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Major Hadden


Major Hadden is the leader of SG-12.

Character Biography

Major Hadden led the four man team (perhaps a marine team) of SG-12. During a mission to P8T-474, the natives informed the team that a Prior of the Ori warned the doomsday they prophesied would occur within a few days (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle").

Soon after arriving back on base, they were called to action to accompany Teal'c after the SGC received a distress call from the Sodan. They arrived on P9G-844 and used the Eye of the Gods to travel close to the Sodan village. Both around the Stargate and by the Eye of the Gods at the village location, they found evidence of staff weapons fire. They cautiously investigated, and discovered the Sodan village destroyed. Maj. Hadden ordered Conway and Stevens to return to the Stargate and report to the SGC. The others approached the village and found all the Sodan but Haikon killed, and Haikon himself close to death.

They moved Haikon into the shelter of a partially destroyed hut, and Lt. McKenzie and Hadden started the Sodan on tretonin and tried to treat his injuries. Haikon regained consciousness briefly and explained that one man, Volnek, had caused all this destruction. When Conway radioed they were under attack and needed backup, McKenzie remained with Haikon while Teal'c and Hadden investigated. Major Hadden and Teal'c found Stevens killed and Conway seriously injured. Furthermore, Volnek had sabotaged the Eye of the Gods, so they were trapped. They returned to the village with the injured Conway.

Hadden suggested they try to all reach the Stargate by foot, but Teal'c pointed out it was a treacherous journey that would take many months. When Hadden realized Teal'c planned to go after Volnek himself, he protested, pointing out that even a Sodan cloaking device did not help the dead warriors around them. Teal'c merely acknowledged the comment and left with a cloaking device for himself.

Teal'c later returned with a wound on his shoulder, and Hadden ordered Lt. McKenzie to treat it. They spoke with Haikon again, and learned Volnek had become infected by a strange condition because of an encounter with a Prior of the Ori. While they digested this infomation, the two heard voices outside and went to defend their injured teammates. It turns out that the voices were SG-3 and SG-22 (and an out of phase Mitchell), who had arrived when SG-12 missed their scheduled check-in.

Col. Reynolds of SG-3, Maj. Hadden, and Teal'c discussed the situation and Teal'c explained Volnek's "zombie-like" condition was one similar to that they had encountered with the Telchak device and Kull Warriors. Volnek would continue to resurrect himself until his body was completely destroyed. Hadden suggested they set a trap, using to claymores planted opposite each other with a trip wire, then lead Volnek to it. Although Reynolds scoffed at the idea, Teal'c believed it worth pursuing, and offered to be the bait. Both Reynolds and Hadden protested, Hadden wanting to at least wait for reinforcements. Teal'c overruled them, pointing out it would only put more at risk. They set the trap and were successful, with assistance from the out of phase Col. Mitchell, whose presence was unknown until Teal'c activated the cloaking device.


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