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Free Jaffa Nation founded on Dakara


After the Rebel Jaffa gained their freedom through the defeat of the System Lords and Replicators in the battle over Dakara, the new nation had to move forward in uniting diverse peoples who needed to act as brothers rather than the enemies they had been for centuries. Added to the organizational difficulties inherent to any new nation, the Free Jaffa also had to face threats from Anubis and the Ori.

Anubis Threatens the New Nation

Bra'tac and Teal'c lead raid on Tartarus, but find it unoccupied
Anubis seizes the weapon on Dakara
Oma Desala prevents Anubis from using the weapon on Dakara

Following the celebration of their victory over the System Lords in the battle over Dakara, the Free Jaffa formed a High Council, and Bra'tac and Teal'c were among the first to be seated. Their new nation, the Free Jaffa Nation, was going to build a new center of government at the site of their victory over the System Lords — at the temple on Dakara. The Council wanted to keep the weapon that destroyed the Replicators in case it was needed again, so Bra'tac and Teal'c had to relay this information to the Tau'ri and Tok'ra, both of whom did not take the news well. Jacob/Selmak said that no one should have that kind of power, but Bra'tac assured him that the weapon would not be used by the Free Jaffa as a means of mass destruction or intimidation. (8.18 "Threads")

Intelligence reports came in that Anubis was gathering his Kull Warriors at Tartarus to launch a final assault on the Jaffa at Dakara. Bra'tac and Teal'c led nearly half of their defenses to Tartarus in a preemptive assault, but found the base empty. The intelligence had been planted by Anubis, and they had just been duped into leaving Dakara only half-guarded. The Kull Warrior army raided Dakara, killing many Jaffa, and Anubis took control of the weapon. He was about to use it when he suddenly disappeared. No one knew that Oma Desala had engaged him on the ascended planes in an eternal struggle to prevent his wiping out all life in the galaxy. She was the only one who could do this because she was the one who had helped Anubis to ascend in the first place. She finally chose to take responsibility for breaking the non-interference rules of The Others, having been moved into action by a passionate plea given by Daniel Jackson, whom she had just saved from permanent death at the hands of the Replicators. The Others returned Daniel to human form once again. (8.18 "Threads")

Gerak Becomes the Nation's First Leader

Gerak, the first leader of the Free Jaffa Nation
Free Jaffa lose Kallana to the Ori
Gerak executes Ba'al, not knowing he was a clone

With their enemies vanquished, the Free Jaffa Nation went about the business of managing their military assets and territory. Jaffa from all over the galaxy were joining, but some saw this as an incredible opportunity to rise in their own power. One such Jaffa was Gerak, an elderly Jaffa who rose up the ranks by eliminating his rivals. He had the seeds of doubt of the godhood of the Goa'uld planted at an early age when his father rose against Montu and died in the Battle of Tazek'sur on Chulak. Bra'tac and Rya'c traveled around the galaxy, hoping to gain more supporters for a democratic government, but Gerak had enough support on the Council to ensure his election based on military assets. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.02 "Avalon Part 2")

Realizing the importance of keeping the alliance between the Tau'ri and the Free Jaffa, Major General Hank Landry, the new commander of Stargate Command, invited Gerak to a meeting to discuss various issues of importance to them both during this critical stage following the defeat of the System Lords. While Gerak and Landry maintained a level of formality, Gerak's lieutenant, Yat'yir, showed his distrust of Teal'c and Teal'c's loyalty. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")

During this meeting, the first Prior of the Ori in the Milky Way was brought into the SGC by Col. Mitchell and SG-12 from the planet P3X-421. Gerak wished to hear the Prior's presentation of Origin, the religion of the Ori that promised the Path to Enlightenment (ascension) to all who believed and followed. The Path to Enlightenment has been part of the Jaffa's belief system for thousands of years. While the Prior spoke of Origin and the Ori, Gen. Landry and Col. Mitchell discovered the true threat the Prior posed and quickly put him under guard. Seeing no way of escape, the Prior set himself on fire and left nothing of himself behind. Gerak was outraged by the SGC's interruption of his investigation into the Prior's threat. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")

