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Goa'uld Still Active At The Beginning Of This Timeframe

  • Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld - Colonel Frank Simmons of the NID hid him away in a safe house in North Dakota, USA.
  • Anubis - A strange-looking hooded figure who was recently voted back into the System Lord fold by six of the seven most powerful System Lords. Only System Lord Yu objected to his return.
  • Ba'al - He was a major player at the summit and spoke as if he were the strongest of the seven there.
  • Bastet
  • Kali
  • Klorel
  • Morrigan
  • Olokun
  • Osiris - In service to Anubis.
  • Yu Huang Shang Ti - Still one of the more powerful System Lords and one of their oldest.
  • Zipacna - Also, in service to Anubis.

Seasons Six and Seven

At the start of this period, Anubis had again attempted to rid the galaxy of the Tau'ri—this time by attacking the Stargate. He was using a weapon which bombarded the Stargate with enough energy to make it go critical. The resulting explosion would wipe out the entire world. The SGC strapped the Stargate to the X-302, took it far into space through a hyperspace window, and allowed it to explode far from Earth. Once again, Anubis' plan to destroy the Tau'ri failed. For his part in helping Earth survive Anubis' attack, Jack gave Daniel's position on SG-1 to Jonas Quinn, the Kelownan who had been present when Daniel sacrificed his life to prevent the naquadria test from destroying his planet. (5.21 "Meridian", 6.01 "Redemption Part 1", 6.02 "Redemption Part 2")

The next group of Goa'uld encountered by SG-1 were clones of the one which Adrian Conrad had implanted into himself. They were immature and were only able to take over their hosts during the nighttime while their hosts slept. During the night, they were busy building a Goa'uld spacecraft in a warehouse in the "sleepy" town of Steveston, Oregon. The NID was aware of this and let it continue because they wanted access to the technology. The Goa'uld, however, were planning on infiltrating the NID and the SGC once they discovered that they were being watched. They didn't know that the genetic engineer who created them built into them a kill switch in which they would die when exposed to a certain antibiotic. The townspeople were given the antibiotic not knowing what had truly happened to them and the unfinished spaceship was taken to Area 51 for study (6.05 "Nightwalkers").

A woman was discovered buried in the ice of the Antarctic, not far from where the second Stargate was found (1.18 "Solitudes"). As it turns out, she was carrying the plague which wiped out the Ancients and she exposed SG-1 to it. She had healing powers, but each time she used them, she grew weaker until she finally succumbed. The only person left to be cured was Jack. He was given the opportunity to receive a Tok'ra symbiote named Kanan to cure himself and to provide a temporary host so that Kanan could reveal important information he had gathered on his last mission before his own host was killed. Kanan's host was fatally wounded when they made their escape from one of Zipacna's motherships which had been engaged in a battle with Lord Yu. Jack was cured by the Tok'ra, but the Tok'ra took advantage of Jack by hijacking his body to go and rescue his lover from Ba'al's hidden fortress. They were captured and Kanan left Jack's body. Ba'al repeatedly tortured Jack for information about the Tok'ra, killed him, and then revived him in the sarcophagus. As an Ascended Being, Daniel came to Jack's rescue by comforting him and by nudging the remaining members of SG-1 toward a plan to help Jack escape. Teal'c persuaded System Lord Yu to attack Ba'al's fortress because Ba'al had been working on anti-gravity technology in secret. Jack escaped with Kanan's lover, Shallan, who decided to stay with the Tok'ra in honor of Kanan (6.04 "Frozen" and 6.06 "Abyss").

SG-1 helped the Tok'ra in an undercover operation in which they would purposefully get themselves captured and brought into the presence of the Goa'uld Khonsu, who actually happened to be a Tok'ra spy. Khonsu had a Jaffa named Her'ak in his service who killed him and took SG-1 hostage for himself, revealing that he was in service to Anubis. This Jaffa later became Anubis' First Prime. SG-1 escaped from Her'ak before they were presented to Anubis (6.08 "The Other Guys").

