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Administrator of Ver Ager
Administrator's death as a Prior of the Ori


The Administrator of Ver Ager was the religious leader of his village on a planet thought to be the original home of the Ancients (when they were called the Altera). He was introduced in the episosde, 9.02 "Avalon Part 2".

Character Biography

As an ordinary human, the Administrator was the leader of the worshippers of the Ori in his village of Ver Ager. He led the people in their religious services and was looked upon with authority when determining a person's worthiness. (9.02 "Avalon Part 2")

When Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran used the Ancient intergalactic communications device to form psychic links with a married couple named Harrid and Sallis Cicera, they met the Administrator through Harrid's and Sallis' bodies. They attended a six-hour long prostration service led by the Administrator in the courtyard of the village. Afterwards, Daniel and Vala met Fannis, a friend of Harrid's and Sallis' who was also a fellow-heretic. Fannis accepted Daniel's story about being in Harrid's body and then pursuaded Vala, who was in Sallis' body, to impersonate Sallis at the "sharing of leaves" event being hosted by the Administrator's wife. Unfortunately, Fannis failed to mention the prayer that Vala should have said at the tea and the Administrator's wife declared her possessed. The Administrator immediately had Vala taken to the Ara, the sacrificial altar in the middle of the courtyard, where she was to be burned alive and given into final judgment of the Ori who would ultimately determine her worthiness. (9.02 "Avalon Part 2")

Vala, in Sallis' body, was burned to death while Daniel, in Harrid's body, was held back and prevented from taking action. But, Vala/Sallis were resurrected by a Prior of the Ori who was sent by the Ori to find out more about Daniel and Vala and their claims to be from another galaxy. The Adminstrator bowed to the Prior like all of the other villagers. (9.02 "Avalon Part 2")

Daniel and Vala were returned to the village after spending some time in the City of the Gods on the Plains of Celestis. They were being used as bait to determine the identity of their fellow unbelievers. Fannis was discovered by the Prior and killed after he helped Daniel and Vala in forming a complete link through the use of a communications terminal on their end. The Prior ended the two-way link and took Daniel and Vala to the altar to be burned, but the one-way link was severed when Mitchell and Teal'c destroyed the communications terminal at the SGC. It was Harrid and Sallis who were burned to death. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")

As a reward for his devotion and service, the Administrator was promoted to become a Prior. He was brought to the City of the Gods and permitted to look upon the flames of enlightenment, the manifestation of the Ori, and there, he was advanced in his evolution and given great powers, knowledge, and understanding. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")

Now a Prior of the Ori, the Administrator was sent to the Milky Way Galaxy via the Stargate to the planet P8X-412. This planet was known to Vala and she pursuaded Mitchell to let her go there to warn them of the Priors and the Ori. After Vala revealed that she had deceived these people into thinking that she was the Goa'uld Qetesh for four years after the symbiote had been removed from her, she was imprisoned. Mitchell and Teal'c pursuaded the betrayed villagers that Vala deserved a trial and as Daniel spoke in her defense, the Administrator interrupted the trial and began a debate with Daniel. Somehow, the Prior recognized Daniel and spoke to him as if the battle was of a very personal nature. The Prior sickened the villagers with a plague similar to that which had killed off most of the Ancients long ago and then, in his show of power, healed them. Daniel's words proved ineffectual, as did Vala's attempt to heal the people through the use of the Goa'uld healing device. When the villagers pledged their devotion to the Ori, the Prior stood gloating in Daniel's face and told him to tell others of what he had seen. (9.05 "The Powers That Be")

Continuing in his role as a Prior of the Ori, the Administrator's next assignment was to convert the Free Jaffa Nation into one of the largest groups of Ori worshippers in the Milky Way Galaxy. He went to Dakara and began at the top, targeting Gerak, leader of the High Council. Gerak long believed in the Path to Enlightenment and felt that Origin offered that Path freely to the Jaffa. The Administrator saw, however, that Gerak was resisting the forced conversion of all Jaffa because of the Jaffa's long enslavement by the Goa'uld. In order to gain Gerak's devotion completely, the Administrator used his staff to establish a link with the Ori in their home galaxy. Gerak's mind was given awareness in that galaxy where he stood before the Ori's Flames of Enlightment in the City of the Gods on Celestis. The Ori advanced Gerak in his evolution through this link and Gerak become a Prior. (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1")

