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Colonel Lionel Pendergast


Colonel Lionel Pendergast was the commanding officer of the Prometheus, introduced in the Season Eight episode, 8.02 "New Order Part 2".

Character Biography

Colonel Lionel Pendergast, who was commanding the Prometheus in ordit around the Earth after Anubis' attack, was about to prepare for war when Earth was being approached by an alien vessel. Assuming that the ship was carrying a Goa'uld to attack Earth to test the operational status of the weapon used by Colonel Jack O'Neill from the Ancient's Antarctic Outpost, he braced his crew for the possibility of an encounter and instructed his communications officer to broadcast his warning in Goa'uld. Fortunately, the approaching ship was Thor's Daniel Jackson with Teal'c onboard. (8.02 "New Order Part 2")

The Asgard were installing beaming technology as well as upgrading the hyperdrive in the Prometheus, most probably as a "thank you" for helping them save their new homeworld from the Replicators (8.02 "New Order Part 2"), so the Prometheus was placed in its hangar to undergo the upgrades. While the beaming technology was pretty much completed, the hyperdrive still had work to be done on it when Gen. Jack O'Neill called the Prometheus into action under the command of Col. Pendergast. Pendergast's mission was to locate a cloaked Al'kesh which had been obtained by rogue NID agents now working with "The Trust". This ship was the one used by Osiris when he attempted to probe Daniel Jackson's subconscious in hopes of learning the location of the Lost City of the Ancients (Osiris thought that Daniel knew of the location from the time that he was an Ascended Being, in the episode, 7.15 "Chimera").

Daniel Jackson went onboard the cloaked ship to rescue his teammate, Col. Samantha Carter, disable the cloak and the hyperdrive, and reclaim the SGC's Stargate which The Trust had beamed right out of the embarkation room. Daniel was successful at disabling the cloak and Pendergast sent the Prometheus to the Al'kesh's location near Earth's moon. Pendergast detected that the Al'kesh's energy was being brought up to jump into hyperspace and he anxiously awaited the go from Gen. O'Neill to fire upon the ship, knowing that Carter, Daniel, and the Stargate were onboard. Gen. O'Neill told Pendergast to hold fire for a few more seconds because he believed that Carter and Daniel would be successful in either stopping the ship from jumping through a hyperspace window or retrieving the Stargate. Pendergast was relieved when he obtained the beaming signal from the Al'kesh and used it to transport SG-1 (Teal'c had since joined Carter and Daniel through the Stargate) and the Stargate into the cargo bay of the Prometheus before the Al'kesh escaped. (8.10 "Endgame")

After The Trust members got away in their ship, they encounted a Goa'uld who implanted them with symbiotes and sent them back to Earth to infiltrate the governments of the United States and Russia. It was their goal to cause the two powerful countries to destroy each other with their nuclear weapons, while the Goa'uld gained access to the powerful weapon in the Antarctic Outpost. Pendergast commanded the Prometheus and located the Al'kesh. He also rescued Daniel Jackson and Robert Kinsey from being captured by the Goa'uld who had infiltrated the Russian Ministry of Defense. Kinsey, however, was also a Goa'uld host, and he managed to escape from his guard on the Prometheus and ring over to the Al'kesh which had just fired upon the Prometheus. When Pendergast realized that the Al'kesh was powering up their weapons to continue the attack, he gave the order that the ship be destroyed. Pendergast was noticeably disturbed that he had destroyed a ship full of people from Earth who had been forcefully taken as hosts. (8.14 "Full Alert")

When the Free Jaffa planet Kallana came under attack by the Ori, Col. Pendergast and the Prometheus were called to rendezvous with SG-1 on a nearby planet and investigate the forcefield which the Ori were building on the planet through the Stargate. They beamed a Mark IX "Gatebuster" bomb near the Stargate and threatened its use if the Prior didn't stop the building of the forcefield. By this time, the Prior had killed every Jaffa living on the planet and he refused to stop what he was doing. The bomb detonated, but instead of destroying the forcefield, the energy of the blast fed it and made it grow. They had noticed a weakening of the forecfield and Pendergast ordered that they fire upon it, but by then, it was too late. Soon, the planet was completely engulfed in the forcefield and began to collapse. To their surprise, the Ori sent segments of an extremely large Stargate through the surviving Stargate on the planet. If this Super Stargate were completed, it would be the means for a fleet of Ori invasion forces to gain access to the Milky Way. The Prometheus was damaged by one of the segments, but Pendergast remained at the scene, hoping that they would find a way to destroy the Super Stargate before it completely formed. The Free Jaffa had a cloaked cargo ship and three ha'tak at the planet as well, but two of the ha'tak were destroyed by the segments and the other ship damaged. They left their cargo ship nearby and it was used by Vala Mal Doran to form the last segment in the ring, and because of the instability of the link, the Super Stargate was destroyed when the planet Kallana collapsed into a singularity. The Prometheus and her crew survived the encounter, but Vala's ring transporter matter stream was drawn into the singularity. (9.06 "Beachhead")

Col. Pendergast and the Prometheus were called to use their Asgard sensors to search for a naquadah bomb in a building in Seattle, Washington. This bomb had been set to detonate by Ba'al who had made his new home on Earth after the fall of the System Lords. With detonation imminent, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, SG-1's new leader, asked that the entire building be beamed into space. Pendergast immediately responded and the building exploded without harm. (9.07 "Ex Deus Machina")

Col. Pendergast's final command of the Prometheus occurred in orbit over the planet Tegalus. They were there to rescue Daniel Jackson who had been taken prisoner by the Rand Protectorate as a Caledonian spy. Daniel had gone to the planet to help in peace talks between the two warring nations. The Rand Protectorate, however, was under the influence of the Ori, and with the Prior's help, had developed a killer satellite. They used this weapon on Caledonia and threatened complete annhilation if Caledonia did not subjugate themselves to Rand and the Ori. All too ready to use the weapon, President Nadal of the Rand Protectorate ordered that the Prometheus be destroyed. The damage done to the ship came in stages, but eventually, the ship was disabled and Pendergast requested negotiations for their surrender. While this was happening, he prepared a plan to evacuate his crew into Caledonian territory. President Nadal refused the request and ordered the ship destroyed. Pendergast and about 40 of his crew were killed in the explosion, but about 75 of his crew survived.

There was a memorial service held at the SGC for those who died on the Prometheus's final mission. Pendergast left behind a wife and children. Gen. Landry wrote a letter to his family and Mitchell hand-delivered it. Pendergast had saved as much of his crew as possible, but the people of Tegalus ended up totally destroying each other. (9.15 "Ethon")


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