in a lethal trap for the renegade warrior. Mitchell follows Teal'c, hoping to do more than look on helplessly as his teammate risks his life.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lee activates the Ancient device — mistakenly sending Daniel to the alternate dimension, too. Frustrated, Daniel nonetheless seizes the chance to read pages of holographic text that the device only displays on this side. He learns that Merlin, an Ascended Ancient, built the dimensional transporter to keep a critical project secret even from his fellow Ancients. He was designing a weapon to defend his people from the Ori — a weapon that can kill Ascended Beings.

As Daniel and Carter absorb this stunning information, Dr. Lee accidentally drains the device's power supply. Carter, Daniel, and Mitchell now have only fifteen minutes before the power is gone and they become stranded in the other dimension forever.

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