Anubis learned of the Tok'ra's hidden base in the Risa System and attacked it. The Tok'ra did not know that there was an Ashrak in their midst when they escaped to the Alpha Site, already the home to Rebel Jaffa and some SGC personnel. The Ashrak attempted to set the Jaffa and Tok'ra off on each other, but they united instead when the Ashrak's presence was revealed (6.09 "Allegiance").

The planet Pangar had once been in Ra's domain, but he lost it in battle to the Goa'uld Shak'ran. Shak'ran was eventually defeated in battle by Apophis, Ra's brother, 300 years ago. When Pangar had been one of Ra's planets, he banished the Goa'uld Egeria in a canopic jar because she was one of his greatest enemies. She was the Goa'uld who started the Tok'ra (against Ra) movement and all of her offspring were of the Tok'ra. The canopic jar was discovered by the Pangarans 60 years ago. They studied Egeria, discovered the healing properties of the Goa'uld symbiote, and developed a drug from her offspring, Tretonin. Egeria programmed her offspring to carry a defect which would make the drug undesirable, but the Pangarans continued to make it in the hopes that they would eventually discover a way to refine it. Their population had become dependent upon the drug for their very lives. Egeria helped the Tok'ra develop an antidote and then she died. (6.10 "Cure") Tretonin, however, was refined by the Tok'ra so that it could be used by Jaffa and this drug proved to be a valuable tool in helping the Jaffa live beyond their need to carry a symbiote (6.19 "Changeling").

Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld attempted to steal the latest advancement in Tau'ri technology, the X-303 spaceship, later named Prometheus. Colonel Frank Simmons was also in league with him and they were successful at getting the spaceship out of its subterranean bay and into hyperspace, ending at a location out in the middle of nowhere. Adrian Conrad was killed in a fight and the symbiote jumped into Colonel Simmons, who was subsequently killed by Jack when Simmons attempted to kill him and Teal'c. Fortunately, Thor of the Asgard detected their presence and led them home (6.11 "Prometheus" and 6.12 "Unnatural Selection").

Nirrti was discovered on a planet by the Russian SG team and SG-1 and the Russian team returned to the planet to help the people gain their freedom. She was continuing her genetic research in order to produce the perfect host and was using the people of the planet as her guinea pigs, telling them that she was attempting to cure them from a disfiguring disease. The disfiguring was actually the result of her manipulations. The people learned the truth about her and freed themselves of her by killing her, using the powers that she had given them through the manipulations. They discovered how to reverse the DNA alterations with her machine before killing her and they promised SG-1 that they would destroy the machine once all of their people were restored (6.16 "Metamorphosis").

SG-1 was invited to be on the Prometheus when it got taken out for a test of the hyperdrive engines powered by naquadria, a mineral known to be unstable. The engines failed and they had to eject the core before it destroyed them. They ended up at a planet named Tagrea, which Jonas knew had a Stargate, but the Tagreans were not aware of it. SG-1 learned that the planet had belonged to the Goa'uld Heru'ur but had been abandoned by him when their resources ran out. In defiance, the people buried the Stargate and eliminated all records of Heru'ur's existence. SG-1 found the Stargate and established a relationship with the Tagreans (6.20 "Memento").

