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Stargate SG-1 Season Eight Episode Guides

8.01 "New Order Part 1"
Daniel and Dr. Weir face tough negotiations with Yu, Amaterasu, and Camulus, who face annihilation by Ba'al and want the superweapon that destroyed Anubis. Carter and Teal'c travel to Hala to seek the Asgard's help in reviving O'Neill. They find Thor just as the Replicators he's guarding escape, beaming Carter aboard their ship. A vengeful, betrayed Fifth tortures Carter.

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8.02 "New Order Part 2"
Carter's ideal life with Pete has been engineered by Fifth, who claims to love her. Thor interfaces O'Neill with his ship's computer, enabling him to build a weapon to destroy the Replicators overunning Asgard colony Orilla. Fifth escapes, leaving Carter behind. O'Neill takes command of the SGC. Fifth is joined by a newly conscious humanoid Replicator, a duplicate of Carter.

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8.03 "Lockdown"
A Russian officer arrives at the SGC and falls ill. He infects Daniel, causing him to become violent. Daniel recovers and identifies the 'illness' as possession by Anubis, who is alive and wants to escape Earth through the Stargate. In spite of the SGC's efforts to contain him, Anubis manages to escape in the dying body of the Russian officer, but Carter makes sure he is sent to a desolate ice planet.

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8.04 "Zero Hour"
In his difficult early days commanding the SGC, reluctant Gen. Jack O'Neill is faced by every form of catastrophe known to man, from incarcerated aliens to bunting crises, a kidnapped SG-1 team and the predations of opportunistic System Lord Ba'al, a new administrative sidekick, and a looming visit from President Henry Hayes. Somehow it all works out, and Gen. O'Neill passes his trial by fire.

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8.05 "Icon"
SG-1's arrival on a planet sparks a religious uprising that becomes a world war. Trapped while trying to stop it, Daniel Jackson takes refuge with the alien woman Leda. The SGC finally reaches Daniel by radio, and he suggests a plan to overcome the religious zealots. With Leda's people, Daniel and the SG teams succeed in ending the war, but millions of people have already died.

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8.06 "Avatar"
The Game Keeper's virtual reality technology enables Teal'c to enter a virtual SGC where he can battle Anubis' Super Soldiers. Teal'c tries over and over to defeat the warriors, but, sensing his real doubts, the game will not let him win or leave. With Teal'c's life in danger, Daniel enters the game and uses a precognition cheat to help Teal'c win, freeing them both.

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8.07 "Affinity"
When Teal'c moves into an apartment off base, his attempts to build a life as a "regular" human being are thwarted when he becomes embroiled in the troubles of his new neighbor, Krista. Carter is wondering about her life and future with Pete. Can she involve Pete in the risks she takes? Drop off a baby in day care before gating off into the unknown?

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8.08 "Covenant"
When charismatic billionaire Alec Colson threatens to expose the existence of alien life to the world, Carter attempts to intervene and convince him the Stargate program is worthy of secrecy…and of his protection. However, a secretive organisation known as the Trust has its own agenda: to discredit and silence Colson at all costs.

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8.09 "Sacrifices"
Teal'c's reunion with Master Bra'tac, son Rya'c, and warrior leader Ishta is fraught with danger and difficulty. Ishta's determination to overthrow the Goa'uld Moloc before he can murder more of her sisters leads to her capture and torture at his hands, while Teal'c's son Rya'c has chosen to marry without his father's blessing.

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8.10 "Endgame"
In "the heist to end all heists," the Stargate is missing, and SG-1's investigations point to the shadowy Trust conspiracy. The Trust operatives are using the Stargate to launch missiles armed with symbiote poison. Teal'c discovers thousands of Jaffa have been massacred while Daniel and Carter try to stop the Trust murdering more innocents in their vicious 'war.'

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8.11 "Gemini"
Carter's Replicator double contacts the SGC, requesting they terminate her existence because Fifth is on his way to the Milky Way Galaxy. Carter and Teal'c interrogate Replicator Carter at the Alpha Site, revealing that Fifth has developed an immunity to the disruptor gun. Can Replicator Carter help Carter recalibrate the disruptor before Fifth arrives?

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8.12 "Prometheus Unbound"
General Hammond and the crew of the Prometheus are stranded on a failing al'kesh when the mysterious alien rebel Vala steals the Prometheus…and Daniel Jackson. Daniel and Vala battle for control of the ship, but will Daniel be swayed by Vala's claims to need Prometheus to help her embattled people who are facing annihilation by Ba'al?

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8.13 "It's Good To Be King"
The irrepressible Harry Maybourne is living like a king—literally. The self-styled ruler's native idyll is rudely interrupted first by the arrival of Gen. Jack O'Neill and SG-1, and then by Trelak, First Prime to Lord Ares, the Goa'uld laying claim to Harry's lands—and to his people. With Daniel and Teal'c undercover in the royal court, can the wily Maybourne outwit them all?

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8.14 "Full Alert"
Relations between the U.S. and Russia are strained, with the Russians believing the U.S. administration is compromised. Daniel travels to Moscow to meet with them, but is detained for questioning - and a blood sample. The Russians have good reason: they've captured an American assassin, former Vice President Kinsey, who is most definitely not himself these days.

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8.15 "Citizen Joe"
Seven years ago, Joe—a happily married middle-class father—picked up an odd-looking stone marked with strange glyphs at a garage sale. Ever since, he has been seeing visions of a top-secret Air Force unit commanded by Jack O'Neill, who leads the SG-1 team through an ancient portal called the Stargate. Joe's obsession with SG-1 ruins his life - and he's out for revenge.

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8.16 "Reckoning Part 1"
Rebel Jaffa gather to storm the temple of Dakara while Ba'al's fleet is battling Replicator Carter's forces. Daniel is captured by her, seeking his buried memories of Ancient secrets. Ba'al informs the SGC they need to stop Anubis from using an Ancient weapon on Dakara which can destroy all life in the galaxy. All the groups converge on Dakara, but who'll reach the weapon first?

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8.17 "Reckoning Part 2"
Carter and Jacob calibrate the Ancients' weapon to destroy the Replicators. Mind-probed by Replicator Carter, Daniel recovers his buried memories and takes control of the Replicators invading the SGC and the temple on Dakara. He's able to stop them long enough to let Jacob activate the weapon and finally destroy the Replicators.

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8.18 "Threads"
With Anubis threatening the destruction of the galaxy, Daniel must decide whether to face death with his friends or accept Oma Desala's help in ascending. Bra'tac and Teal'c establish the new Jaffa Nation on Dakara. Carter and Jack deal with personal relationships and the loss of people important to them. Daniel and Oma are taunted by the Anubis in his ascended form.

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8.19 "Moebius Part 1"
When Catherine Langford dies, Daniel inherits her collection. He finds reference to a Zero Point Module (ZPM) in a book about Ra in Egypt in 3000 B.C. SG-1 use the Ancient time machine to go back in time to retrieve the ZPM but when their ship is discovered, they create a different future in which the SGC does not exist and their alternate selves lead very different lives.

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8.20 "Moebius Part 2"
SG-1's alternate timeline selves attempt to change the past in order to fix the future, taking the Ancient time machine to Chulak to retrieve Teal'c, hoping he'll join them. Forced by Apophis' forces to retreat to the past, they meet up with sole survivor Daniel, helping him launch the rebellion that deposes Ra and keeps the Stargate on Earth.

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