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Goa'uld Still Active At The Beginning Of This Timeframe

Because of the chaos which followed the defeat of the System Lords and Anubis at the end of Season Eight, the actual status of any of the former System Lords and their under lords was not known. The Tok'ra, Free Jaffa, and SGC kept in contact with each other in order to determine the state of Goa'uld affairs as they attempted to help those left behind after thousands of years of enslavement.

Season Nine

After the defeat of the System Lords and Replicators at the battle over Dakara, the galaxy's release from the grips of those who would lord over and enslave millions resulted in several groups' taking advantage of the power vacuum. The rise of the Free Jaffa Nation as one of the most powerful organizations in the galaxy was demonstrated in their acquisition of the Goa'ulds' ha'taks, planets, mines, and gratitude of freed slaves. The most powerful of the Jaffa were those who had the greatest military might. All that Teal'c and Bra'tac strove for in obtaining the Jaffa their freedom and a chance to live in a democracy was threatened by those Jaffa who would stand by the old ways which prevent a Jaffa from becoming his own master. (8.17 "Reckoning Part 2", 9.02 "Avalon Part 2")

The newest leader of the Free Jaffa Nation was Gerak, a former First Prime of the Goa'uld Montu who was in service to Ra and then after Ra's defeat, to Ba'al. The Free Jaffa of Montu were led by Hubrok, who supported Teal'c and Bra'tac in their fight for democracy, but Hubrok mysteriously disappeared and Gerak rose to power. Some believe that Gerak, one who followed the old ways and believed that the strong should govern the weak, had assassinated Hubrok, but this could not be proven. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")

The Lucian Alliance also gathered strength after the fall of the System Lords. They're a group of mercenaries and smugglers who acquired some of the planets left behind by the Goa'uld and several of the Goa'ulds' ha'tka, al'kesh, and cargo ships. Showing strength in weapons and numbers, the Lucian Alliance terrorized those planets who had no means to rule or provide for themselves. (9.04 "The Ties That Bind")

When Vala Mal Doran linked herself and Daniel Jackson together with Goa'uld Kor Mak bracelets, the two became bound by an energy field which kept them linked even after the bracelets were removed. In order to obtain information from a man named Arlos on how to free themselves of the energy field, Vala led Daniel, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell (SG-1's new leader), and Teal'c on a bartering mission around the galaxy looking for various objects which she had used in deals so that they could finally reunite Arlos with his mother's necklace. One of the planets where Vala took Daniel and Mitchell had a sanctuary for worshippers of Grannus, a minor Celtic god who was one of Camulus's lieutenants. Grannus, however, was no longer living after his Jaffa executed him. (9.04 "The Ties That Bind")

Vala herself had once been host to the Goa'uld Qetesh. She was freed of the symbiote by a Tok'ra four years ago. One of the planets which Qetesh had ruled was P8X-412, a planet occupied by impoverished devotees who labored in a naquadah mine which was about to run dry. Qetesh ruled over her people harshly, but Vala didn't torture or kill any of her worshippers, even though she posed as Qetesh after the symbiote was removed. Daniel pursuaded Vala to confess her crimes and the people placed her on trial, called a Mal Doran, to determine her fate. They showed mercy and sentenced her to life instead of executing her, but she was eventually freed after a Prior of the Ori gained the devotion of the people of the planet. (9.05 "The Powers That Be")

There do remain some of the former Goa'uld System Lords and their under lords. They are left to choose new alliances or work themselves back up into power without being assassinated by their former Jaffa or slaves. The first Goa'uld to be brought to the SGC's attention was Nerus, a scientist who worked for Ba'al. He was a technological genius and once the Ori started coming to the Milky Way Galaxy in the form of their Priors, Nerus decided to offer his allegiance to them. The Ori promised him ascension, something he believed would make him as a god:

Nerus contacted the SGC to offer his help in defeating the Ori. His association with the Ori was not known when he came to the SGC to push them into using the most powerful bomb built by Earth's humanity, a Mark IX "Gatebuster", a multi-megaton, naquadria-enhanced, nuclear weapon which destroys a Stargate and the area around it in a 100-mile radius. He wanted the SGC to use this weapon against the Ori's attempt to generate a force field around the Free Jaffa planet Kallana. The SGC believed it was in everyone's best interests to work with Nerus in seeing the end of this incursion, but they soon learned that Nerus wanted them to use the bomb in order to feed energy to the force field. After Gen. Hank Landry, the new commander of the SGC, discovered Nerus' deception, he had the Goa'uld confined to Area 51 where he was to come up with a means of defeating the Ori just as he had promised or to go hungry. Nerus' weak spot was his love of food and drink and he took this threat very seriously. (9.06 "Beachhead")

Nerus didn't mention what had become of his former employer, Ba'al. When Ba'al was last seen, he was bowing his head before Anubis as Anubis announced his "grand design" of killing every living thing in the galaxy and remaking it to his own specifications. But, after Anubis was stopped by Oma Desala, it wasn't known what happened to Ba'al. The formerly powerful System Lord had fled to hide in plain sight — on Earth! He knew he was being sought by Jaffa assassins, so he created clones of himself and distributed them throughout the galaxy. Reports came to the Jaffa that he was in one place, while he was actually in another. Ba'al became a public figure as a wealthy businessman, taking over the companies formerly operated by members of The Trust who had become Goa'uld hosts (8.14 "Full Alert"). The Jaffa sent by Gerak to find him on Earth located one of these Goa'uld, kidnapped him, and took him to Dakara where they tortured him to extract information on Ba'al's operations on Earth. This Goa'uld had taken Alex Jameson as a host:

Even after the Jaffa captured Ba'al at his corporate headquarters and executed him on Dakara, the original Ba'al was probably alive because the one killed by Gerak on Dakara had most likely been a clone — one of at least five who were living on Earth. (8.18 "Threads", 9.07 "Ex Deus Machina")

Gerak executes Ba'al on Dakara
Ba'al's four remaining clones on Earth

Five thousand years ago, the Sodan, an elite Jaffa command force under the Goa'uld Ishkur, came to realize that the Goa'uld were false gods and they fled because they were vastly outnumbered. They sought sanctuary on Kheb, holy ground to the Jaffa and a place feared by the Goa'uld. They didn't find Kheb, but instead found a world formerly of the Ancients where they made their home and became the first Free Jaffa. What became of Ishkur, however, was never stated. (9.08 "Babylon")

Even though Anubis himself is locked in an eternal battle with Oma Desala on the ascended plane, he still remained a threat to the galaxy because of what he left behind: research into ascension by means of DNA manipulation of humans. Some of the Ancient research on ascension that Anubis found before he tricked Oma into ascending him included the use of a DNA manipulation device which permitted Anubis to re-create his genetic memories and incorporate them into a human clone. He, in effect, created a Harsesis with his Goa'uld genetic memories and his thirst for power through death and destruction. The first of Anubis's clones was named Khalek, and he was discovered in stasis in an underground laboratory on the planet P3X-584:

Khalek was accidentally revived before his true nature was discovered. Not only did Khalek possess Anubis' pre-ascension Goa'uld genetic memories, but he also had memories of Anubis as an Ascended Being, including his encounter with Daniel over Abydos (6.22 "Full Cirlce"). Daniel shocked everyone at the SGC by recommending that Khalek be killed before he reached ascension, but the SGC compromised and decided to return him to his stasis chamber until they figured out what could be done with him. Hoping that studying Khalek's advanced human traits would lead to the development of a means of combating the Priors of the Ori who possessed similar advanced human characteristics, Richard Woolsey, representing the International Oversight Committee which finances much of the SGC's operations, overrode the SGC's recommendation, much to Daniel's extreme disappointment and concern. Khalek demonstrated Anubis's evil nature, punctuated by telekinetic and psychic powers. After learning that he needed to return to the lab on his home planet in order to manipulate his DNA to achieve ascension, Khalek engineered a violent escape which left several SGC personnel dead. Daniel and Mitchell killed Khalek by unloading their handgun clips into him, and Woolsey felt the guilt and remorse of the consequences of ignoring Daniel's warnings as to how exceedingly dangerous Khalek truly was. (9.09 "Prototype")

Ever since the Goa'uld infiltrated The Trust (8.14 "Full Alert"), the NID has conducted an investigation to determine which of the businessmen, former NID agents, and international governmental officials have become hosts. NID Agent Malcolm Barrett learned that someone assigned to the Atlantis Expedition had been compromised, but he wasn't told who the new host was. He put an alert out to General Landry at the SGC to contact the Atlantis Outpost to warn them that the Goa'uld planned to destroy the Lost City because of the possibility that the Wraith could find the Milky Way Galaxy through the city-ship's computers and Stargate. With the clock ticking away to a Wraith attack, the Expedition finally learned that it was Col. Steven Caldwell, commander of the Daedalus, who was the unwilling host. The Goa'uld that had taken Caldwell had rigged the ZPM to explode when a certain level of power was demanded from it — either through the use of the Stargate or through the raising of the city's defense shields. Fortunately, Caldwell was discovered before the ZPM reached the critical point and the Daedalus's Asgard engineer Hermiod extracted the symbiote from Caldwell with the ship's Asgard beaming technology. (Stargate Atlantis: 2.13 "Critical Mass")

Col. Caldwell as a Trust Goa'uld

Not only did Ba'al have clones still on Earth, but he also had them working on various plans to regain power throughout the galaxy. One plan of his was to convert the Free Jaffa High Council members into his supporters by brainwashing them to oppose the vote for democracy. Several council members who originally supported democracy were suddenly proposing a delay in the vote, claiming that more time was needed to discuss the many issues involved with switching to this form of government. Ba'al's biggest mistake was capturing Teal'c in order to brainwash him. Ba'al explained that the galaxy needed strong leadership and strong armies and that both could be found with him in control of the Free Jaffa. He proposed that he wanted to see an end to the Ori threat. Bra'tac and the SGC engineered a rescue operation and Teal'c killed Ba'al's clone with a staff weapon. (9.14 "Stronghold")

Ba'al attempts to brainwash Teal'c

Another plan that Ba'al had his clones working on was to steal Stargates and DHDs and transplant them to planets which didn't have them to create his own private network which operated independently of the galactic network. He used Nerus in implimenting this plan, but Nerus had been tagged by the SGC, so he led the SGC right to Ba'al's ship which had all of the stolen technology onboard. Ba'al also stole a Stargate which greatly affected the Lucian Alliance's distribution of a highly-addictive corn crop called kassa. With both the SGC and the Lucian Alliance threatening his ha'tak, Ba'al realized that Nerus had been used and executed him. There were several of Ba'al's clones onboard this ship, the exact number unknown, but it is possible that there were enough of them to accompany each of the stolen Stargates which were at least a dozen. In the firefight with the Lucian Alliance, Ba'al's ha'tak was destroyed (most likely killing all of Ba'al's clones onboard), but the SGC managed to retrieve the stolen technology right before this happened. (9.16 "Off The Grid")

The leader of the Ba'al clones who was building a private Stargate network

Most probably there still remain more of Ba'al's clones out there, plus the original himself. At the end of this period, however, the SGC had a much greater threat to deal with when the Ori themselves successfully sent four of their massive warships through an operational Supergate. (9.20 "Camelot Part 2")

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