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Maj. Paul Davis


Major Paul Davis is a USAF officer and the SGC's Pentagon liaison, working directly for the Joint Chiefs. He has relayed Pentagon orders to the leader of Stargate Command and acted as diplomat and liaison for the program both internationally and on rare occasion off-world. After the creation of the Homeworld Security Department, his assignment was with that department.

Character Biography

Major Davis first introduced himself to General Hammond when the SGC Stargate was stuck connected to a black hole on P3W-451 (2.15 "A Matter of Time"). When scientists at the Pentagon realized they'd lost ocntact with the SGC due to some kind of time dilation effect, Davis was dispatched to collect General Hammond and bring him to meet the President.

Major Davis was meeting with General Hammond when Col. Makepeace informed the general that the Tok'ra had found the MIA SG-1 team as prisoners of Hathor (3.01 "Into the Fire Part 2"). Davis was concerned at the resources Hammond was planning on using, half the SG teams (the only ones on base), to rescue one team. Hammond scolded the major--explaining Davis had: "a lot to learn about how we do things around here." When the rescue teams were also stranded and facing heavy resistence from Hathor's forces, it was Davis's job to relay the news that the President and Joint Chiefs refused to authorize an armored division or any further use of force. He expressed sympathy, but agreed with the decision. The intelligence was not as trustworthy as Hammond has suspected, and the people would have to make it out on their own. Hammond therefore, took his own initiative and contacted Teal'c on Chulak for rebel Jaffa reinforcements. Davis appeared to take the lessons of the protective nature of SG teams for each other, and the "against the odds" luck of SG-1, because he never expressed doubt of SG-1, or the SGC on any of his subsequent visits, and became an advocate of the program when presenting it to foreign delegates (6.17 "Disclosure").

Davis was visiting the SGC when aliens from took over the SGC (3.14 "Foothold"). He, like everyone else on the base except Major Carter and Teal'c, was duplicated as disguise for the strange aliens. The Davis, as well as the Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson dopplegangers went to D.C. to retrieve Major Carter, who escaped the base. On the flight back with Maybourne, Sam saw through the disguise, and the O'Neill and Davis dopplegangers were killed in the ensuing battle. The death of his doppleganger woke Davis and O'Neill up--only to find themselves suspended in the aliens's pods. They escaped, knocking out the Fraiser doppleganger and meeting up with Carter, who re-infiltrated the base using the Jackson doppleganger disguise. Davis stayed, protecting the rest of the SGC personnel still trapped in the alien stasis, while Carter and O'Neill regained control of the SGC.

Davis coordinated the Pentagon efforts at the SGC when Thor's ship, the Beliskner, was infiltrated with Replicators as he tried to reach Earth for help (3.22 "Nemesis Part 1"). Davis relayed the Pentagon's orders to Hammond, including that the plan was to blow up the ship. When Daniel protested the rest of his team was on that ship, Davis expressed his views--much changed from when the team was stuck on Hathor's base: "I have as much confidence in SG-1 as you Dr. Jackson. But they left over an hour ago. We've had no communication since. We have no idea what kind of a timeframe we're dealing with here." Despite that, he was willing to argue for a "reasonable" time frame as per Hammond's suggestion. Their faith in SG-1 was warranted, as the ship burned up in Earth's atmosphere. Davis tried to comfort the worried Daniel by assuring him that SG-1 most likely escaped the ship before it was destroyed by using the Stargate they had commandered. This

Unfortunately, enough of the Beliskner survived reentry that one Replicator survived the crash; it infiltrated a Russian sub, killing the crew and using the vessel to create more brethren (4.01 "Small Victories Part 2"). After the sub was captured by the US military, Davis approached SG-1 (who had returned as Daniel and Davis suspected); Davis wanted to be briefed on the Replicators as SG-1 were the closest thing to experts they had. While the Pentagon wanted to preserve specimans for study, O'Neill vociferously insisted the only way to handle the Replicators was to blow them up. Davis coordinated efforts to investigate, and later to destroy the sub. For unexplained reasons, when O'Neill and Teal'c were trapped on the sub, Davis delayed enacting O'Neill's radioed order to blow up the ship with them on board, instead waiting a few seconds for Daniel to acquiesce. He then gave the order for Dallas to blow up the sub.