The Ori attempted an invasion of the Milky Way by means of the building of a Super Stargate ("Supergate") through which a fleet of attack ships could travel. In order to power this Supergate from the great distance of the Ori's home galaxy, the Ori needed the energy produced by a black hole, so they went about creating one by collapsing the Free Jaffa planet Kallana with a force field. Before they knew that their energy weapons were actually aiding the Ori's plans, Gerak demonstrated his mistrust of the Tau'ri by threatening to turn his weapons on the Prometheus if the Tau'ri didn't continue firing at the force field. Gerak lost two of his ha'tak and his own mothership was damaged, so he had to withdraw from the battle. He did, however, watch what happened from a distance. Kallana was lost, but the Supergate was destroyed before it could be used by an invasion fleet. (9.06 "Beachhead")

After it came to Gerak's attention that the former System Lord Ba'al was hiding out on Earth, he sent Jaffa to the planet to find him. He didn't inform Teal'c or the SGC. There was a great deal of tension built up between the Tau'ri and the Free Jaffa when both groups conducted their searches separately. Teal'c and Colonel Pendergast of the Prometheus found Yat'yir hiding behind Earth's moon with a ha'tak that was used as a base from which cloaked cargo ships could operate. After Teal'c asked Yat'yir to join the Tau'ri in the search instead of continuing to offend them, Yat'yir could only apologize and say that it was too late to mend the differences between them. (9.07 "Ex Deus Machina")

Yat'yir's search party captured a Goa'uld who was also hiding out on Earth by taking a businessman named Alex Jameson as a host. Jameson was formerly of The Trust, the organization of former NID agents and wealthy businessmen who aimed to protect the world from alien invasion in illegal and immoral ways. Gerak insisted that Yat'yir use the Goa'uld pain stick to get the information from the Jameson Goa'uld as to the whereabouts of Ba'al. Yat'yir hesitated because he and his people had been the victims of the pain stick during their time of service to the Goa'uld. Gerak said it was only appropriate that the pain stick be used against the Goa'uld. Relunctantly and with obvious disgust, Yat'yir tortured the information out of the Jameson Goa'uld and such treatment most likely ended in the man's death. (9.07 "Ex Deus Machina")

Eventually, Gerak's troops captured Ba'al at the same time the Tau'ri were raiding the compound with symbiote poison. Many of Gerak's troops died because of the poison, but Gerak felt that the ends justified the means. In front of the Jaffa High Council, Gerak killed Ba'al with a staff weapon. Gerak won the hearts of the High Council that day and turned from Teal'c, who went home to Earth only to find that Ba'al had created several clones. (9.07 "Ex Deus Machina")

Knowing how important it was for the new nation to have members who knew what freedom was really like and who could possibly support the vote for democracy (and against Gerak), Teal'c and SG-1 sought out the legendary Sodan Jaffa who had obtained their freedom 5,000 years ago on a planet formerly of the Ancients. Teal'c had just received recent intelligence that suggested that the Sodan were on P9G-844, so the team went there. Unfortunately, the Sodan had already been visited by a Prior of the Ori and their leader, Lord Haikon, had decreed that the Ori were deserving of the Sodan's devotion. The Sodan had once worshipped the Ancients, but because the Ancients didn't answer their prayers, the Sodan turned their devotion to the Ori who promised to interact with them, show them miracles, and lead them on the Path to Enlightenment. No manner of persuasion could convince Lord Haikon to question the Ori, but there were still a few among the Sodan who did not accept these ascended beings as gods. The few Sodan who were against the Ori became allies with the Tau'ri, but the Sodan as a whole were not introduced to the Free Jaffa Nation because of their support of the Ori. (9.08 "Babylon")

Ori Attempt to Convert the Free Jaffa Nation

Gerak becomes a Prior of the Ori
Teal'c takes Gerak to the Memorial of Battle of Tazek'sur on Chulak
Gerak perishes saving lives

Not long after the destruction of Kallana, a Prior of the Ori visited Dakara. The Prior knew that if the Free Jaffa turned to the Ori, they would be a tremendous instrument for spreading the word of Origin through force. Gerak read the Book of Origin and embraced the religion, feeling that the Ori were the true gods and what they offered was everything that the Jaffa had ever hoped for. The Prior tested Gerak's devotion by asking him to wipe out rebels who had assembled on Chulak, led by Bra'tac and Teal'c, who were disgusted with Gerak's proposal that Origin become the state religion of the Free Jaffa Nation because they knew that the Ori were Ascended Beings who were taking advantage of their human worshippers to build enough power to go after their ascended rivals, The Others (Ancients). The two groups had been at odds with each other for millions of years, back when both were still in human form and in the same society. But Bra'tac understood Gerak's desire to follow the Ori, saying, "Because of us, too many Jaffa now know that the Ancients of this galaxy will never offer us a quick path to ascension. Gerak is old, as are many of the council. For them, the Ori represent hope for life beyond that which we now know. For that reason alone, this proposal will carry weight." (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1")

