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Minister Chaska


Minister Chaska was the leader of the Caledonian Federation, a country on the planet Tegalus. Her country had been in a state of cold war with the Rand Protectorate for several generations, and eventually, both countries wiped each other out as a result of a disagreement on how to face the Ori threat. (9.15 "Ethon")

Character Biography

About a year before a Prior of the Ori visited the Rand Protectorate, SG-1 visited Tegalus. At the time, the two countries of the planet had been in a state of cold war for several generations. With SG-1's visit, a group of religious zealots believed that it was a sign from the gods, the Goa'uld, that they would return and reward the faithful, those who followed the old ways written in a book left behind by the Goa'uld. Eventually, the zealots gained access to one of the Rand Protectorate's missile bases and fired upon the Caledonian Federation, and Minister Treydan, the Caledonian leader, ordered a retaliation. What followed was a global war that nearly saw the complete destruction of humanity on that planet. (8.05 "Icon")

Daniel Jackson had been caught on the planet when the war broke out, but he was befriended by Jared Kane, chief aide to Rand's military leader, Commander Gareth. Kane saw to Daniel's safety, taking him to a farmhouse outside the main city where his wife could nurse him back to health from his severe injuries that resulted from the bombing of the city. Daniel helped Kane regain control of the bunker that had been taken by the zealots, and Kane led his people to rebuild with the SGC's assistance. (8.05 "Icon")

Even though there was an uneasy peace, the two countries continued their hatred of each other, rebuilding their weapons systems and again aiming them at each other. When a Prior of the Ori came through the Stargate, he offered them something that the new Rand Protectorate's president, Nadal, couldn't refuse: an energy weapon that could strike out at Caledonia from space, a killer satellite. After the Prior wiped out unbelievers in Rand with the Prior Plague, the government led by Nadal became faithful followers of the Ori. They tested the satellite on a military facility in Caledonia and then demanded that the Caledonians surrender to them and the Ori or be destroyed. They gave Minister Chaska, Caledonia's new leader, five days for their decision. (9.15 "Ethon")

Kane went to Daniel for help in destroying the satellite, feeling that if it were destroyed, then no more lives would be sacrificed. Daniel and Kane asked Nadal for time to talk about the problem, and Nadal accepted. But, Nadal went against his word and had the two men put in prison to await trial for treason and harboring a traitor. The rest of SG-1 brought the Prometheus to Tegalus to destroy the weapon, but they weren't prepared for the satellite to have a defense shield. When they hesitated at destroying the weapon for fear that Daniel would be executed, the satellite charged its weapons and raised its shields. Eventually, the Prometheus was destroyed. Carter, Teal'c, and Mitchell were among those who beamed or flew in F-302s to Caledonia, where Minister Chaska had the survivors transported into the capital city. (9.15 "Ethon")

Working with Minister Chaska, the team aided the Caledonians in disabling the satellite to give them leverage in the talks with Nadal. Fearing that his precious satellite weapon would be destroyed, Nadal agreed to give the Caledonians access to the Stargate so that they could leave the planet and not have to live under Rand or Ori rule. Minister Chaska agreed to the terms and called off the attack on the satellite. For a brief moment, it appeared her trust in Nadal's word was in vain as he ordered that the satellite fire upon the Caledonian capital city, but Daniel, Kane, and Commander Pernaux saw that the agreement was kept. Pernaux killed Nadal to make sure that the deal stood. (9.15 "Ethon")

The survivors of the Prometheus were allowed to go home through the Stargate and talks were started, but soon afterwards, the SGC lost contact with the planet. General Landry had the Daedalus stop by to determine the reason, and it was reported that Minister Chaska refused to leave the planet, that talks broke down, that the countries fired upon each other and wiped each other out, and that the Stargate was buried in the rubble. (9.15 "Ethon")


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