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SGC Medical Staff


From headaches to major surgery, the SGC Medical Staff is employed to serve the personnel who work at the SGC. They handle everything from inoculations and pre- and post- mission medical checkups, to being on hand for base and off-world medical emergencies.

Season One

The first doctor introduced in the series was Dr. MacKenzie in the pilot, "Children of the Gods". He was present at the base, which was operating with a skeleton crew, when Apophis came through the Stargate and captured a female sergeant and killed three of her fellow security force teammates as they kept watch over a covered and thought to be inactive Stargate. Dr. MacKenzie examined one of the Jaffa who was killed in the attack and was the doctor who gave his first report to General Hammond (1.01 "Children Of The Gods Part 1"). We later find out that Dr. MacKenzie's field of expertise is psychiatry (1.13 "Fire And Water"). Dr. MacKenzie held the rank of Colonel in the Air Force (3.04 "Legacy"), and has been mentioned to still be available to the SGC as late as Season Seven (7.06 "Lifeboat"):

When General Hammond sent Colonel Jack O'Neill and a few of the men from the original Abydos mission back to Abydos to retrieve Dr. Daniel Jackson, Apophis attacked Abydos, taking Daniel's wife, Sha're, and Sha're's brother, Skaara. Fortunately, they were able to trace where the attackers had retreated to, so General Hammond sent the newly-formed SG units SG-1, under the command of Col. Jack O'Neill, and SG-2, under the command of Maj. Charles Kawalsky, to the planet, later called Chulak. It was on this planet that Sha're and Skaara were taken as hosts to Goa'uld symbiotes and Apophis' First Prime Teal'c, a Jaffa, helped them escape death. During the evacuation of the SGC personnel and the other captives, Major Charles Kawalsky was taken as a host of a symbiote which jumped from the pouch of its dying Jaffa into the back of Kawalsky's neck (1.03 "The Enemy Within"). Originally, Kawalsky thought that he had just twisted his neck, but later he was made aware of the Goa'uld inside him. Before he realized it, he reported to the infirmary and was examined by Dr. Nimzicki:

During the examination, Kawalsky's symbiote took control of his body and killed Dr. Nimzicki. Nimzicki's body was later discovered by Dr. Daniel Jackson on the top bunk of a two-bunk room.

The SGC's chief surgeon, Dr. Warner, attempted to surgically remove Kawalsky's symbiote:

The symbiote tricked everyone into believing that it was removed, but it had instead shed its outer hull and had already blended with Kawalsky. Unfortunately, Kawalsky died. Dr. Warner was seen still working on the SGC staff as late as Season Three.

The SGC's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Janet Fraiser, was introduced in the episode, 1.05 "The Broca Divide":

Dr. Fraiser served as the CMO, starting out as an Air Force Captain and being promoted to a Major sometime in Season Three. During her tenure she led the SGC medical team through many medical emergencies, both common combat injuries and unusual alien illnesses/injuries. She had a second office at the Air Force Academy Hospital. She adopted the orphaned alien girl, Cassandra, in the episode, 1.15 "Singularity", and died in the line of duty in the episode, 7.18 "Heroes Part 2".

Seasons Two Through Six

Dr. Greene was on the SGC Medical Staff in the episode, 2.03 "Prisoners":

Dr. Greene helped Captain Samantha Carter introduce the woman named Linea to the SGC's computer system in order that Linea could give them the chemical formula for a chemical fusion activator as a trade for her getting SG-1 and herself out of the prison on the planet Hadante. Dr. Greene and Capt. Carter were both rendered unconscious by Linea, who proceeded to hack into the SGC computer system and make an escape through the Stargate. Little did everyone know at the time, but this harmless and helpful elderly woman was really a mad scientific genius called "The Destroyer of Worlds".

Seasons Seven and Eight

At the beginning of Season Seven, we're given a glimpse of additional medical staff personnel when we're introduced to a physiotherapist in the episode, 7.04 "Orpheus". This physiotherapist's name was not given, but she was assigned to help Teal'c regain his strength after he was shot with a staff weapon blast. Since Teal'c no longer carried his symbiote, his healing abilities were hindered to become more like that of "normal" human beings.