Davis was on hand at the SGC when O'Neill and Teal'c field tested the X-301, a ship cobbled from two captured death gliders (4.12 "Tangent"). When the mission went sour and the X-301 was stranded in space, Davis coordinated communications between the SGC, the ship, and the Pentagon.

Davis appeared in a dream of Daniel Jackson's controlled by Shifu; in it, he maintained his role as Pentagon liaison (4.17 "Absolute Power"). In the dream, he appeared shocked by the increasingly arrogant and personal requests of Daniel Jackson--a sign that Daniel was acting out of character for even himself.

When Teal'c was trapped in the Stargate buffer after an accident with the wormhole, Major Davis went with Daniel Jackson to Russia to negotiate for borrowing the Russians' DHD (5.14 "48 Hours"). The negotiations were strained: Russia felt they were unfairly treated in allowing the use of their Stargate (the Russians had salvaged the Stargate thought destroyed with the Beliskner) to help the offworld teams get back home, without receiving their fair share in dissemination of off-world technology research. When left alone, Daniel and Paul had a heated argument about how much they should be willing to share--Paul was resistant to giving naquadah, and naquadah technology to Russia, and Daniel was frustrated at the nationalistic attitudes preventing safety of Earth, and saving Teal'c. Davis finally conceded several key points to the Russians, but it was only Daniel's personal appeal to Col. Chekov that finally broke through the stalemate.

When Earth was threatened by an asteroid, Major Davis was once again thrust into the role of balancing Hammond's faith in SG-1 to save the day with the Pentagon's concerns of enacting secondary plans (5.17 "Failsafe"). Luckily, they heard from SG-1, and Davis's role was acting as liaison between the Pentagon, NORAD tracking, and the SGC. When it was believed the team had failed in their mission, Hammond ordered Davis and Sergeant Harriman to join the last group going to the last Alpha Site. (Note: When Davis's predecessor in this position, Colonel Samuels, with the Earth in mortal danger, Hammond ordered Samuels to remain, since only the "best and brightest" should go on the base.) When Davis questioned Hammond's remaining, Hammond simply stated he had not been relieved. Davis shook hands with the general and wished him luck. Thankfully, once again SG-1 found an alternative method to save Earth from the asteroid.

Davis was unusually in the thick of action when an apparently abandoned ha'tak was found floating in space above Earth (6.03 "Descent"). Davis joined SG-1, Dr. Friesen, and Jacob Carter to investigate the ship. He helped Major Carter in the engine room, but when Colonel O'Neill found evidence the ship was not as abandoned as they thought, Davis and Carter were ordered back to the bridge of the vessel. The ship eventually made a controlled crash into the ocean. They noticed a strange sound coming through the intercoms. Later, when Carter and O'Neill were trapped in a section filling with water, Davis offered to go and help them, but Jacob explained all the controls were fused. They mourned the loss of the pair, but it turned out the ship was being influenced by Thor's consciousness, and Jack and Sam were saved. Davis was the one who was able to get rid of the intercom noise so that Thor's voice could be clearly heard. The team was able to rescue Thor, albeit at the expense of losing the ha'tak.

