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President Henry Hayes


Henry Hayes was inaugurated as the President of the United States in the Season Seven episode, 7.20 "Inauguration".

Comprehensive Character Biography

When Henry Hayes was a young man, he was lieutenant in the Air Force (7.21 "Lost City Part 1"). During that time, he became acquaintances with a Lt. George Hammond. The two men went their separate ways, but remembered their time together years afterwards and thought of each of other with the highest regard.

Henry Hayes's path eventually led to politics (7.20 "Inauguration"). He won his party's nomination for President of the United States. Henry Hayes chose Robert Kinsey as his running mate for political reason. Kinsey could provide a much needed full war chest of fund raising dollars and a number of electoral votes, including the large number in Florida.

Immediately after his inauguration, the Chairman of The Joint Chiefs, General Francis Maynard, required a meeting with President Hayes. Hayes asked for a moment just to massage his stockinged feet in the rug bearing the Presidential Seal and bask in the moment. Maynard was unamused. When the room was cleared, he informed the new President about the highly classified Stargate Project. After Hayes was finally convinced Maynard wasn't playing a joke on him, he was shocked at the news. Learning his running mate had been aware of the project for years, he became infuriated and stormed into Kinsey's office.

Kinsey explained he was under a gag order and the immediately tried to turn the situation to his advantage by explaining the changes he wanted at Stargate Command. Hayes was not keen on making any quick decisions. Kinsey had an audit already drawn up by Richard Woolsey just for such a purpose. Hayes requested Maynard also attend the meeting to get a balanced view, much to Vice President Kinsey's chagrin. After hours of detailed briefings on the issue, Hayes was not keen to make the wholesale changes Kinsey was requesting, and when the Vice President persisted, Hayes stood his ground and reminded him who sat in the Oval Office.

Hayes privately admitted to General Maynard that Kinsey's admonitions of keeping the same command personnel at the SGC had some merit, and he was considering making some changes. Unrevealed to any of them at the time was Hayes prior experiences with George Hammond.

Woolsey later approached President Hayes on his own. Concerned at implied threats on Henry Hayes's life by Kinsey, Woolsey did an independent investigation, which eventually led him to receive a copy of a disk from Gen. Hammond, implicating Robert Kinsey in several illegal actions by business conglomerates and a rogue arm of the NID, including kidnapping and blackmail. Woolsey provided the information to Hayes, who kept the news to himself until an opportune time arose, confessing concerns to Woolsey that this rogue arm may be interested in more than profit in taking these actions.

President Hayes decided he should leave his own mark on Stargate Command, and thus chose Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a political science professor at Georgetown, and acclaimed negotiator of international diplomacy to be the new commander of the SGC (7.21 "Lost City Part 1"). He ordered General Hammond to come to Washington. The timing of the change of command was problematic. The SGC was in a crisis. Col. O'Neill had exposed himself to an Ancient Repository of Knowledge to try and find the Lost City of Atlantis. Further there were indications the Goa'uld Anubis was coming to Earth.

Hayes ignored his Vice President's bombastic demands as he started to focus on the impending crisis. When Gen. Hammond arrived, he requested he be allowed to retire. President Hayes revealed he wanted George's counsel, and later ordered Hammond to lead the fleet from the deck of Prometheus in defending the planet (7.22 "Lost City Part 2").

President Hayes allowed any of his counselors who wished to go to leave for Stargate Command and from there to the Alpha Site. Only Robert Kinsey took him up on the offer. Later, Kinsey began to get in the way, trying to circumvent Dr. Weir's authority as Stargate Command was under attack from an incoming wormhole. Since he was now an active nuisance, Hayes shut Kinsey down, demanding his resignation and revealing he knew of the Vice President's criminal activities.

President Hayes began dealing with an increasingly dangerous situation. Anubis's fleet was arriving and destroyed a carrier group in mere instants. Hayes prepared to give a statement to the nation about this alien invasion, but satellite communications were shut down. Anubis himself appeared in the Oval Office in holographic form, and President Hayes refused to cow to the Goa'uld. Luckily, SG-1 using weapons at a newly found Ancient outpost in Antarctica and the fleet led by Gen. Hammond ably defended the planet.

