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Khalek was an artificially created clone Anubis made using his own preascended host and symbiote DNA, and Ancient DNA. Khalek had superhuman abilities, such as telekinesis and psychic powers. With more treatments in Anubis's DNA manipulation machine, he very likely could have ascended to a higher plane of existence. He was killed by Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell.

Character Biography

In an underground cavern on P3X-584, Anubis conducted experiments with a DNA manipulation machine (9.09 "Prototype"). He artificially "grew" a human-Goa'uld hybrid embedded with his own and Ancient DNA, creating an artificial harsesis. This clone, Khalek, had several of Anubis's memories due to the genetic memory part of every Goa'uld. Using a DNA manipulation machine and his knowledge of the Ancients, Anubis performed treatments on this clone, Khalek, developing more of his powers. After five treatments, Khalek possessed several superhuman abilities, including psychic awareness of others' thoughts and telekinesis. After eight treatments, his abilities would be so great, he likely would be able to ascend on his own. Anubis kept detailed records of his hok'taur (advanced human) experiments at his base, written in Ancient to keep the results coded.

Several months after Anubis's final defeat, SG-1 and SG-5 arrived on the planet and eventually discovered the lab. Daniel Jackson started to study the Ancient notes, and Cameron Mitchell accidentally opened Khalek's stasis chamber. Khalek immediately went into convulsions upon being revived and was rushed to the SGC infirmary.

When Khalek came to consciousness in the infirmary, he was disoriented and confused. After a few minutes, he was able to understand that he was on Earth and that the people around him were trying to help him. Knowing Earth from Anubis's genetic memory, Khalek decided to play on their sympathy and pretended to be an innocent victim to some unknown man's experiments. He requested they take him home and said he knew the Stargate address.

In the meantime, Daniel Jackson had remained on P3X-584 to study the Ancient notes. He discovered that the experiments weren't done by an Ancient at all, but by Anubis. He also learned what Khalek really was and hurried back to the SGC to warn them. When Khalek next returned to consciousness, he found himself restrained in a chair in an isolation room under heavy guard. Daniel Jackson sat at a table in the observation room watching him.

Khalek at first protested this change in treatment. After Daniel explained that he understood Ancient and had read Anubis's experiment journal, Khalek dropped the ruse. He acknowledged full memory of his "father" Anubis, including memories of Daniel Jackson. Khalek realized that the fact that he was still alive after they realized his true nature could work to his advantage. He goaded Daniel with descriptions of his father's memories killing many, and relished the day when he would be able to experience it first hand. He mocked Daniel's value of human life and pointed out Daniel was a killer as well. Daniel acted indifferent to Khalek's jibes and soon left.

Knowing full well the past danger of Anubis and the threat an ascended Khalek could be, Daniel argued that Khalek should be killed before he could pose the same or worse danger than his "father" had. Unfortunately, he was overruled. With the threat of the Priors and their superhuman abilities, the International Oversight Advisory, through their representative, Richard Woolsey, hoped to study Khalek in an effort to come up with some countermeasures to the Priors.

Daniel and SG-5 returned to the planet to learn more. Mjr. Altman was able to remove the brain monitoring equipment and brought it to the SGC. He connected the device to Khalek and he, Dr. Lam, and Cols. Carter and Mitchell were able to observe Khalek's brain activity was at 68%. While they were watching, the activity level increased. When Major Altman moved to check the equipment, Khalek returned to consciousness and telekinetically directed an energy surge to the equipment closest to Altman, injuring the Major. Col. Mitchell tried to strike Khalek with a zat, but Khalek plucked the device out of Mitchell's hands using his mental powers and proceeded to fire the stolen zat. Mitchell dodged the blast but both Lam and Carter were hit. Mitchell was able to stop Khalek by firing his sidearm at him twice from point blank range.

Although downed by the gunshots, Khalek did not die. Instead he appeared to be healing himself at an extraordinary rate. While Landry wished to either put Khalek back in stasis or kill him if possible, Woolsey argued that enough countermeasures were in place to effectively hold Khalek. Woolsey sat in the observation room to observe the clone. Khalek taunted Woolsey, calling him Dick (a derivative of Woolsey's first name) and sarcastically inquiring about Major Altman, although previously he had known neither man's name. Woolsey and Lam were nonplussed about Khalek's psychic powers. Woolsey explained that there was a shunt with a dopamine inhibitor to prevent his using his abilities. The door was also a one way Tok'ra shield and the floor was electrified. They were taking no chances.

Landry eventually had enough and countermanded Woolsey's advice in the matter. He ordered Khalek be transported back to the planet to be returned to stasis. While they started to move him, Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter returned from the planet, urging them not to move Khalek. The pair had discovered through Anubis's notes that Khalek only had five of the necessary eight treatments to ascend. While in the Gate room, they explained to Landry that P3X-584 was the last place Khalek should be. Once there he may be able to complete his route to ascension. Khalek's superhuman abilities allowed him to overhear this conversation from the isolation room.

Realizing what was at stake, he broke free of the chair, dragging two guards onto the electrified floor and killing them. He additionally threw Mitchell and two other guards against walls as he made his escape. When other personnel fired their weapons, Khalek stopped the bullets before they reached him, much like the Priors had done before pushing them back telekinetically. He pulled the lines that gave power to the base and security cameras and stopped others, including Teal'c from recapturing him.

He eventually arrived at the Gate room, sealing the doors behind him and telekinetically dialling the address on the Control Room computer. However, Daniel and Sam had sabotaged the 584 Stargate, so that anyone who did not issue the right code would be sent directly back to the SGC. Khalek's reintegration information was held in the P3X-584 Stargate's memory and the gate redialed back to Earth. Khalek arrived back at the SGC.

In the short time he was gone, SGC personnel struggled to force open the doors on either side of the Gate room. Mitchell squeezed through one entryway and fired at Khalek soon after he stepped through. Khalek stopped the bullets, but did not notice Daniel Jackson had entered through the other door. Daniel's bullet struck home. Wounded, Khalek was unable to stop the barrage of continued weapons' fire from Daniel and Cameron, and he died.


Khalek in stasis chamber on P3X-584
Daniel checks Khalek's vitals after his release from stasis
Khalek reacts to being shot by Daniel


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