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Alternate Characters: Dr. MacKenzie, Phychiatrist; Gate Technician Mackenzie

Lt. McKenzie, second from left, with rest of SG-12


Lt. McKenzie was a member of SG-12. He provided first aid to Haikon, Conway, and Teal'c during a mission to P9G-844.

Character Biography

Lt. McKenzie was one of the four man team (perhaps a marine team) of SG-12, under Major Hadden. During a mission to P8T-474, the natives informed the team that a Prior of the Ori warned the doomsday they prophesied would occur within a few days (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle").

Soon after arriving back on base, they were called to action to accompany Teal'c after the SGC received a distress call from the Sodan. They arrived on P9G-844 and used the Eye of the Gods to travel close to the Sodan village. Both around the Stargate and by the Eye of the Gods at the village location, they found evidence of staff weapons fire. They cautiously investigated, and discovered the Sodan village destroyed. Maj. Hadden ordered Conway and Stevens to return to the Stargate and report to the SGC. Lt. McKenzie stayed with Teal'c and Hadden to investigate the village. They found all the Sodan but Haikon killed, and Haikon himself close to death.

They moved Haikon into the shelter of a partially destroyed hut and McKenzie and Hadden started the Sodan on tretonin and tried to treat his injuries. When Conway radioed they were under attack and needed backup, McKenzie remained with Haikon while Teal'c and Hadden investigated. The others found Stevens killed and Conway seriously injured. Furthermore, Volnek had sabotaged the Eye of the Gods, so they were trapped. After the pair returned with the injured Conway, McKenzie also performed first aid on his injured teammate.

McKenzie's field medic training came into practice again when Teal'c returned from reconaissance with a minor shoulder wound. McKenzie dressed the wound before returning to monitor his other patients. He was able to leave P9G-844 with the rest of his team after the control crystal was recovered from Volnek, who had been destroyed.


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