Gerak was torn, for he did not wish to kill his own. He hoped to give them more time to turn to Origin. The Prior took a gamble that Gerak would do the Ori's bidding by linking their consciousnesses to the City of the Gods in the Ori's galaxy through his orbed staff. Gerak was converted into a Prior through this link. Afterwards, he entered the High Council chambers and shocked everyone with his conversion and powers. (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1")

Bra'tac and Teal'c determined that they needed to form a resistance against Gerak, even if it meant a civil war. Teal'c felt wholeheartedly that Bra'tac should be the new leader of the Free Jaffa Nation saying, "There are many others who covet the position. But none who possess the strength and wisdom only you can offer." Teal'c managed to talk Gerak out of the battle, and Gerak perished by fire when he turned against the Ori by using his Prior powers to help the Tau'ri overcome the Prior Plague. (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1", 9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2")

With the help of the Sodan Jaffa, who had turned from the Ori after the Prior asked them to kill a planet full of unarmed peasants who had rejected Origin, SG-1 obtained a blood sample from the Prior who started the Plague so that they could use it in the cure. After the Sodan turned from the Ori, a Prior wiped them out, leaving only one survivor, Lord Haikon. (9.10 "The Fourth Horseman Part 1", 9.11 "The Fourth Horseman Part 2", 9.18 "Arthur's Mantle")

High Council Votes for Democratic Government

Ba'al attempts to brainwash Teal'c
Bra'tac fires upon Ba'al's stronghold
Bra'tac celebrates the vote for democracy

The Free Jaffa were rudderless. Bra'tac and Teal'c pushed for the Council to vote for a democratic government with an elected leader, but suddenly, Jaffa who had supported this position were delaying the referendum to dissolve the Council. Suspicious of this behavior, Bra'tac and Teal'c started an investigation. When Teal'c suddenly turned up missing, Bra'tac knew that there was deliberate manipulation of the Council's actions. Daniel joined Bra'tac in his investigation into Teal'c's disappearance, and they found out that someone was brainwashing the Council members to usurp control: Ba'al. (9.14 "Stronghold")

All Ba'al had to do was capture one Jaffa from the Council in order to get the process going. The brainwashed Jaffa recruited the next Council member, and so on. Bra'tac's long-time friend Maz'rai was one of those who showed signs of brainwashing, so Bra'tac and Daniel visited him to convince him that he had been targeted. Maz'rai was an elderly Jaffa, but like many of his generation, he embraced the prospect of freedom. He decided to put himself through the Rite of Mal Sharran, but Bra'tac and Daniel discovered him too late to help him survive it. Maz'rai did manage to give them the name of the Councilmember who had recruited him, Ka'lel of the Hak'tyl, and after tracking her movements, they discovered where Teal'c had been taken. (9.14 "Stronghold")

Bra'tac and the SGC mounted a rescue, with Bra'tac's flying an al'kesh to cover the planet's Stargate as the troops came through. During the assault, Bra'tac's al'kesh was downed, and Bra'tac was captured and brought before Ba'al. As a test to see if the brainwashing had really worked on Teal'c, Ba'al instructed him to kill Bra'tac with a staff weapon. Teal'c got the staff weapon right up to Bra'tac's face before turning it on Ba'al and his loyal Jaffa. He had not been brainwashed after all. Bra'tac and Teal'c returned to Dakara and told those on the Council what had happened, and overcoming this brainwashing, the Council voted for democracy. Bra'tac's face beamed as he held up the voting record scroll to Daniel and said, "For the first time in our history, we will have leaders voted upon by every free Jaffa." (9.14 "Stronghold")

It would take a few months for the entire Free Jaffa Nation to know of the referendum, so until the time when the elections could take place, the Jaffa formed an Interim Council on which Bra'tac and Teal'c still served. But while the Ori continued to pose a threat, Teal'c stayed with the SGC as a member of SG-1 as Bra'tac remained on Dakara to represent their common interests. (9.16 "Off The Grid")

The Fall of Chulak

Ori fighters engage Jaffa death gliders and al'kesh over Chulak
Ori warships lands on Chulak
Bra'tac rams his ha'tak into an Ori warship

