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People of Camelot


The Villagers of Camelot were a friendly people, eagerly awaiting King Arthur's return. They were first introduced in the aptly titled episode 9.20 "Camelot".

Stargate References

King Arthur ruled Camelot centuries ago, before he and his knights left in a quest to find the Sangreal, the "Holy Grail". The village awaited his return. Each villager (apparently only the males) tested their mettle when they came of age by trying to pull the sword from the stone. Legend said that only someone pure of heart would pull the blade free, and once done, Arthur and his knights would return from their quest.

The governor of the village, Meurik, welcomed SG-1 when they arrived, but grew more distant as they expressed their interest in Merlin (9.20 "Camelot"). According to Antonius, the village historian, many of the villagers believed Merlin was an evil wizard. This reputation was further enhanced by the safeguard Merlin had installed to ensure intruders would not invade his library. If sensors detected anyone approaching his ancient control panel, a holographic black knight would appear in the village, killing indiscriminately in the town.

SG-1 convinced Antonius to let them into Merlin's library. Eventually they discovered the hidden chamber and the control device, accidentally setting off the safeguard. Antonius, who had returned home, was killed. Meurik banished SG-1 from the village, but they did not leave, instead trying to convince the villagers that the black knight was technology they could eventually overcome. Odyssey beamed the team out before they were forcibly removed from Camelot, right after Daniel Jackson proclaimed there was no magic. Daniel Jackson convinced Colonel Emerson to let he and Col. Mitchell return to try and counteract the device and find Merlin's weapon. Odyssey beamed them directly into the library.

Although Daniel thought he had the right combination to override the security measure, the black knight once again appeared. The villagers screamed in terror as the black knight wreaked havoc in the village square. Mitchell tried to battle the knight alone to give Daniel time and protect the village. Everyone else did nothing, except for Valencia, who grabbed the sword from the stone and pulled it free. Mitchell used this sword to fight the knight, distracting it long enough for Daniel to get the device to work. Daniel saw a hologram of Merlin wearing a pendant and had a treasure of gold appear before him, but he could not disable the knight. As Mitchell collapsed, Daniel gave up on working the controls and shot out the power core, thus destroying the hologram before it could deliver a killing blow to Mitchell.

The villagers of Camelot celebrated Valencia as a hero for pulling the sword. They planned a great feast and also wished to honor the two men who defeated the mystical black knight. They were surprised Cameron and Daniel did not wish any of the treasure they uncovered. The Merlin hologram and Daniel's research led him to believe the weapon they searched for was the pendant Merlin was wearing. When he explained to Meurik that they sought the pendant, Meurik explained the pendant was the Sangreal for which Arthur and knights quested so long ago to faroff places such as Vagonbrei, Castiana, and Sahal. If Daniel and Cameron remained, they should find out the truth from the prophesied return of King Arthur and his knights. Once again, Daniel tried to explain that there was no magic, but the two team members were beamed away before they could further respond, belying the lack of mystical means involved.

Daniel Jackson later returned to the village of Camelot to conduct more research in Merlin's library presumably with the permission of Meurik and the villagers (10.04 "Insiders").

Notable Characters

  • Antonius - Antonius was the village historian and was very anxious to speak with the explorers SG-1. He kept the key to Merlin's library, and Daniel Jackson convinced him to let the team into the site. Antonius found he was pressing his luck in their exploration when they discovered a hidden chamber and left the team there, bringing one tome from the library home. Unfortunately, SG-1 triggered the security device that unleashed the black knight, and Antonius was its first victim.
  • King Arthur - King Arthur was one time ruler of Camelot. He and his knights left on a quest to find the Sangreal. A sword in a stone remained in the village. Once pulled, prophecy foretold that Arthur and his knights would return from their quest to once again rule Camelot.
  • Black Knight - the Black Knight was the curse of Camelot, appearing if and when anyone dared to break into Merlin's library. In truth he was a holographic safeguard Merlin put in place to protect his research.
  • Brother Abelard - Brother Abelard was a friend of Antonius. Antonius told his wife that he was going over the council minutes with Brother Abelard when he was actually letting SG-1 into Merlin's library.
  • Livia - Livia was the wife of Antonius, the village historian. It was likely she who screamed upon finding his body after being murdered by the black knight.
  • Merlin - Merlin left his library and some of his Ancient devices in Camelot before disappearing soon after Arthur and his knights left the village. The villagers had come to regard him with superstition after his disappearance, thinking he was a dark wizard. Merlin had created the "black knight" hologram to protect his research, which also instilled terror in the village.
  • Meurik - Meurik was governor of Camelot. He welcomed SG-1 openly to the village, however became more circumspect when the discussion turned to Merlin, who was superstitiously regarded as an evil wizard in the community. Meurik sternly ordered the team to leave when their exploring unleashed the black knight curse, and threatened to have them escorted.
  • Ramus - Ramus was the younger brother of Valencia. He enjoyed play acting/training with his sister. He and Valencia led Cameron Mitchell and Daniel Jackson to Merlin's library.
  • Valencia - Valencia was a teenage girl and sister to Ramus. She was quite skilled with a sword as she helped train her younger brother. She and Ramus led Cameron Mitchell and Daniel Jackson to Merlin's library. Later she was the only one who took steps to help Mitchell as he tried to defend the village from the black knight. Apparently "pure of heart and true of spirit", she released the sword from the stone and tossed it to Mitchell. She was hailed as a hero by her people.


  • Stargate Command (SGC) - The villagers greeted SG-1 with open arms. Although banished when SG-1 released the black knight curse, all was forgiven later and Daniel Jackson and Cameron Mitchell were considered heroes with Valencia when they saved the village from the black knight.


  • Ori - Although the village has not been known to encounter the Ori yet, Camelot's location as Merlin's research headquarters makes them a strategic site in the battle against the Ori. Allied with Arthur (who was allied with Merlin), it is safe to assume that the Ori would be considered an enemy of these villagers.


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