The Goa'uld Mot was in the service of Ba'al and he regularly visited the planet P4S-237 to receive a tribute of naquadah. Unknown to the people of the planet, Lord Mot was hoarding the naquadah in a plan to overthrow Ba'al himself. The Tok'ra told SG-1 that Ba'al had stopped receiving the naquadah and had assumed that the mines were no longer productive. Lord Mot revealed to SG-1 of his plans to overthrow Ba'al, who was currently under Anubis in strength. Mot was killed by one of the people of the planet (6.21 "Prophecy"):

Anubis was the next Goa'uld heard from at the end of Season Six in the episode, 6.22 "Full Circle". An amazing number of significant events occurred in this episode, but the ones of importance concerning the Goa'uld include:

  • Daniel, as an Ascended Being, recruited SG-1 to help save Abydos when he learned that Anubis was searching there for the Eye of Ra, a component which when joined with other Eyes would create a superweapon.
  • Daniel discovered a tablet which told of what became of the Ancients: some of them learned to ascend and became known as "The Others" and the rest died from the plague. He also learned from the tablet that the Ancients left behind a city which was said to have a vast store of weapons which could be used to gain power in the galaxy if Anubis discovered its location. This city has been since referred to as the Lost City of the Ancients. Daniel realized the importance of finding the Lost City before Anubis did and told Jack to give the Eye of Ra to Anubis so that they would be granted safe passage and could get off of the planet alive with the tablet.
  • Daniel learned that Anubis was once a Goa'uld with a human host, but had somehow learned how to ascend. The Others tried to kick him out of their plane of existence, but were not successful, so Anubis was left as some form of energy, stuck between the corporeal and the ascended forms. It was later learned in the episode, 8.18 "Threads", that Anubis tricked Oma Desala into helping him to ascend.
  • Daniel informed the rest of the System Lords where Anubis was and about the superweapon and the System Lords, led by Yu, attacked him in orbit over Abydos.
  • Significant damage was done, but Anubis was the victor and he turned his attention to using his new superweapon on Abydos as a test and demonstration of his power.
  • Daniel attempted to buy more time for SG-1 to get off of the planet through the Stargate by confronting Anubis.
  • SG-1 got off of the planet with the tablet, but Daniel was forcibly removed from Anubis' presence before he could wipe Anubis from existence. It was later revealed that it was Oma Desala who removed Daniel from this confrontation to protect him from the wrath of The Others. (8.18 "Threads")
  • Anubis used the superweapon and destroyed Abydos, killing everyone with the blast, but Oma Desala helped all of the Abydonians ascend.

At the start of Season Seven, in the episodes, 7.01 "Fallen Part 1" and 7.02 "Homecoming Part 2", Daniel Jackson is returned to human form and left on the planet Vis Uban to be discovered by his friends. Daniel chose to return to human form because he was restricted by the rules of The Others to take actions to help humanity, but one of the conditions of his return was for his memories to be erased. Instead of erasing his memories, Oma Desala disobeyed the rules and merely buried his memories deep into his subconscious mind. (8.18 "Threads") SG-1 convinced him to return home with them and as soon as he was there, he started to remember who he was. It was not long after this that he got involved with SGC's plan to destroy Anubis' superweapon that he used on Abydos and on the other System Lords, making Anubis more and more powerful. Daniel and Jonas Quinn boarded Anubis' ship in order to hack into his computer systems, encoded with the language of the Ancients, so that they could discover the location of a ventilation shaft that allowed the superweapon to cool. Once they found the location of this shaft, Jack and Carter destroyed it and Anubis' superweapon overheated and exploded when he tried to use it. In their attempt to escape the ship, Jonas was captured and Daniel was left in the inner-workings of the ship trying to find a way of freeing him.

Anubis had discovered naquadria on Jonas' homeworld of Kelowna through a memory probe he used on Jonas. So, Anubis took his ship to Kelowna to get his hands on the mineral and all of the research that Thanos had recorded. A Goa'uld scientist was in service to Anubis on his vessell. His name is never given, but he was employed as a technical expert:

Anubis' scientist

When the test of the naquadria-enhanced weapon failed, Anubis had his First Prime Her'ak kill the Goa'uld scientist. Jonas escaped when the power to his prison cell was cut off by the damage done during the failed weapons test and he and Daniel ringed to the planet. With the help of the System Lords under the leadership of Ba'al, Anubis was attacked and his ship was destroyed. Anubis, however, escaped.