The Tok'ra alerted Stargate Command that they might have found the location of the Ori's next Supergate, and the Free Jaffa sent several of their ha'tak to the location. Cha'ra found the Supergate at P3Y-229 and ordered his fleet to fire their weapons at it, but the massive device was not affected. The Jaffa's fleet was joined by Earth's Odyssey and Korolev, three ha'tak of the Lucian Alliance, and an Asgard O'Neill class ship, but they were decimated by the four warships that the Ori sent in their first wave of their invasion forces. Bra'tac learned that the battle at the Supergate didn't go well, and convinced the Council to give him three additional ha'tak to determine the fate of their fleet. When he learned that the Ori had left the scene of the battle and taken their ships to Chulak, Bra'tac took his small fleet there to defend the planet. SG-1 went with him, hoping that Daniel had managed to board one of the enemy's ships right before the ship he was on, the Korolev, was destroyed in the battle. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood")

Chulak was about to be the first planet to fall at the hands of the Ori's massive army, and Bra'tac couldn't allow it. He, Teal'c, Carter, and Mitchell attempted to ring a bomb onto one of the nearest warships, but the bomb didn't detonate once it was sent over. One by one, Bra'tac's ha'tak were destroyed until only his remained. In his last act to defend his people, Bra'tac sent his ship on a collision course with one of the Ori warships, much to Mitchell's restrained disagreement. Mitchell stuck a locator beacon on Bra'tac's armor, and they were rescued at the last second by the Odyssey, the ship's commander, Col. Emerson, having decided not to return to Earth for sorely-needed repairs, but to come to the aid of their allies at Chulak. Odyssey also rescued Daniel and Vala Mal Doran (the mother of Adria, the leader of the Ori army in the Milky Way) who were on board the warship that had landed on the planet. Chulak fell to the Ori. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood")

The Fall of Dakara

Adria, the leader of the Ori armies in the Milky Way
Se'tak, the last leader of the Free Jaffa Nation
Landry and Bra'tac witness the destruction of Dakara

After the Ori took Chulak, at least two more Jaffa strongholds fell before the new leader of the Free Jaffa, Se'tak, took desperate action. All around him, his people were dying and their current level of technology was not effective against the Ori's massive warships. His small Council decided to use the weapon on Dakara against a planet known to be where an Ori warship had landed. They evacuated the majority of the Dakara population and used the weapon's energy wave through their Stargate to this planet. They killed thousands of humans in the matter of a few seconds. SG-1 was on the same planet when the wave struck, escaping in the nick of time because the Odyssey beamed them out when the wave was first detected. (10.01 "Flesh and Blood", 10.02 "Morpheus", 10.07 "Counterstrike")

Bra'tac was still on the Council when Se'tak decided to use the weapon. The more he spoke against it, the more he alienated both himself and his cause. Bra'tac went to Stargate Command to ask for help, but by then, the weapon had already been used. General Landry went back to Dakara with Bra'tac in an attempt to talk Se'tak out of continued use of the weapon, but Se'tak's suspicious nature and disdain for the Tau'ri prevented him from making any headway. Se'tak's intelligence reports that SG-1 was on the Ori warship with his own patrols made him even more paranoid. When the Ori warship took off and destroyed three of the Jaffa's ha'tak in the planet's orbit, Se'tak had Landry and Bra'tac placed under guard. When he realized that the Ori warship had arrived at Dakara, Se'tak decided to use the weapon once more against it because he believed that the Tau'ri were there to destroy the weapon. The last wave from the weapon killed his own Jaffa patrols who were on board the warship, but SG-1 was successfully beamed out by the Odyssey once again after Col. Emerson ordered the ship to follow them there on a hunch that they were still on board the warship when it unexpectedly took flight. (10.07 "Counterstrike")

The Ori warship was actually being flown by Adria, the Orici. She had great mental powers, as well as a personal shield that saved her from the deadly waves. After the wave hit her ship over Dakara, she opened fire on the weapon and the remainder of the planet. Se'tak and his men died inside the weapon's control room in a desperate attempt to fire it once more. Bra'tac and Landry escaped through the unguarded Stargate as Dakara fell. (10.07 "Counterstrike")

Adria destroyed Dakara completely and the Stargate was buried in the rubble. A scout was sent in a cargo ship to survey the damage — there were no suvivors. Bra'tac and Teal'c both mourned the loss of Dakara, but Bra'tac was especially heartbroken, saying, "The Council is in disarray. The Jaffa Nation is fractured. And without Dakara to bring us all together, I fear everything we have fought for all these years will be lost." (10.07 "Counterstrike")