After Gerak's conversion into a Prior, the Administrator left Dakara. He was next seen by SG-1 on the planet P9C-882 where he demanded that the people build a sacrificial altar to show their devotion to the Ori. He gave them three days to complete the task, but in the meantime, the planet was visited by SG-3 and later SG-1. SG-1 brought with them Merlin's interdimensional device, Arthur's Mantle, powered by three naquadah reactors, proposing that they save the people by shifting the entire village into an alternate dimension. The device worked for a brief while on all of the village, but a power flow problem caused it to turn off after two days. Carter and Mitchell managed to get the device working once again, but only on the building they were occupying. The Prior attempted to sense their presence, standing in the vacant space of the building and only a few feet away from Carter and Mitchell, but he wasn't able to detect them. He demanded they reveal themselves or he'd destroy the village. Not wishing for the technology to fall into the Ori's hands, Carter and Mitchell found a solution to the power problem and succeeded at shifting the village into an alternate dimension at the same time that the Prior fired the Ori warship's weapon from orbit. He left the planet thinking that the village had been destroyed. (10.12 "Line In The Sand")

While visiting P9C-882, the Prior's interpretation of a passage in the Book of Origin was questioned by Tomin, Vala's husband from Ver Isca. He was the commander of the ground troops sent to the planet. Tomin ordered the execution of all of the villagers who had used weapons against them upon their return and had Vala taken to the warship in orbit. Vala's daughter, Adria the Orici, had a standing order to have Vala captured and instructed in Origin. Tomin was given the task of teaching her scripture and converting her. He read a passage in the Book which taught forgiveness and acceptance of those who had turned from the Ori. The Prior used the same passage to justify the destruction of the village, and Tomin challenged this interpretation. When he failed to change the Prior's mind about destroying the village, Tomin helped Vala escape the ship and returned her to the planet before the warship left orbit. Tomin feared that the Prior would have him executed for helping Vala to escape, but apparently his role was never discovered and he remained a commander in the Ori army. (10.12 "Line in the Sand", Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

The Prior and Tomin remained in service together on the same warship, and it was they who found SG-1 digging through the ruins on Dakara in their search for an Ancient artifact known as the "Ark of Truth", a sophisticated brain-washing device that would reveal the truth that the Ori were not gods. Actually, this artifact was built by the Alteran ancestors of the Ancients when the Ori were persecuting the Altera on their homeworld several million years ago. Dakara had been the first place the Altera settled once they arrived in the Milky Way, and Daniel thought that the Ark was buried there. Tomin and his patrol surrounded SG-1 and their artifact, a sealed chest that Daniel thought was the Ark. When Daniel claimed that the artifact meant the defeat of the Ori army, the Prior commanded that the soldiers open it, but all that was found within it were the brittle remains of parchments. Even though the Prior had demonstrated great powers in the past, on this occasion, he ordered Tomin to kill SG-1. Tomin protested because he had promised that he would not harm the team if they surrendered peacefully. The Prior and Tomin argued. That's when Daniel informed the Prior that he had lost his powers, but he didn't reveal that it was because of the use of the Anti-Prior Device, and Mitchell took advantage of the Prior's vulnerability and a nearby soldier's distraction to grab his staff weapon and fire it at the Prior. The blast killed him instantly. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Amazed that the Prior's powers could be taken from him with the use of the Anti-Prior Device and then be killed, Tomin and his men surrendered to SG-1. With Tomin's help, SG-1 found the Ark of Truth in the Ori's home galaxy, and through its use, they ended the Ori's crusade. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)



Administrator stands before the Flames of Enlightenment
Administrator, after his conversion into a Prior of the Ori
Daniel and Administrator/Prior face off in a debate on free will and false gods
Administrator/Prior rubs his victory on P8X-412 in Daniel's face
Administrator/Prior on Dakara
Administrator/Prior takes his and Gerak's consciousnesses to Celestis
Prior tortures Teal'c on P9C-882
Prior fails to sense Mitchell who is shifted into another dimension
Prior sits in the control chair on the bridge of an Ori warship

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