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Daniel wakes up after Ritual of Life
Lya in the Ritual of Life
Nafrayu in the Ritual of Life


The Ritual of Life is a ceremony used by the Nox, a race encountered by SG-1 on P3X-774. SG-1 had visited the planet to capture an insect like creature known as a Fenri. They were not alone in their interest in the creature and found Apophis and his Jaffa guard already on the planet. They attempted to ambush and capture Apophis and in the ensuing fire fight, O’Neill, Jackson and Carter were all fatally injured.

SG-1 are surprised to awaken sometime later, revived and healed of their wounds by the Nox, an ancient and peaceful race with the ability to render themselves and other things invisible. The Nox have also rescued Shak’l, one of Apophis’ Jaffa guard. As Shak’l escapes to tell Apophis of the Nox and their amazing powers, he injures Teal’c and kills Lya, a Nox woman. As SG-1 watch, Anteaus, Nafrayu and Ohper, the other Nox they have met, perform the Ritual of Life to save Lya. While the Nox concentrate on reviving their fallen friend, they have no choice but to become visible, losing the advantage they employ to avoid the attention of the Goa’uld, who have been visiting their planet to hunt the elusive Fenri for hundreds of years.

The ritual involves the Nox standing around a table on which the body has been placed. They keep their eyes closed and their hands crossed as they concentrate on the fallen. The procedure can only be carried out successfully if the victim is recently deceased which we learn when Nafrayu is deliberately murdered by Apophis in order to trap and capture the Nox. There are no visible means, mechanical or otherwise, to indicate how the Nox are able to perform this reanimation of the dead, although Nafrayu was taken to the same table to be revived as Lya, rather than treating him where he was found, indicating a possible relevance. It is also uncertain how many Nox are required to perform the ritual, although in each case witnessed, three Nox were present.


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