After Col. O'Neill remained trapped in stasis after the Battle of Antarctica, SG-1 insisted to Dr. Weir that they return to continue their efforts to revive him (8.01 "New Order Part 1"). Dr. Weir explained President Hayes position: "While we obviously still have full jurisdictional control over the Stargate, the President feels that ultimately, how we proceed with operations here at SGC will reflect on our international good will." Dr. Jackson translated that the President was using the SGC as political leverage in negotiations, which Dr. Weir unofficially confirmed.

When the Goa'uld requested a summit with Stargate Command, the President has authorized Dr. Weir to pursue negotiations (8.01 "New Order Part 1"). She depended on Dr. Jackson heavily in the proceedings. The negotiations never went anywhere, although Camulus remained on base after requesting asylum (8.02 "New Order Part 2").

When O'Neill was taken out of stasis and successfully saved the Asgard, the President relayed through Dr. Weir that he felt O'Neill's actions were well above and beyond the call of duty and invited him to dinner at the White House (8.02 "New Order Part 2"). After the recent events, Hayes requested General Hammond remain in Washington. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and given a newly created position, head of Homeworld Security--in charge of the SGC, the 303 program (which eventually turned to the 304 program), and the Antarctica site (later to become the Atlantis expedition). Also, President Hayes asked Dr. Weir to head the research at the Ancient Outpost in Antarctica, given the delicate international political situation there. The Pentagon convinced the President that one man could run the SGC and make it politically viable, from an international perspective, despite the fact that he is part of the American military establishment...Jack O'Neill, now promoted to Brigadier General.

On the phone with Jack, the President confirmed that after keeping the base locked down six days, there were no further incidents with Anubis's incorporeal form possessing people (8.03 "Lockdown"). The President ordered Stargate Command resume normal operations within twenty-four hours. Jack instead decided to bluff to force Anubis to make a move; O'Neill's bluff was successful but not without risks and the casualty of Col. Alexi Vaselov.

The President planned to make a personal trip to Cheyenne Mountain to visit Gen. O'Neill in his new post as head of the SGC (8.04 "Zero Hour"). Before hand, he had Mark Gilmor go to Cheyenne Mountain, ostensibly as Jack's assistant, but truthfully to be a mole reporting to the President how successful Jack O'Neill's unconventional approach was succeeding in this secret post. Although he had his doubts, Gilmor ultimately gave O'Neill a favorable report, as evidenced by Hayes going forward on his visit. He confessed the ruse to O'Neill, who explained that Gen. Hammond had already told him who Gilmor was and why he was really there.

When billionaire businessman Alec Colson threatened to reveal what he had learned through private means about the Stargate program, President Hayes called him personally to try and stop him (8.08 "Covenant"). Later Lt. Col. Carter argued that Colson should be told the truth about the program to show him why it was so important to keep the secret and gain the benefits of having a man with Colson's resources as an ally. Gen. O'Neill agreed to mention it to President Hayes. He and Thor immediately beamed away to get to the meeting. When Colson's firm was linked to embezzlement and scandal by Trust sabotage, the resulting freefall of the stock market forced the President to shut down all trading until things calmed down.

After the Stargate was stolen from the depths of Cheyenne Mountain by using an Asgard beam, Daniel teased O'Neill about trying to explain losing the Stargate to the President, a task Jack was not looking forward to doing (8.10 "Endgame").

Hayes put General Hammond in charge of the Prometheus rescue mission of the Atlantis expedition, including choosing personnel (8.12 "Prometheus Unbound"). Hammond chose to lead the mission himself, and snagged various personnel, including Sgt. Harriman and Dr. Jackson from the SGC.

