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Laser weapon


The ring weapon was a small hand-held device that fired short powerful bursts of laser energy.


This device was a small oval device that fit over two fingers like a ring. The weapon was worn inside the palm of the hand. When used, the user would point their first two fingers (the ones with the ring) towards the target. It is uncertain how the device itself could be activated, but several shots could be fired. Unlike other Goa'uld hand devices like the ribbon device, this weapon could be used by anyone.

Stargate References

The device was first used by zatarcs–individuals brainwashed to do the Goa'uld's bidding (in this case, assassination) (4.05 "Divide and Conquer"). The leader of SG-14, Major Graham, used the weapon to try and assassinate Tok'ra High Councillor Per'sus, shooting at teammates and Tok'ra before the brainwashing forced him to shoot himself with the device, destroying any information that could be gleaned about the zatarc brainwashing. Martouf, also brainwashed, also used the weapon to try and assassinate the U.S. President, but was stopped and killed by zat weapon before he could shoot himself.

Orisis firing weapon

When Osiris was trapped at Daniel Jackson's house, this weapon was used by Osiris to fight past SG-1 (7.15 "Chimera"). Osiris fired several blasts at a pinned down Samantha Carter and Pete Shanahan until remembering of the fuel tank on SG-1's surveillance van. Osiris fired a blast directly at that part of the van, causing the vehicle to explode. Pete was hit by some of the shrapnel from the explosion.

On another occasion, a bounty hunter that was later determined to be human, used this ring gun as her weapon of choice when hunting for Daniel Jackson on Earth (10.15 "Bounty). When Daniel Jackson did not respond to her attempts to advances, she used the ring to fire at him. Although at close range, Daniel, already suspicious, blocked the blast by using an extremely thick book. He dove and ran to avoid future shots. Only outside the library, when she threatened to shoot an innocent mother and child passing by, did he surrender. She pointed the weapon at him as she walked over to her captive, but was struck by a bus.


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