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Commander Pernaux


Commander Goran Pernaux of the Rand Protectorate of the planet Tegalus was a friend of Jared Kane's and sided with him when it came time to oppose the Ori. He, along with all others of his planet, is assumed dead after his country and the Caledonian Federation wiped each other out with their missiles. (9.15 "Ethon")

Character Biography

When the Priors of the Ori began to visit planets in the Milky Way Galaxy through the Stargates, the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation on the planet Tegalus were just starting to recover from a world war. The Prior who came through the Rand-controlled Stargate gave the people a choice to worship the Ori or be destroyed. To help their decision along, he inflicted them with a plague and then cured those who chose to convert to Origin. Many people died, including Leda Kane, the woman who took care of Daniel when he was trapped on the planet after the start of the war (8.05 "Icon").

Once the Rand Protectorate became a nation of Ori worshippers, the Prior gave them the plans to create a satellite weapon so that they could take Caledonia. President Nadal, perhaps the strongest of the Ori followers, cherished the weapon, and as soon as it was activated by the Prior, he used it against a military facility in Caledonia. After this attack, he gave the Caledonian leader, Minister Chaska, a deadline to give her country's choice of either being ruled by Rand and the Ori or being destroyed.

Jared Kane immediately went to Daniel Jackson for help. He wished that the satellite be destroyed, but Daniel felt that in doing so, it would be considered an act of aggression, the results being that the Rand Protectorate would fire its missiles at Caledonia immediately. He pursuaded Kane to contact President Nadal to open peace negotiations and to allow him to educate him on the truth of the Ori's intentions. Nadal permitted them to come through the Stargate, but immediately had both men put in jail, claiming that Kane was a Caledonian sympathizer and that Daniel had harbored a known traitor.

It was at this point that Commander Pernaux stepped into the equation. He also believed that Kane was working for Caledonia, going to Earth in order to acquire more fire power in their effort to overthrow Rand. Kane, however, began to convince Pernaux that the Ori were the true enemy, hoping that their years of friendship would lead Pernaux to an understanding.

Nadal destroyed the Prometheus with the satellite weapon after Daniel and Kane repeatedly insisted that they were not part of a network of spies. Even with the loss of the ship, Daniel continued to try to pursuade Pernaux that the satellite needed to be deactivated and the Ori opposed. Finally, when Nadal decided to turn the weapon on the Caledonian capital city after agreeing to let Caledonia have the Stargate so that they could choose to worship the Ori or leave the planet, Pernaux realized that life under Ori rule was wrong. He tried to stop the powering up of the weapon, eventually killing Nadal with his handgun. Pernaux was shot by Nadal's guards, but survived long enough to order that the deal be seen through.

After the survivors of the Prometheus returned home, the negotiations between the two countries broke down when Caledonians refused to leave the planet through the Stargate. Caledonia fired their weapons on Rand and Rand returned fire. Both countries wiped each other out and the Stargate was buried in the rubble.


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