Ba'al gained more power after this leveling of Anubis (7.04 "Orpheus" and 7.09 "Avenger 2.0"), but Anubis was not one to be put down for long. Soon, he was building a vast army of Kull Warriors who were the product of genetic engineering. These warriors were implanted with a Goa'uld symbiote which was programmed to be completely loyal to Anubis. This loyalty was something that Anubis knew he could not depend upon from his Jaffa. Anubis was using his knowledge gained from being one of the ascended to create these Kull Warriors by animating their laboratory-grown inanimate tissue with a device similar to the sarcophagus. This technology was once that of the Ancients and it came to be known as Telchak's Device. Telchak was the Goa'uld who discovered the technology a long time ago and developed the first sarcophagus from it. Long before he had ascended, Anubis defeated Telchak, but he didn't find the device (7.11 "Evolution Part 1" and 7.12 "Evolution Part 2").

Master Bra'tac and Teal'c were informed by a Rebel Jaffa working in the minor Goa'uld System Lord Ramius' service, that Ramius and Tilgath, another minor Goa'uld System Lord, were planning an alliance in order to build strength against Anubis. Anubis was aware of their plans and sent one of his Kull Warriors to kill them as they met. Tilgath and several of the Jaffa on both sides were killed by this one warrior. Ramius escaped, but he was tracked down by another Kull Warrior and killed:

Daniel and fellow civilian scientist Dr. Bill Lee found the Telchak Device in Honduras using the research notes left behind by Daniel's grandfather, Nicholas Ballard. Concurrent to Daniel's mission in Honduras, Major Carter, Teal'c, Jacob Carter/Selmak, and Master Bra'tac infiltrated Anubis' base on Tartarus and discovered the Goa'uld queen which was producing all of the symbiotes for the Kull Warriors:

Goa'uld queen in Anubis' service

They destroyed the queen and were almost captured by the Goa'uld Thoth who was serving Anubis as a technical specialist in producing the Kull Warriors, among other things. They killed Thoth in their escape from Tartarus:

Morrigan is mentioned once again in the episode, 7.05 "Revisions", when SG-1 traveled to a planet designated P3X-289 which had a domed city in the midst of a toxic atmosphere. They traveled through the planet's "Gate of Magh Mar", which was discovered 563 years ago and removed from the ruins of Danaan and put on display in the national museum of history. The Stargate was believed to have been of ritual significance in the worship of the goddess Morrigan. There was no more information concerning how long ago Morrigan abandoned these people or for how long the Gate had been in the ruins before its discovery. As it turns out, the people of this planet destroyed their own world without any help from the Goa'uld by developing to such a point that they poisoned their own water and air.

In the episode, 7.10 "Birthright", we are introduced to another Goa'uld. His name is Moloc, but we don't see his face. He started a ritual among his Jaffa that all female babies were to be burned as soon as they were born. He could do this for a few hundred years before it would negatively affect his Jaffa population. Many of his priestesses started a new colony in secret where they would rescue the babies and raise them there. A major problem from this showing of mercy was that eventually the girls would need symbiotes to live (Moloc's Jaffa were genetically engineered to need a symbiote at puberty). The leader of the group, Ishta, would take her female warriors out on raids and kill Moloc's male Jaffa for their symbiotes. SG-1 introduced them to Tretonin so that they would no longer kill their brethren, many of whom were wanting freedom from the Goa'uld as much as they.

Because Ba'al had led the System Lords to destroy Anubis while he was testing out naquadria while hovering over the capital city of Kelowna (the nation on the planet with the same name), Ba'al took an interest in the mineral himself. He sent a Goa'uld to the planet and had it take one of the local scientists, Kianna Cyr, as a host, gaining secrets through her position. Naquadria was created as a result of Thanos' experiments and the Kelownans mined the mineral to power their bomb (this is the same bomb research that killed Daniel in Season Five). They tested the bomb and started a chain reaction that would lead to the planet's destruction when the conversion of the vein of naquadria reached the planet's core. The unnamed Goa'uld decided it wanted the naquadria for itself so that it could harness its power instead of Ba'al, but its plans backfired and it ended up dead in the process. Before it died, however, it saved both the planet and Kianna Cyr (7.14 "Fallout").