Tensions rose between Russia and the United States because each government suspecting the other of being infiltrated by the Goa'uld (8.14 "Full Alert"). The President and Joint Chiefs stayed in close close contact with Cheyenne Mountain as the DEFCON levels rose from a peacetime Five to DEFCON 2, close to full war. Gen. Jack O'Neill was able to use a back door contact via Col. Chekov to contact the Russian President Mikhailov directly and warn him of who precisely was a Goa'uld. The conflict was resolved peacefully.

When Replicators were taking over Stargate Command in a foothold situation, General Hammond forwarded the orders that the President has authorised deployment of a ten kiloton nuclear bomb, on Jack O'Neill's command (8.16 "Reckoning Part 1"). An emergency state of alert was issued in a two hundred square mile radius around Cheyenne Mountain, and was being evacuated while a transport helicopter is waiting on the surface for the remaining personnel in the SGC. Luckily the replicators were defeated before the bomb was detonated.

Henry Hayes as President was just one of the facts a time travelling SG-1 relayed to ensure that anything they had done had not changed their timeline of events (8.21 "Moebius Part 1").

Like his predecessors, General Landry was also in direct contact with the President (9.01 "Avalon Part 1"). He called President Hayes, certain he'd want to notify the Prime Minister of Great Britain that they needed to do an investigation of the area below Glastonbury.

With the defeat of the Goa'uld and attention being paid to the 304 spaceship fleet and Atlantis missions, Stargate Command was being squeezed out of funds, despite the danger of the Ori (9.04 "The Ties That Bind"). After an unsuccessful attempt to dissuade the head of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Fisher to replenish the budget, Gen. Landry explained to Daniel that President Hayes gave Landry two choices. Accept the budget cuts to 1/3 their prior amounts, or allow the IOA to support Stargate Command. Landry was forced to choose the IOA, including their requirement of a watchdog.

When intelligence came that the Ori was trying to establish a beachhead for a direct assault into the Milky Way Galaxy, President Hayes authorized any and all means to complete the mission (9.06 "Beachhead"). Working through orders of Gen. O'Neill Lt. Col. Mitchell, Lt. Col. Carter, on loan from Area 51, Dr. Jackson, Teal'c, and Vala Mal Doran joined the crew of Prometheus to send a Mark IX "Gatebuster" warhead to Kallana and stop the Ori from succeeding.

President Hayes played an active part when the plague was discovered to be spreading throughout Earth (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1"). He prepared an address to the nation, and took the extraordinary step of ordering the borders closed. Unfortunately, his quick action still came too late as unwitting carriers boarded international flights and spread the disease.

The President wanted to make sure the IOA's first offworld experience went off without a hitch, so he ordered the SGC flagship team, SG-1, to be their escort to their tour of the Gamma Site (9.17 "The Scourge"). Landry had to pull SG-1 off an already scheduled mission to accomodate the President's request for this "babysitting" duty.

When Russia threatened not to renew its lease of the Stargate, Landry negotiated with Col. Chekov, and the President approved among other demands, allowing the Russians to receive the next 304 off the production line, the ship later christened, the Korolev (9.19 "Crusade").

When Ba'al crash landed near Cheyenne Mountain and he and several Ba'al clones were held by the SGC, Agent Barrett and the NID wanted to interrogate the Goa'uld themselves (10.04 "Insiders"). The President was holding back the NID's request to take custody of the Ba'al prisoners at Landry's request, but he explained to Landry this could not be put off forever.

When Daniel Jackson was recaptured by his team after being held by the Ori, they discovered he had become a Prior (10.14 "The Shroud"). Despite Daniel's protestations to the contrary, Richard Woolsey believed Dr. Jackson could be a serious danger and he and the IOA recommended to the President that Daniel Jackson's life be terminated. Apparently Generals O'Neill and Landry's efforts to convince Woolsey differently met the President's approval.

After Lt. Col Carter had travelled accidentally to a parallel universe, she went to Washington, D.C. to brief the President personally on the experience (10.16 "Bad Guys"). Her debriefing went so long, she was delayed and could not go on SG-1's next scheduled mission. Landry mused that President Hayes may still be stuck on the fact that Landry and not Hayes was President in that alternate universe.


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