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Major Altman


Major Altman was the leader of SG-5. A scientist or engineer, he studied Anubis's DNA manipulation device. Later he was seriously injured by Khalek, but was expected to make a full recovery.

Character Biography

Major Altman was the leader of SG-5 when his team accompanied Lt. Col. Samantha Carter to P3X-584 to study a gravitational disturbance in that region of space. They wanted to ensure the Ori were not attempting to create another Supergate in the vicinity. The Stargate on the planet had a security protocol, and instead of rematerializing the team, it instead redirected their energy patterns to another gate, and they returned home to the SGC.

Later, after Col. Carter developed a means to bypass the Stargate's safeguards, SG-5 accompanied SG-1 to the planet. Altman's team determined the gravitational disturbance detected was a naturally occurring phenomenon. They then assisted Dr. Jackson in studying the DNA manipulation device SG-1 discovered in an underground cavern. His team helped stabilize the power supply. Altman was able to determine that part of the machine was self contained. It analyzed the subject's current physiological status and fed it back into the DNA manipulator. Altman returned to the SGC with the unit and rigged it to monitors there to give a better idea of how advanced Khalek really was.

He connected the machine to the unconscious Khalek and observed the readings with Dr. Lam, Col. Carter, and Col. Mitchell. When a spike suddenly occurred, Altman moved to check the connections. It turns out the spike was Khalek's return to consciousness. He telekinetically caused an energy surge to the machine nearest Altman, injuring the Major. Richard Woolsey later commented to the gloating Khalek that Major Altman was expected to make a full recovery from his injuries.


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