Rebuilding a Scattered Nation

The bombing of Dar Eshkalon
SG-1 searches the ruins of Dakara for the Ark of Truth
Teal'c on his way to rescue Daniel in the Ori's home galaxy

Even with this setback, Teal'c, Bra'tac, and other supporters of democracy resumed trying to unite their people to oppose the Ori. Because of the fragmentation of the Free Jaffa Nation following the loss of Dakara, some Jaffa took advantage of the dire situation and rose in power, forming their own groups. One such Jaffa was Arkad, who chose to worship the Ori as gods and formed a group called the Illac Renin, "Kingdom of the Path". Arkad believed that the Jaffa should have the right to choose to worship the Ori. Under his orders, three bombs were placed at a Free Jaffa summit at Dar Eshkalon at which Bra'tac and Teal'c were present. (10.17 "Talion")

Bra'tac asked that they reorganize first before striking at the enemy because "entering into a war without leadership, without proper organization would merely be mass suicide. We must learn from our mistakes in overthrowing the Goa'uld. For generations, we have plotted and fought for our emancipation. Never once did we plan for what we would do with that freedom after it was ours… The resulting infighting and weakness after our victory over the Goa'uld is what leads us to this vulnerability at the hands of the Ori now." (10.17 "Talion")

It wasn't long after Bra'tac spoke these words that the bombs went off, killing twelve warriors, eighteen innocent bystanders, and two children. Bra'tac and Teal'c survived and were recovered by the SGC after Teal'c had failed to return to Earth as scheduled. Bra'tac's condition was extremely serious, and Dr. Carolyn Lam couldn't tell if he would survive. (10.17 "Talion")

Teal'c followed his instincts when it came to identifying the person behind the slaughter and resigned from the SGC to seek revenge for his fallen brothers and sisters. While Teal'c was tracking down all of those involved with the bombing, Bra'tac regained consciousness, with Daniel sitting by his bedside. Bra'tac told Daniel of Arkad: He had once been Bra'tac's student, but Bra'tac underestimated him. Bad feelings between Arkad and Teal'c went back to the time when they were First Primes opposing each other in battle. (10.17 "Talion")

Ultimately, Teal'c was successful in his revenge, and the bomber and Arkad were dead, but he was severely wounded from his one-on-one battle with Arkad. Bra'tac was back on his feet, though, and visited Teal'c as he recovered at the SGC. (10.17 "Talion")

Following his recovery, Teal'c was present when SG-1 eliminated the last of the Illac Renin. He stayed with SG-1 to continue in the fight against the Ori. (10.18 "Family Ties")

Daniel began having visions leading the team to search for a device known as the Ark of Truth that was built by the Alteran Ancients, and the team returned to Dakara to search for it, since Dakara was the first place that the Ancients settled when they arrived in the Milky Way all of those millions of years ago. The Ark was a sophisticated brainwashing device that could end the bloodshed in the fight against the Ori by exposing the Priors to the truth that the Ori were not gods. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

The Ark wasn't in the ruins of Dakara, but in the Altera's home galaxy, the same galaxy where they lived together with the Ori long ago. SG-1 took the Odyssey through the Supergate to look for the device. Daniel led Teal'c, Vala, and Vala's husband Tomin on the search for the artifact, and once they discovered it, they were attacked by Ori soldiers. Teal'c was left for dead, but the others, along with the Ark, were taken to the City of the Gods to face torture. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

The team had learned that the Ori were dead because they had used the Ancient Merlin's anti-ascended weapon known as the Sangreal against them. Adria had since ascended and taken their place. She gained their power and continued on her crusade to gain even more power so that she could wipe out the Ancients herself. (10.14 "The Shroud", 10.19 "Dominion", Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

Teal'c was healed by the Ascended Ancient Morgan Le Fay, and he freed Daniel from his prison cell. They rejoined with Vala and Tomin, and along with Morgan, the five of them worked together to activate the Ark against the Doci, the leader of the Priors, which weakened Adria enough so that Morgan could engage her in a one-on-one struggle in the ascended planes. The war against the Ori's army ended once the Ark was used on the Priors in the Milky Way. (Stargate: The Ark of Truth)

