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Maj. Hadden treats an injured Conway


Conway was a member of SG-12. During a mission to P9G-844, he was wounded by the Sodan Warrior Volnek. It is uncertain if he survived his injuries.

Character Biography

Conway was one of the four man team (perhaps a marine team) of SG-12, under Major Hadden. During a mission to P8T-474, the natives informed the team that a Prior of the Ori warned the prophesied doomsday would occur within a few days (9.18 "Arthur's Mantle").

Soon after arriving back on base, SG-12 was called to action to accompany Teal'c after the SGC received a distress call from the Sodan. They arrived on P9G-844 and used the Eye of the Gods to travel close to the Sodan village. Both around the Stargate and by the Eye of the Gods at the village location, they found evidence of staff weapons fire. They cautiously investigated, and discovered the Sodan village destroyed. Maj. Hadden ordered Conway and Stevens to return to the Stargate and report to the SGC.

Conway and Stevens only made it as far as the Eye of the Gods before they were attacked by Volnek. He ambushed them, and they could not return fire because Volnek was hidden by a Sodan cloaking device. Conway was able to call for backup on his radio before he was wounded. Stevens was killed and Conway seriously injured by Volnek's attack. When Teal'c and Hadden arrived, they found the pair and that the Eye of the Gods had been disabled. They were stranded.

Hadden and Teal'c brought Conway back to the village, where Lt. McKenzie set him up with intravenous fluids and did some basic first aid. After SG-3 and SG-22 (and an out of phase Col. Mitchell) arrived when SG-12 missed their check-in, the group came up with a successful plan to destroy Volnek and return home. It is hoped, but unclear, that they were able to get Conway back to the SGC in time to properly treat his injuries.


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