When reporter Julia Donovan got too close to the truth of the new X-303 vessel Prometheus, Major Davis was sent to try and convince her not to run with the story (6.11 "Prometheus"). When she refused, he and Major Carter went over her head to the network president. Under orders from the Pentagon, they granted her and a film crew access to the unfinished vessel, in return for her sitting on the story until such time as the government authorized its declassification. The tour went sour when the film crew was actually rogue NID agents who commandeered the vessel and held Donovan, Carter, and Jonas Quinn hostage. Davis had to answer to the wrath of Colonel O'Neill when the betrayal was discovered. Much to his distaste, he followed the Joint Chiefs orders and delivered the disgraced Colonel Simmons and Goa'uld Adrian Conrad to the hostage takers. Knowing Simmons was in on the deal, he tried to force Simmons to talk, but Simmons saw through Davis's bluff. After delivering the prisoners, Davis continued to coordinate rescue efforts with O'Neill and Teal'c, as well as Major Carter, who had escaped and was hiding on board the ship.

When Senator Kinsey was almost assassinated, Major Davis has the unfortunate job of acting as liaison between the Pentagon and the District Attorney, notifing Stargate Command that Colonel Jack O'Neill was the suspected assassin (6.14 "Smoke and Mirrors"). O'Neill and Kinsey's mutual hatred was well known, and he was identified as the shooter by surveillance footage. Later, it was revealed that the NID, namely Agent Malcolm Barrett, was keeping Kinsey hidden, wanting his testimony against the rogue elements. Barrett finally confided in Major Carter, working with him to prove O'Neill's innocence and find the real assassin, that Kinsey was alive. He explained Davis was the only one at the Pentagon who knew the truth. Major Carter realized that the mimicry devices the SGC suspected were being used to frame O'Neill could also allow the assassins and their leaders to mimic Davis. They were able to stop the assassin, who was indeed posing as Davis, before he could kill the senator, still recovering from the gunshot wound.

When the US government decided to share the knowledge of the Stargate Program to some other nations, namely Great Britain, France, and China, Major Davis had the unenviable task of briefing the nation's ambassadors on the history of the program (6.17 "Disclosure"). Both General Hammond and Senator Kinsey attended the briefing, Kinsey using the occasion to try and wrest control of the program out of the Air Force hands and into those of the NID. Davis made some calls during a recess, and discovered Kinsey had moved from the Appropriations committee to Intelligence Oversight, meaning the NID would fall squarely under his control. Armed with Davis's information, Hammond played a trump card of his own by calling in a favor from Thor. Thor's appearance convinced the nations' ambassadors that the program was safe in the SGC's hands.

When Stargate Command served as host for negotiations between rival Amoran delegations, Major Davis acted as diplomatic liaison to the talks (8.04 "Zero Hour"). When talks broke down, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, new leader of the SGC, used unconventional diplomacy by locking the two delegates in a room together, forcing them to talk to each other. During this same time period, he also worked with Colonel Reynolds in gathering intelligence and briefing Gen. O'Neill on potential plans to rescue an MIA SG-1, believed to be captured by Ba'al.

Davis worked with SG-7 in helping the Free Jaffa Nation set up their preliminary system of government on Dakara (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). As Teal'c explained to Lt. Col. Mitchell: "That has caused problems as well. Many view the Tau'ri with the same level of mistrust as a would-be enemy. They see the proposed system of government as a means to control and subvert their newly acquired freedom." Davis's efforts were unfortunately, not too successful.

Two years later, Davis, still surprisingly a major in rank, greeted SG-1 in the halls of Stargate Command when the team was on its way to the Tok'ra homeworld to witness the execution of the last Ba'al clone (Stargate Continuum).

When a sophisticated Wraith ship was headed to Earth, Davis worked with Colonel Carter at Stargate Command to organize Earth's defenses against the imminent attack (SGA 5.20 "Enemy at the Gate"). He facilitated communications between the Pentagon and organized logistical support while she coordinated the defense in General Landry's absence. To Carter and Lt. Col. Sheppard's amusment, he couldn't help but release a snide comment on the helpfulness of the IOA, who were attempting to evacuate their delegates through the Stargate before the attack. His humor darkened when he realized the Wraith had somehow blocked their ability to use the 'gate.


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