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President Nadal


President Nadal was the new leader of the Rand Protectorate on the planet Tegalus after a devastating world war. He became a follower of the Ori and used the technology given to him by a Prior of the Ori to force Origin on his rival country. (9.15 "Ethon")

Character Biography

Following the devastating world war between the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation on the planet Tegalus, the SGC assisted the war-torn world in rebuilding, since it was the SGC's activation of the Stargate which precipitated the war (8.05 "Icon"). Nadal became the reformed Rand Protectorate's president.

The people of Tegalus stayed in contact with the SGC until a Prior of the Ori visited. After that, communications were cut off, and Daniel Jackson assumed that they didn't want the SGC's help any more. The Prior first infected the Rand Protectorate population with the Prior Plague and those who refused to convert to Origin, the religion of the Ori, died. Those who remained were assumed to be Ori followers.

Nadal embraced Origin and the Ori wholeheartedly. As a reward, the Prior gave Rand the plans for a satellite weapon which they could use against their rival nation, the Caledonian Federation. Five months after the Prior came to Tegalus, the Rand Protectorate had a working killer satellite and they tested it by vaporizing a Caledonian military installation. Nadal then issued an ultimatum to Minister Chaska: surrender or be destroyed. He gave her five days to consider her position.

Daniel's friend Jared Kane contacted him to ask for his help in destroying the satellite. Kane knew that Earth had advanced weapons and he strongly believed that the destruction of the weapon was the only way to keep Rand from committing genocide. Although he still had hatred for the Caledonians, he wished for the killing to stop. Daniel pursuaded Kane to approach the Rand government and open talks. Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell coordinated the back-up plan to destroy the weapon with the Prometheus.

As soon as Daniel and Kane returned to Tegalus, Nadal had them jailed. He charged Kane with being a Caledonian sympathizer and Daniel with harboring a traitor. Nadal's military advisor, Commander Pernaux, interrogated the two men. Kane, appealing to his long-term friendship with Pernaux, told him that they wished to stop the slaughter because it was wrong. Kane tried to convince Pernaux that they needed to join with the Caledonians in opposition to the Ori.

When the Prometheus arrived two days after contact with Daniel was lost, they found that the satellite weapon was more advanced than they originally thought based off of the early-stage drawings Kane had given them. The Prometheus was severely damaged and Col. Pendergast attempted to discuss the conditions of his surrender with Nadal. In front of Daniel and Kane, Nadal ordered the complete destruction of the Prometheus. The satellite weapon cut through the ship and rendered it into two pieces before it blew up, killing several crew, including Pendergast.

Survivors who beamed off of the ship or who flew in F-302s assembled in Caledonian territory. Minister Chaska had them retrieved and brought back to her base of operations, having monitored the exchange between Nadal and Pendergast on the radio. She provided Carter, Mitchell, and Teal'c with all of the intelligence she had concerning Daniel and the satellite. Carter proposed a plan to take out the satellite's ground control with an electro-magnetic pulse, giving Mitchell time in his F-302 to destroy the weapon because its shield was only raised when commanded from the ground.

Because Nadal cherished the satellite weapon and saw that it was vulnerable, he was willing to listen to Daniel's proposal to give Caledonians access to the Stargate so that they could leave the planet. Nadal agreed, but as soon as Mitchell withdrew from his attack run, he ordered that the Caledonian capital building be targeted. Commander Pernaux challenged him, hoping to talk him out of it, but Nadal was unwavering. Pernaux killed Nadal with his handgun and Nadal's guards shot him, but he remained conscious long enough to command that the deal stand.

SG-1 and the surviving crew of the Prometheus returned to Earth as talks between Rand and Caledonia continued. Soon afterwards, contact with the planet was cut off, so Gen. Landry ordered the Daedalus to go by to check out why. They discovered that the talks broke down because Minister Chaska didn't want to leave Tegalus. Instead, Caledonia launched their missiles against Rand and Rand retaliated. There were most likely no survivors and the Stargate was presumed to be buried in the rubble.


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