When the Free Jaffa Nation was still young, Teal'c declared to his colleague Rak'nor, "Ancient knowledge is what defeated the Goa'uld and the Replicators, and I believe that one day it will unite the Jaffa in a nation of peace. I will prove it." With the use of the Ancient knowledge and technology against the Ori, the Jaffa were once again free and apparently the Nation was rebuilt successfully. Half of the Free Jaffa fleet was present at the Tok'ra homeworld to support the extraction of the last Ba'al symbiote from its clone host. The symbiote was executed while the host was saved. The ceremony was conducted without the need of the fleet's intervention, but their readily-available support indicated that the Nation had once again come together "in a nation of peace" as they stood by their Tok'ra and Tau'ri allies. (quote from 9.02 "Avalon Part 2", Stargate: Continuum)

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Notable Characters

  • Teal'c - He called the Jaffa to unite to fight against the Goa'uld System Lords, and once the Jaffa won their freedom, he continued to play an important role as one of the first members of the High Council.
  • Master Bra'tac - He built up the numbers of the Jaffa Rebellion and played a key role in the Jaffa's freedom. He supported to continue the alliances with the Tau'ri and Tok'ra.
  • Rya'c - He is Teal'c's son and Bra'tac's apprentice. He joined Bra'tac in gathering Jaffa who were not part of the Rebellion into the new nation.
  • Gerak - He was the first leader of the Free Jaffa Nation, voted in by the High Council. He was easily swayed to follow the Ori and was converted into one of their Priors, hoping to demonstrate that the Ori were gods and worthy of the Nation's devotion. He soon realized his mistake and was killed by turning against the Ori while helping the Tau'ri find the cure for the Prior Plague.
  • Yat'yir - He was a member of the High Council who supported Gerak and acted as his second-in-command.
  • Maz'rai - He was a long-time friend of Bra'tac's who was brainwashed by Ba'al to delay his vote for democracy. Maz'rai died going through the Rite of Mal Sharran alone, but not before he wrote down the name of his recruiter.
  • Cha'ra - He was a member of the High Council and a supporter of democracy. His fleet of ha'tak were the first to arrive at the location of the Ori's working Supergate where the Ori's first wave of warships entered the galaxy. He led the Jaffa in the battle that followed, but all of his ships were either destroyed or badly damaged. He survived the battle and went on to be involved in the rebuilding the Nation after the fall of Dakara.
  • Se'tak - He was the leader of the Nation when Dakara fell. He was killed trying to defend the planet from the Orici, who destroyed Dakara in retaliation for the Free Jaffa's use of the Ancient Dakara weapon against a planet full of her followers.
  • Rak'nor - He was one of the first recruits into the Rebel Jaffa, became a strong leader in the Jaffa Rebellion, and then became an active member of the High Council once the Jaffa gained their freedom from the Goa'uld. Whenever Teal'c was absent during High Council meetings, Rak'nor represented him and cast Teal'c's vote by proxy.


  • Tau'ri - Teal'c introduced his fellow Rebel Jaffa to the humans of Earth. Even after the Tau'ri had a significant role in helping the Jaffa gain their freedom, not all Jaffa respected them for it. Bra'tac, Teal'c, and a few select members of the High Council insisted on keeping the alliance.
  • Tok'ra - The relationship with the Tok'ra had always been strained, because when the Tok'ra were killed, "it was always a Jaffa at the other end of the staff weapon." However, through the efforts of the SGC, the Tok'ra and the Jaffa made some progress in their relationship. One major thing that the Tok'ra did for the Jaffa was to modify Tretonin for the Jaffa, aiding them in the end their dependence on the Goa'uld for their very lives. The relationship with the Tok'ra became more distant as the Ori invasion decimated several Jaffa strongholds.


  • Goa'uld - The Goa'uld were the former "masters" of the Jaffa, having created them to incubate their young in abdominal pouches. The Goa'uld enslaved millions of Jaffa across the galaxy, but most of these Jaffa didn't have a choice because they had been taught from childhood that the Goa'uld were their gods.
  • Ori - These ascended beings were rivals of the Ancients who gained their power through the worship of humans and Jaffa. They tried to recruit the Jaffa as their army, but the majority of the Jaffa defied them, resulting in their deaths. The Free Jaffa Nation was decimated by the Ori. Teal'c had a hand in ending the Ori's hold on the galaxy, and the Jaffa were once again freed from false gods.
  • Illac Renin - These were a small group of Jaffa who chose to worship the Ori. They tried to prevent the Free Jaffa from reorganizing after the fall of Dakara by bombing one of their summits. The group collapsed after the death of their leader.


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