In the Season Eight episode, 8.03 "Lockdown", we are introduced to two other SGC medical personnel:

Both these individuals were on the staff when Dr. Daniel Jackson was shot by Gen. Jack O'Neill in the embarkation room while Daniel was temporarily hosting the partially-ascended being Anubis. The energy essence of Anubis transferred into Lt. Evans when Daniel was taken into the infirmary to treat his wound. Lt. Evans didn't remember her Tuesday afternoon because of her hosting Anubis, but other than that, she recovered without additional side effects.

In the episode, 8.06 "Avatar", Dr. Carmichael was introduced:

Dr. Carmichael was on duty when Teal'c got himself trapped in the virtual reality program being developed by the SGC to train SGC personnel on various battle scenarios. In the program, Teal'c was participating in a foothold situation in which three of Anubis's Kull Warriors had invaded the SGC by intercepting SG-3 at the offworld Stargate right after they sent their IDC to open the iris. Teal'c's body was negatively affected by the program because the SGC was using alien technology (the Game Keeper's Chair from the episode, 2.04 "The Game Keeper") which interpreted Teal'c's desire for the scenario to be as realistic as possible by sending pain signals through the link whenever the virtual Teal'c was killed. Dr. Carmichael stood by and closely monitored Teal'c's failing health and was there when Teal'c's heart stopped. Fortunately, Dr. Carmichael was able to restart Teal'c's heart and the entire scenario was completed once Daniel Jackson entered the program and helped Teal'c win (8.06 "Avatar").

Seasons Nine and Ten

Another surgeon apparently with the SGC is Dr. Bennet. He was mentioned by Dr. Bill Lee as becoming very proficient in reattaching dismembered limbs (9.01 "Avalon Part 1").

Season Nine brought a new Chief Medical Officer to the SGC, Dr. Carolyn Lam, introduced in episode 9.02 "Avalon Part 2". Lam is a civilian medical doctor. She has previous surgical experience, and has spent time with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) before being offered this position by General O'Neill. At the time she took the position, she did not realize the commander of the facility would be her estranged father, Gen. Hank Landry. That dynamic has caused some additional issues as she has settled into her new position, dealing with the usual SGC injuries and illnesses, as well as being confronted with previously unseen medical threats from Earth's new enemy, the Ori.

Lam spearheaded the response to what was likely the biggest crisis for the SGC Medical Team. SG-6 brought back a Prior plague (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1"). Because the plague was linked to the specific DNA of the Prior who created it, the disease was a new variation unnoticed when putting the team through the standard post-mission medical check. The carrier, Lt. Fisher infected the general population of Colorado, and it spread across the globe. Lam and her team treated the various base personnel and at the front lines in trying to find a cure for the disease, eventually succeeding with alien help (9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2").

Dr. Reimer led a three man field medical unit offworld called "Red Team" (10.02 "Morpheus") They were doing inoculations on "865" when called away to investigate why people apparently died in their sleep on Vagonbrei. The mystery became more urgent when SG-1 and Red Team fell victim to the same infection. Dr. Reimer and Lt. Col. Carter determined the source of the illness was a parasite, but not before Bernie Ackerman of Red Team died. Reimer himself died of a heart attack from continual use of the stimulants Lam sent to the quarantined teams. Another medical unit in hazmat gear rescued SG-1 and presumably the third Red Team member Grimsby, and Lam and the SGC medical staff were able to provide a cure based on Reimer's research into the parasite and a reptile Col. Mitchell and Teal'c recovered.

While SG-1 was at Vagonbrei, Vala Mal Doran was undergoing an initial evaluation by Dr. Hutchison, a psychologist assigned to the SGC. Hutchison performed a psychological fitness analysis for all prospective SGC personnel, designed to assess a person's psychological state, and get a sense of their mental well-being.

SGC Geneticist

The medical and/or science staff also hosts a geneticist expert. It was she who studied the various Ba'al DNA (for both symbiote and host) to determine if any differences between the prisoners could be detected. There was none (10.04 "Insiders").

Carson Beckett was on the surgical staff at Stargate Command for six weeks after the Ancients reclaimed Atlantis for their own (SGA 3.10 "The Return Part 1").


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