Osiris, still working under Anubis, knew that the Tau'ri were searching for the Lost City of the Ancients and that Daniel had once been ascended. The assumption was that he knew of the location of the Lost City, but that memory was buried in his subconscious. Using modified memory recall devices, Osiris visited Daniel as he slept and invaded his dreams with false images of his time with Sarah Gardner and his attempt to decipher a tablet. This tablet was supposed to help Daniel recall his memory of where the Lost City was located, if he ever knew. Daniel realized what was happening and with the rest of his team set a trap to capture Osiris the next time he visited. Daniel wanted to remember where the Lost City was, but soon the morning was upon him and he still had not remembered. They were successful at capturing Osiris and the Tok'ra removed him from Sarah. It was not revealed what the Tok'ra did to the symbiote, but it can be fairly assumed that Osiris is dead (7.15 "Chimera").

Along with the Tok'ra, Major Carter developed a weapon derived from the Telchak Device to counteract the Kull Warrior's life-giving energy. They had just improved its design at the new Alpha Site when Kull Warriors attacked through the Stargate. The commander of the Alpha Site set off the self-destruct, killing himself in the process, to prevent Anubis from gaining a foothold on the site and access to the design of the weapon and other intelligence. The Rebel Jaffa and Tok'ra accused each other of revealing the location of the Alpha Site because there were missing Jaffa and Tok'ra who had infiltrated the ranks of Olokun. How Anubis discovered the location of the site remained a mystery, but the Rebel Jaffa and Tok'ra both decided to leave the Alpha Site, placing a strain on their alliances with the Tau'ri. (7.16 "Death Knell")

In the episode, 7.19 "Resurrection", a rogue NID cell created a human-Goa'uld hybrid named Anna. She was given the genetic memory of the Goa'uld named Sekhmet who had been in service to Ra (Sekhmet is also said to be the mother of Nefertum, the Goa'uld of 3.19 "New Ground"). It was determined that the Germans had uncovered a canopic jar with the Sekhmet symbiote and that jar reached the possession of Dr. Keffler, son of a convicted Nazi war criminal. Dr. Keffler used Anna as a medium to access the Goa'uld genetic memory and his treatment of her was repulsively inhumane. He didn't see her as a person, but merely as a way to get to the information. The entire staff of the lab died in this episode, including Dr. Keffler and Anna, but nothing was said of what became of the Goa'uld symbiote. Most likely it is dead, since it didn't have to be alive in order for one to cultivate its DNA.

Continuing on the search of the Lost City, the SGC remained only one step ahead of Anubis. When the SGC was discovered to have a presence on the planet P3X-666, Anubis sent ships to attack them. In the battle, Dr. Janet Fraiser was killed (7.17 "Heroes Part 1" and 7.18 "Heroes Part 2"). The SGC gained another step ahead upon discovering an Ancient's Repository of Knowledge on the planet P3X-439, but once Anubis was attacking, Jack decided to take the download once again (he had done it previously in the Season Two episode, 2.16 "The Fifth Race"). Eventually, the knowledge he gained helped them locate an Ancient outpost in Antarctica and Jack activated a weapon which destroyed all of Anubis' attacking fleet he had sent to Earth (including Anubis himself). Although the weapon was powerful, Daniel concluded that the outpost in Antarctica was not the actual Lost City of the Ancients because the outpost was not big enough to match the description of the city. Jack placed himself in a stasis chamber at the outpost when he realized that he was about to die because the knowledge of the Ancients was overloading his system (7.21 "Lost City Part 1" and 7.22 "Lost City Part 2").

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